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Re: Theos-World What has Theosophy to say about USrael?

Jul 27, 2006 03:05 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Leon, I would like to begin with some quotes 
before I reject your Israelian fairy tales:

1. "The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar and 
other places for the establishment of a Jewish 
Fatherland, but they want  absolutely nothing 
except Palestine: not because the Dead Sea water 
can by evaporation produce 5-trillion dollars 
worth of metaloids..not because the sub-soil of 
Palestine contains twenty times more petroleum 
than the combined reserves of the two Americas; 
but because Palestine is the cross-roads of 
Europe, Asia, and Africa; because Palestine 
constitutes the veritable center of world 
political power, the strategic center for world 
- NAHUM GOLDMAN, President, World Jewish Congress.

2. "Chaim Weizmann, JEW, the British War Cabinet, 
and French Foreign Office were convince by 
1916...that the best and perhaps the only way 
(which proved so to be) to induce the American 
President to come into the war (WWI) was to secure 
the cooperation of Zionist JEWS by promising them 
Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the 
hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist 
JEWS in America and elsewhere in favor of the 
Allies on a quid pro quo contract..."
- SAMUEL LANDMAN, JEW, "Great Britain, the Jews & 

3. "The study of Judaism is that of the Talmud, as 
the study of the Talmud is that of  Judaism...they 
are two inseparable things, or better, they are 
one and the same."

4. "The rats are underneath the piles;
The JEW is underneath the lot."
- T.S. ELIOT, "Burbank with a Baedeker..."

5. "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
but in ourselves, that we are underlings."

6. "The genetic Khazar-derivation of most Jews - 
only the Sephardic may be accounted Hebrews by 
blood - has been long if not widely known. Dunlap 
at Columbia University, Bury
in England, Poliak at Tel Aviv University have 
researched this "cruelest of jokes" and won 
research acceptance over the past half-century."

7. "The conversion of the Khazars (to Talmudism) 
had considerable and lasting impact on the Western 

8. "It strikes me that the Jews are specialized 
for a parasitical existence upon other nations, 
and there is need of evidence
that they are capable of fulfilling the varied 
duties of a civilized nature by themselves."
- SIR FRANCIS GALTON (1812-1911), founder of 

9. "Around 600 A.D. a belligerent tribe of 
half-Mongolian people, similar to the modern 
Turks, conquered the territory of what is now 
Southern Russia. Before long the kingdom (khanate) 
of the Khazars, as the tribe was known,stretched 
from the Caspian to the Black Sea. Its capital, 
Ityl, was at the mouth of the Volga River."
- SOLOMON GRAYZEL, JEW, "A History of the JEWS."

=>To give us some food or thought in countering 
the below anti Semitic (i.e.,
anti Jewish) propaganda -- consider the folllowing 
1. Israel became a state in 1312 B.C., two 
millennia before Islam;

A lie. Israel was never a state. Even Israelian 
archaelogist Finkelstein did not find any 
significant jewish artefacts.

=>2. Arab refugees from Israel began calling 
themselves "Palestinians" in 1967,
two decades after (modern) Israeli statehood;

Jewish twisted, "license history" as KH would say 
("Five years of Theosophy", p. 326).
No matter how the Palestininans called themselves 
in the past, one thing is sure:
The land is called Palestine and the Jews have no 
right to steal other peoples land with such an 
But as you pound on the term "Palestinian", let's 
examine the term "JEW" - it will turn out, that 
the Old Testament has not a single entry of the 
term JEW.
It will further come to light that the present-day 
Jews are not the genetic descendants of the 
biblical Hebrew tribe.

As we have learned World History is punctuated 
with accounts of HEBREW deceit, treason, 
treachery, and deception. One of the most 
significant, if not thaumaturgical deceptions, was 
the CONVERSION, by Sephardic rabbis from 
Constantinoble, of about three million pagan 
KHAZARS - an ASIATIC tribe with Mongol-Turkic 
affinities - to the Hebrew religion 
(TORAH/TALMUDISM) and then convincing Christendom 
that Khazars are Biblical Judeans in Diaspora! The 
Khazar's ancient homeland was in the heart of 
Asia. They were a warlike, predatory nation whose 
religion was a mixture of phallic worship, 
idolatry, and lewdness. Disliked and feared for 
their psychopathic behavior, the Khazars were 
driven out of Asia by neighboring tribes. The 
ignominious retreat became an invasion of eastern 
Europe where, "driven by their own desire for 
plunder and revenge" (Jewish Encyclopedia) the 
Khazars conquered and subdued twenty-five pastoral 
nations which they placed under "protective 
custody" and from whom they exacted tribute. The 
Khazars settled in the area between the Black and 
Caspian Seas, gradually extending their conquests 
northward along the Don and Volga Rivers until the 
Khazar Khanate encompassed over 1-million square 
miles. By 1000 A.D. KHAZARIA was the largest 
kingdom in eastern Europe and one of the 
wealthiest (in loot not culture). Yet, today, 
Khazars have been virtually deleted from world 
history because JEWS want the world to forget they 
are direct descendants of Asiatic Khazars. JEWS 
want us to believe they are descendants of 
Biblical HEBREWS. They are NOT! Therein lies a 
story.            The Khazars' Hollywood-like 
sexual excesses were corrupting tribal morale and 
undermining military discipline. Khagan Bulan 
wanted and needed a formal religion to instill 
discipline and create tribal unity. In 730 A.D., 
Bulan invited representatives of Islam, 
Christianity, and TALMUDISM to discuss religion 
with him. After much deliberation the shrewd 
Khagan selected the Hebrew religion, i.e., 
TALMUDISM (now called JUDAISM), to become the 
adopted religion of all Khazars. (Like St. 
Augustine, HEBREW, Bulan aspired to chastity and 
continence "but, dear Lord, not yet."). Khagan 
Bulan and 4000 feudal Khazar nobles were quickly 
converted to TORAH/TALMUDISM (4001 foreskins!). 
Gradually, millions of Khazars joined the ranks of 
GOD'S CHOSEN. Bulan, of course, knew TALMUDISM was 
a scam. It mattered not as long as his subjects 
believed. Nor did it matter that Khazars weren't 
Hebrews (Semitics). That was easily handled. Just 
LIE! Claim to be JUDEANS! Emerging Christian 
Europe would accept "Asiatic/ Judeans" just as 
they naively accepted the Hebrew tribal-diety 
Yaweh as their God. Undoubtedly, most enticing to 
Bulan was Jehovah's covenant with his Chosen 
People - and the Protocols designed to make those 
hallucinations come true.  Khazars (see: The Mob, 
USA) were chiefly extortionists, slave-traders, 
pimps, assassins, usurers, despised by their 
Gentile neighbors. After generations of warfare 
against the Rus, Varangians, Slavs and Arabs the 
Khazars (JEWS) were totally defeated (1300 A.D.) 
on the battlefields. Bereft of their land they 
dispersed throughout Europe, and elsewhere, 
explaining why 700-years later so many unwanted 
JEWS reside in Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, 
Lithuania, Rumania, Galicia, Austria - and Israel! 
Culturally the Khazars left very little to 
posterity. Not even a hint of their language 
exists. But of the poison they bequeathed there 
exists much (see, ILLUMINATI). Never before have 
two such deviant races, ASIATIC KHAZARS and 
SEMITIC HEBREWS, shared so many repellent 
To further explain the devastating effect Khazars 
have had upon Mankind we must briefly visit 

In 1775, while Adam Weishaupt, Satan worshiper, 
revised the PROTOCOLS for Rothschild, JEW/KHAZAR; 
the British dramatist William Sheridan, in his 
play The Rivals, coined the word "JEW": a 
derivative of the word "JUDEAN". The word "JEW" 
had been used throughout history in a slangy 
context (as "Hebe" was used for Hebrew; or "Yid" 
for Yiddish). It was Sheridan, however, who first 
legitimized the word "JEW", using it in print as a 
proper-noun meaning a JUDEAN of HEBRAIC faith, but 
applying it to a KHAZAR character. IT IS IMPORTANT 
TO KNOW the word "JEW" does not appear in the 
original Old Testament written in Hebrew; nor does 
"JEW" appear in the Targums - O.T. translated into 
Aramaic; nor does "JEW" appear in the Septuagint 
(TORAH) - translation of the Aramaic into Greek (3 
B.C.). The word "JEW" does NOT appear in any early 
translations of the HOLY BIBLE (The Latin Vulgate, 
Rheims/Douai, King James, et al). Therefore, 
because the word "JEW" was not used until 1775, it 
is WRONG to call Biblical patriarchs JEWS. They 
were not. They were HEBREWS. Jesus Christ WAS NOT 
A JEW. He was a rabbi (teacher) who worshipped the 
Mosaic Law and despised the Pharisaical Oral Law 
(Talmud). Jesus (if he did exist) was born in 
Galilee ("Unclean Land of the Gentiles"). He may 
have been Semitic but he could just as easily have 
been Aryan. The New Testament conflicts on his 
lineage. One thing is certain, he was NOT a JEW 
(Khazar). It is also erroneous and deliberately 
deceptive, to apply the word "JEW" to 
Hebrews/Israelis (Semitics). Finally, the smear 
word "anti-Semite," as applied to KHAZAR haters is 
oxymoronic. The right word is "Judeaophobe".

=>3. After conquering the land in 1272 B.C., Jews 
ruled it for a thousand years
and maintained a continuous presence there for 
3,300 years;

Not true. Jews never ruled there.
OTOH, a funny thing: IF the biblical, thorah 
reports of the Jewish empire are true history and 
not only allegory,
then you say that the Jews must be devils as you 
find dozens of references where their exterminated 
their neighbours.
Mass slauters, genozids and terrorism, sexual 
abuse are the main theme in the Old Testament.
Is it not anti-semitism to believe that the Jews 
are able to do so many crimes?

>4. For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem was the Jewish 
>capital. It was never the

Never. Show me any proof for that. The Old 
Testament and the Torah were fabricated during the 
Middle Ages, several centuries were simply 

>5. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the 
>bible, but not once is it
mentioned in the Qur'an;

But that does not proof that Jerusalem is the 
homeland of the Jews.
Theosophy says that the Jerusalem is not the 
physical place on Earth.
The Jews have stolen the texts of the Aryan 
mystery schools and have rewritten it for their 
own sake.
The Jewish history is a fake from beginning to the 
Therefore HPB names them "artificial Aryans".

Show me the original texts of the Thorah, from 
which the Jews translated into Hebrew so that we 
can research whether the Jewish claims are true or 

>6. King David founded Jerusalem


7. Jews pray facing Jerusalem.

Jews pray to the wrong Jerusalem.
There is a lot of geographic, geologic and 
archaeologic evidence that the places of the bible 
do not fit to the physical Isreael/Palestine.
See: Prof. Kamal Salibi: The Bible Came From 

Next you say, when you find a city namend Berlin 
in the USA, that it is a proof that the Americans 
founded Berlin in Germany and were the aborigines 
of Germany.

>9. Virtually the entire Jewish population of 
>Muslim countries had to flee as
the result of violence and pogroms;

That proofs that karma workes also for Jews.
Why are they then elected ones and have the right 
to slaughter other nations?

The idiotic true believers and followers of Herzl 
have launched as yet two world wars, but haven't 
even now reached their goal.

Will they now launch a WW III for JAHVE - to 
liberate us anew??



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