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Jul 26, 2006 08:25 AM
by carlosaveline


These, below, are but out-of-context personalistic gossips.

The historical context shows that: 

1) As the movement dramatically changed in its crisis of transition, some commitments changed, others commitments  lost their sense;

2) In the long run, now we have many other things more important than considering in a personalistic and gossipy way the older-days difficulties between Pasadena TS and the United Lodge of Theosophists. 

3) Life changes, but every true commitment or spiritual vow can only be made to one's own Higher Self, and every loyalty to Others is subject to the primary Loyalty to One's own Higher Self. I am NOT surprised to see Daniel chooses to ignore this. 

Those who attack HPB and the Masters could only attack those who preserved their Teaching, too. 

Best regards, Carlos.


Data:Tue, 25 Jul 2006 21:12:35 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Robert Crosbie Claimed......

> Robert Crosbie made the following claims:
> (1) that he "recognized" Katherine Tingley as the Outer 
> Head "without hint or instruction".
> (2) that he recognized Katherine Tingley as "the agent of the 
> Master I serve...."
> (3) that Katherine Tingley was appointed by William Q. Judge as his 
> successor. 
> (4) that William Q. Judge had said of Katherine Tingley: "she is 
> true as steel, as clear as diamond, and as lasting as time." [a 
> quote from Judge's "occult diary"] 
> (5) that the Point Loma T.S. Center in San Diego, California, 
> founded by Mrs. Tingley, was "a realization of what William Q. Judge 
> lived for, worked for, [and] hoped for...."
> See source documents at: 

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