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RE: Theos-World Carlos writes: "Daniel Caldwell's gossipy view of the history is but a poison."

Jul 26, 2006 01:10 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

7/26/2006 12:17 PM


Why bother answering ?  


What have anyone's opinions about persons of the past got to do with the
study of THEOSOPHY in th present ?


The words are recorded and cannot be altered.


            THEOSOPHY offers:


No one speaks for THEOSOPHY as an authority!


THEOSOPHY, as a philosophy, speaks for itself.


To be grasped it has to be studied and understood.


It has a very few concepts that are basic to it.  Their interplay and
interlocking logic makes them useful as a basis for self-guidance in life. 


There are gradations of learning and responsibility in the Universe. But the
UNIVERSE is ONE.  Every part ("life-atom, Monad")  has innately the same
potential as he WHOLE. 


At root base we are RAYS of the same ONE SPIRIT.  We are all brothers.  We,
as immortal MONADS are brothers to the intelligence that informs every
human, also: from atoms, to the grains of sand, to the grass and to the
elephant and the ant.  In each of these resides a primordial INTELLIGENCE.
This Intelligence is a deathless, immortal Monad, and that contains

as its PRIMARY component a "Ray" of the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT.  It is ATMA
contained by Atma-Buddhi.  HPB explains this fully in The KEY TO THEOSOPHY
[Pp.  91-2, 135-6, 175-6 diagrams and tables]


This does away with all selfish, personal distinctions, and all concepts of
limited or conditioned  difference, isolation, superiority, anger, pleasure,
retaliation, difference, selfishness, etc...  It unites us all into a
living, sentient, universal BROTHERHOOD.


It requires of us (as Monads in the human MIND stage) the using of our
ability to think about

fundamentals and to secure the ability to penetrate below the sea of effects
and conditions to their causes.  


For example. 


We all use electricity, but we do not know what it is.  It can be generated
and channeled, but we still do not know WHAT IT IS.  We all use FIRE,  but,
what is fire?  We note the effect of fire (or its lack) and we know how to
burn things, or insulate them.  


We deal with our own minds, but we do not know what the MIND is. We
infrequently think about thinking. Nor are we very good at distinguishing a
"desire" from a thought. How is our ability to sharpen our capacity to think
unwaveringly to be achieved?  An ancient sage PATANJALI in his YOGA SUTRAS
provides suggestive and practical guide-lines.  In the BHAGAVAD GITA Sri
Krishna (an Avatar) repeats these in other words.  HPB repeats them again in


What, for instance is motive ?


And what is precisely that ideal (Universal Brotherhood) which is the first
"Object" of the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT, i.e., to live our lives and direct
our thoughts and deeds as if we

were trying to form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood.  And, share our
knowledge, and what we have learned about the universal timeless pilgrimage
we are all engaged on.


This sounds vague, perhaps because we have been educated to think of the
selfish territorial imperative and an adversarial approach is the root of a
human way of life.  If so, at the end of life what gain can we show?  


Let us look back into history.  Whose memories do we esteem to make ideals
of?  The butchers of men, the oppressors, torturers, and the conquerors, or
those who try to make us see we belong to a single family and are all
brothers and sisters with something far more powerful than a physical
blood-brotherhood and heredity kinship.  Are religions and philosophies
built on the sayings of tyrants, or

of those who explained and enjoined the practice of benevolence and the
search for truth?


An understanding of the existence of the immortal MONAD in us, as in all
things, demonstrates to our mind this concept of cooperative generous
co-living and reinforces the sense of care tolerance.


The levels and hierarchies of working Wise Men, Mahatmas, Buddhas, etc...and
the Great overseeing Forces are many, but every system speaks of these as
facts: Since Theosophy is the most ancient, do all systems, let me offer: --


As one may read and understand Theosophy, we have 3 FUNDAMENTAL PROPOSITIONS

in SECRET DOCTRINE  I,  pp. 14-19  to help us  --  


H P B, at the beginning of the SECRET DOCTRINE, says that they pervade the
entire system.  They are to be found at the base of every religion in our


1.         The Plan of the Universe in its evolution is a single plan.  This
plan has been established back in the beginning of "time," and it continues,
and will continue into the foreseeable future.  It is said that the Universe
as a whole reincarnates, and this Plan was handed down a very long time
back. And it has been carried on since then.  The book The SECRET DOCTRINE
describes this in detail in Vol. I.


2.         All is logical, mathematically exact, and coherent.  Law and laws
rule all beings and actions impartially.  The "Law of Karma" is the
appellation given in Theosophy to this one universal LAW.


It is briefly described as the Law of Harmony whereby all diversity, and
distortion is smoothed and readjusted to a superior direction.  At the end
of LIGHT ON THE PATH will be found an illuminating essay on Karma.  It helps
us to understand if we read and think about what is said there.


3.         No part, great or small, old or new, of the illimitable Universe
is forgotten, or omitted from the Laws that guide evolution and individual


All living intelligent beings are interconnected. Theosophy uses the word
"Monad" to indicate these living, conscious units that fill the Universe.


Mankind, humanity stands at the mid-point in terms of intelligence between
"instinct," and "intuition."


Each Monad that has reached the human level has this confronting him/her.
The Masters of Wisdom met this challenge and passed it aeons ago.  Yet they
remain to help us, their "younger Brothers."  We owe the exposition of
Theosophy to the primeval BUDDHA and to THEM who cluster about HIM to serve
us and all NATURE by their sacrifice.  [see S D  I 207 -210, 272-3]


4.         From The UNIVERSAL ONE SPIRIT, everything in its vast diversity
of manifestation and evolution is derived. [S D  I  14-15]


5.         Potentially, every being has the capability of understanding the
whole complexity of the Universe of which it is a vital part.


Spiritual Knowledge (or Wisdom) is inherent, innate at the core, in the
essence of every  being.  " Look inward, Thou art Buddha (the Wise)."
expresses this.


We are related to the "Masters."  They were once "men" such as we are now.

They are our "Elder Brothers."  It is said that they work most closely with
our embodied brain-mind [Kama-Manas] --  

"We now come to an important point with regard to the double evolution of
the human race. The Sons of Wisdom, or the spiritual Dhyanis, had become
"intellectual" through their contact with matter, because they had already
reached, during previous cycles of incarnation, that degree of intellect
which enabled them to become independent and self-conscious entities, on
this plane of matter. They were reborn only by reason of Karmic effects. 

They entered those who were "ready," and became the Arhats, or sages,
alluded to above. This needs explanation. 

It does not mean that Monads entered forms in which other Monads already
were. They were "Essences," "Intelligences," and conscious spirits; entities
seeking to become still more conscious by uniting with more developed
matter. Their essence was too pure to be distinct from the universal
essence; but their "Egos," or Manas (since they are called Manasaputra, born
of "Mahat," or Brahma) had to pass through earthly human experiences to
become all-wise, and be able to start on the returning ascending cycle. 

The Monads are not discrete principles, limited or conditioned, but rays
from that one universal absolute Principle. The entrance into a dark room
through the same aperture of one ray of sunlight following another will not
constitute two rays, but one ray intensified. It is not in the course of
natural law that man should become a perfect septenary being, before the
seventh race in the seventh Round. Yet he has all these principles latent in
him from his birth. Nor is it part of the evolutionary law that the Fifth
principle (Manas), should receive its complete development before the Fifth
Round." 5 D  II  167-8


5.         Hence all living things (the immortal Monads) are related.
Brotherhood expresses this relation whether the level of learning be small
or great.  We are brothers in potential, as well as in fact, to the atoms,
molecules, cells, and all the Masters, and other Personages, or structures
of and in the Universe.  


It is difficult to conceive of such a supreme UNITY when our world is one of
continual diversity and confusion.  Our independent existence our
consciousness, our Mind, ought to be adequate evidence of

Spirit working through all levels of Matter.  In our case, it becomes
expressed as the Mind and the independent power of our free thought. 


The power of imagination (based on what we have learned and KNOW) is that
which chooses, and  defines our progress into the future.  Our present
lesson is discovering what this right thought and right choosing. are.
["Good" has been briefly defined as obeying the Laws  of nature.]  We need
to know and apply them.


6.         The pathways through which the Monads travel to the final goal

(called by some:  "Sublime Perfection" for all) are many, and are determined

by their individual Karma -- the Karma of their own free choosing. Humanity

is always composed of such "free-choosers."


7.         Consciousness, awareness, "seeing along with," will be found to

a common factor for all beings, but the levels of achievement and of

perception to which the consciousness is self-raised are many and mark the

progress of and in evolution for every individual.


8.         An individual may experience and remember seeing the ALL -- and

later describe it as LIGHT,  COLOR,  SOUND. or a discussion with a PERSONAGE

of WISDOM. Such memories are stored and presented to the

waking consciousness in terms that it can understand.  But they do occur.

Also they are never forgotten.  They are evidence of the SPIRITUAL MAN



These "illuminations" as experience, are interior. They will be found to be
described in TRANSACTIONS OF THE BLAVATSKY LODGE  (pp. 64 -76;  or :
BLAVATSKY:  Collected Works (TPH),  Vol. 10, pp 255 -265)


At night during deep sleep the personal consciousness {Lower Manas}

may confabulate for a while with its spiritual "brother," the Higher Manas

-- BUDDHI-MANAS.  The Buddhi-Manas is interior to us and is a veil or

vase that enshrines the ATMA -- the RAY of the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT within

each of  us.  It is an experience akin to Samadhi or Turiya.  (see Gayatri



Many have offered evidence of their memory of past lives.


The Responsibilities of advanced "Masters of Wisdom" are many and are

described in S D  Vol. I.




I hope this will be found of help,


Best wishes.






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Subject:           Carlos writes: "Daniel Caldwell's gossipy view of the
history is but a poison."


I ask readers to think about what Carlos Aveline wrote:

"Daniel Caldwell's gossipy view of the history is but a poison."

Now I ask, what caused Carlos to write this?

As far as I can tell, I simply stated in a posting
<http://groups. <>>
certain claims made by Robert Crosbie and gave a link
<http://blavatskyarc <>>
to Crosbie's own words.

Is Carlos in effect saying that Mr. Crosbie's own
words are "gossipy"?

But notice that Carlos does NOT tell his readers why
MY [??] "gossipy view" is "but a poison".

I for one would be interested to know why my so-called
"gossipy view" is "a poison".

Vague, generalized statements such as the above by Carlos are not
helpful and I assume simply serve as a means of distracting
readers from considering the actual subject matter presented...for 
example Mr. Crosbie's own claims....


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