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Re: Yonaguni Structures

Jul 27, 2006 08:00 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Yonaguni structures.
     I don't know if anyone checked out the underwater Yonaguni 
  stuctures off the coast of Japan at:
or had previous knowledge of them, but this might be something 
  REALLY old, not just 10s of thousands but hundreds of thousands or a million. 
   Most recent "ancient civilizations" used medium-sized stone 
  construction.  Previous to that is speculated the "megalithic 
  construction" in which huge irregular blocks of stone - up to 
  several hundred tons - are almost molded to fit into each other 
  like a jigsaw puzzle. This is seen in some Peru sites, like 
  Sacsayhuaman.  In this progression, even older construction 
  might be based on "terra-forming" or carving out and forming the 
  bedrock, into huge platforms, stairs,  This is what the 
  Yonaguni structures look like.  Childress, in his "Lost Cities & 
  Ancient Mysteries of South America," says that there is similar 
  strange construction at Kenko, Peru (pp. 76-77) which seems 
  older than any other site.  The Yonaguni site may have been 
  something covered by sediment for untold thousands of years 
  above ground.  Then when the area subsided some 10-12,000 years 
  ago, the strong ocean currents in the area swept the sediment of 
  a million years away and revealed the structures. 
                      - jake j.

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