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Comparing Burnier's & Aveline's statements on "events long past"

Jul 26, 2006 09:38 AM
by danielhcaldwell

I find it quite fascinating to COMPARE the statements
and the reasoning behind the statements in the
following two excerpts from Radha Burnier and
Carlos Aveline.

First Radha Burnier's statement as recently given
on this forum.  She is writing about the Judge case
and the conflicts that occurred principally between
William Judge and Annie Besant.  

Ms. Burnier wrote to Carlos Aveline:

I do not see the point of reopening the Judge case and 
using one's time and energy on events long past. Except for 
a few people like you, nobody is preoccupied with past
affairs, because they are more focused with the work to 
be done now.

Now compare Burnier's statement with what Carlos Aveline
wrote just today about the conflicts occurring between
Mr. Crosbie and Mrs. Tingley:

In the long run, now we have many other things more 
important than considering in a personalistic and gossipy 
way the older-days difficulties between Pasadena TS and the 
United Lodge of Theosophists.

Notice that in both cases the case is made for things
MORE important NOW as opposed to "older-days difficulties"
and "events long past".

In the Judge Case Mr. Aveline never tires of saying that one
of the main issues is the attacks made against Mr. Judge.

And yet Mr. Aveline seems to show no concern for the attacks
made against Mrs. Tingley in the two principal histories published 
by the Theosophy Company.  The 2nd edition of the history in 
question is still sold by the various ULT centers and I have seen
copies on the book tables of said groups.

Apparently whole generations of ULT students have been "conditioned" 
to view Mrs. Tingley in the particular way she is described in these 
Theosophy Company histories.

Compare also Dallas' comments about Mrs. Tingley in his posting from 
yesterday.  He is asking me for references and yet gives no 
references for his somewhat "negative" comments about Mrs. Tingley 
other than referring readers to the said history published by the 
Theosophy Company!

If Aveline is so concerned about the attacks against Madame 
Blavatsky and Mr. Judge, I ask him if he is concerned about 
the "attacks" made by the editors of Theosophy Magazines against 
Mrs. Tingley?

In the next few weeks I shall post a series of essays on this 


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