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Carlos' Claim: "Daniel's Lack of References"

Jul 26, 2006 08:35 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

You should realize that this Internet list is not part of your own 

The dialogue is here, not in your or anyone's site. Therefore 
references should be brought here as a general rule.

Your texts here should not be but hooks to force people into your 
not too much legitimate websites.

I see that now you are the maker of the rules!!!  :)

In my posting at:

I gave a summary of the claims made by Mr. Crosbie and
a direct link to the webpage that shows Mr. Crosbie's exact
words and the sources used.

If you or Dallas are not able to click on the link and read
the relevant material and source references, then it is your
fault --- not mine.

Posters all the time on this forum and thousands of other forums
post messages with links to other internet sources.  Now you want to
change all of this....funny.

Then concerning your remark about 

"your [my] not too much legitimate websites."

Please Carlos on the webpage at:

please tell me what is "not too much legitimate".

Serious students and readers now have access to the Crosbie material
and they can make their own studies regardless of your attempt
to divert attention by your "silly" and vague criticisms.


In my posting at:

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