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Re: Theos-World What has Theosophy to say about USrael?

Jul 26, 2006 08:45 PM
by leonmaurer

To give us some food or thought in countering the below anti Semitic (i.e., 
anti Jewish) propaganda -- consider the folllowing truths:

Israel and Jerusalem facts
1. Israel became a state in 1312 B.C., two millennia before Islam;

2. Arab refugees from Israel began calling themselves "Palestinians" in 1967, 
two decades after (modern) Israeli statehood;

3. After conquering the land in 1272 B.C., Jews ruled it for a thousand years 
and maintained a continuous presence there for 3,300 years;

4. For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem was the Jewish capital. It was never the 
capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even under Jordanian rule, (east) 
Jerusalem was not made the capital, and no Arab leader came to visit it;

5. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the bible, but not once is it 
mentioned in the Qur'an;

6. King David founded Jerusalem; Mohammed never set foot in it;

7. Jews pray facing Jerusalem; Muslims face Mecca. If they are between the 
two cities, Muslims pray facing Mecca, with their backs to Jerusalem;

8. In 1948, Arab leaders urged their people to leave, promising to cleanse 
the land of Jewish presence. 68% of them fled without ever setting eyes on an 
Israeli soldier;

9. Virtually the entire Jewish population of Muslim countries had to flee as 
the result of violence and pogroms;

10. Some 630,000 Arabs left Israel in 1948, while close to a million Jews 
were forced to leave the Muslim countries;

11. In spite of the vast territories at their disposal, Arab refuges were 
deliberately prevented from assimilating into their host countries. Of 100 
million refugees following World War 2, they are the only group to have never 
integrated with their coreligionists. Most of the Jewish refugees from Europe and 
Arab lands were settled in Israel, a country no larger than New Jersey;

12. There are 22 Arab countries, not counting Palestine. There is only one 
Jewish state. Arabs started all five wars against Israel, and lost every one of 

13. Fatah and Hamas constitutions still call for the destruction of Israel. 
Israel ceded most of the west bank and all of Gaza to the Palestinian 
authority, and even provided it with arms;

14. During the Jordanian occupation, Jewish holy sites were vandalized and 
were off limits to Jews. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian holy sites 
are accessible to all faiths;

15. Out of 175 United Nations Security Council resolutions up to 1990, 97 
were against Israel; out of 690 general assembly resolutions, 429 were against 

16. The U.N. was silent when the Jordanians destroyed 58 synagogues in the 
old city of Jerusalem. It remained silent while Jordan systematically desecrated 
the ancient Jewish cemetery on the mount of olives, and it remained silent 
when Jordan enforced apartheid laws preventing Jews from accessing the temple 
mount and western wall.


As a further clarification... ULT can have no opinions about this conflict -- 
since it is NOT an "organization" nor an "individual," but simply an 
"Association" of independent students of theosophy -- each of whom can only speak for 
themselves -- without parroting or relying on any "authorities" or the 
"opinions" of others.


In a message dated 7/26/06 6:23:55 AM, writes:

> At a time the jewish-christian crackpots in Brainwashington force USrael to 
> enter a new stage of their black magic terror against the svabhavas of free 
> people - - some Blavatsky students might 
> find it interesting to remind of the theosophical position on the insane 
> nightmare dream of Zionism, which Katherine Tingley opposed several times since 
> the Balfour declaration. Katherine Tingley, a freemason for herself, also 
> attacked the Masonic Movements for their political intrigues against the freedom 
> of Palestine as well as that of Germany (to be found elsewhere in her 
> magazine).
> One might also wonder, what the position of the ULT is on Zionism, as they 
> claim to represent HPB's spirit?
> Here are a few quotes from Talbot Mundy, Gandhi, HPB and Purucker. More 
> follows as time permits.
> 1. "Zionism is regarded as a danger... the accounts of butchery of the 
> inhabitants, of intolerance, and of rushless destruction of cities."
> - Talbot Mundy, "The Lama's law", p. 6
> 2. "Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to 
> the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the 
> Jews on the Arabs... Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the 
> proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly 
> as their national home."
> - Mahatma Gandhi,
> 3. "But", Gandhi asserted, "My sympathy does not blind me to the 
> requirements of justice. The cry for the national home for the Jews does not make much 
> appeal to me. The sanction for it is sought in the Bible and in the tenacity 
> with which the Jews have hankered after their return to Palestine. Why should 
> they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where 
> they are born and where they earn their livelihood?"
> - Mahatma Gandhi,
> 4. HPB taught in London that the jewish conspiracy of Socialism will led to 
> a bloodshet of millions.
> - Theosophical Sifitings, vol. 6, art. "Socialism" (HPB opposed but the 
> false jewish socialism of soulless machine men, not the true nationalsocialism of 
> Edward Bellamy)
> 5. "Verily so; and if we are to take the witness of the New Testament of the 
> Christians themselves, Jesus the Avatara came only unto the enlightening and 
> saving of the Jews themselves; for as it is stated unequivocally in the 
> Gospel According to Matthew, xv, 24: "But he answered and said, I am not sent but 
> unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel." If this statement was inspired 
> by the Holy Ghost, the Third Person of the Christian Trinity, as the orthodox 
> among Christians formerly used positively to state, then how shall we 
> explain that it was precisely by the Jews that he was rejected, and became accepted 
> in the West and in the West alone, and by the peoples unto whom it is stated 
> that he did not come? Is it not evident, if we are to give any weight to 
> this passage from Matthew, that an avataric influence descending into the murk 
> and mire of earthly affairs brings a message for all mankind, and that, 
> precisely as Theosophy has always stated, 'the lost sheep of Israel' do not signify 
> the Jews alone, but the phrase is an expression taken directly from the 
> Hither Asian Mysteries, based on Jewish thought in this instance, that 'Israel' 
> does not mean the Jews alone but the Children of Saturn and the Earth, and 
> that the divine influence comes to aid those of its 'children' who are 'lost' -- 
> i.e., those who have need of a new spiritual and intellectual inspiration?
> Is the idea, therefore, not identic with that which is put into the mouth of 
> Krishna, the Hindu Avatara in the Bhagavad-Gita, where he says that he comes 
> from age to age in order to right wrongs, overthrow evil, inspirit the good, 
> and rescue the down-trodden, spiritually speaking?
> The point of this footnote is for the reader or student to remember that the 
> Gospels of the Christian religion imbodied a Mystery-Story and therefore can 
> be construed properly only in the light of the archaic Mystery-teaching."
> - Gottfried de Purucker: The Esoteric Tradition, p. 1091, Fn. 462, 
> One could come to the conlcusion that the judeo-christian establishment 
> which rules the USA an holds her under anti-american foreign rule, is in fact 
> anti-semitism, as it is not only directed against the highest interests of the 
> semitic Arabs, but also directed against the highest interests of the Jews, 
> too. Are they insane enough to start  their third world-war for their crazy 
> mayavic dreams of world-dictatorship?
> Frank

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