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Out of context? Then give us the REAL context.........

Jul 27, 2006 12:16 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Concerning this sentence from a Theosophy Company

"During all the troublous period 1893-6 Mr. Crosbie shared TO AN
EXTENT UNKNOWN AND UNDREAMT OF by others in the burdens and the
CONFIDENCE of Mr. Judge." caps added.

Carlos alleges that I have quoted this "one single sentence" and 
then "taken [it] out of its context."

But IF in fact I have really done this, then Carlos should give us 
the REAL context for this "one single sentence."

Exactly what does this one sentence really mean and why cannot it be 
seen in relationship to, for example, what Jasper Niemand wrote.

It seems to me that once again Carlos does NOT address the central 
issue of the posting but distracts by using a vague accusation, etc.

I did the same kind of analysis several years ago on this forum 
regarding various claims by Mr. Leadbeater. 

I will continue my exploration in Part 3.


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