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Robert Crosbie Claimed......

Jul 25, 2006 02:12 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Robert Crosbie made the following claims:

(1)  that he "recognized" Katherine Tingley as the Outer 
Head "without hint or instruction".

(2) that he recognized Katherine Tingley as "the agent of the 
Master I serve...."

(3)  that Katherine Tingley was appointed by William Q. Judge as his 

(4) that William Q. Judge had said of Katherine Tingley:  "she is 
true as steel, as clear as diamond, and as lasting as time." [a 
quote from Judge's "occult diary"] 

(5)  that the Point Loma T.S. Center in San Diego, California, 
founded by Mrs. Tingley, was "a realization of what William Q. Judge 
lived for, worked for, [and] hoped for...."

See source documents at:

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