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Re: Theos-World Re: Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge

Jul 25, 2006 08:12 AM
by Bill Meredith

Thanks, Mark.
I read your paper. For anyone interested in the subject, it can be found at

I would have liked to hear the lecture that went with it. Perhaps someday in the virtual lodge ... :)

Having heard Corrington's presentation and now having read your paper, I think everyone would have benefited from the discussion the two of you could have shared. I see more harmony than dissonance in the two approaches.

You wrote: <You ever notice what normally voluble
people are completely silent on issues such
as this?>

Yes. You might be turned off by the name of the group, but on theos_fight, we are having a brotherly discussion about death that has a very personal element to it. Perhaps a discussion of human sexuality will be next. In my opinion, these types of "human condition" discussions cannot happen here on theos-talk at present because the noise level of people fighting over events of the 1890's is just too loud. For the most part, the majority of posts here (albeit by a minority of vocal contributors) are filled with too many coarse and negative vibrations. Any positive effort to have a meaningful theosophical discussion is quickly lost in the historical hubbub. (Witness Pedro's recent attempt.) I am disappointed and discouraged by the fact that Eldon has not responded to Pedro's last message. I do not anticipate being a member here much longer. I'm sure some will be glad to hear that.



Mark Jaqua wrote:
Re: Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge

Well, Bill, I actually have philosophically
checked the area out, that's why I knew
about Reich, partly. I even wrote a paper
on the area 20-25 years ago - "Conservation
Therapy" - which might still be on the
intenet somewhere. 'Gave Lectures on it
too (in my own little narrow-minded cultish way.)

As to what HPB and her teachers taught
(and still teach) - they promote a "clean"
and conservative life - no doubt about it
whatsoever. K.H. would not even read Besant
and Bradlaugh's book on birth control, it
having and "unclean air," or some such
statement. But we all have millions of
years of karma behind us, so it is a big
issue for nearly everyone, and to condemn
peoples problems and solutions isn't too
wise generally.

I haven't and won't check the lecture
out, as to my satisfaction I've already
untied that gordian knot for this lifetime,
to my own satisfaction at least, and
haven't got many uncertainties. (maybe
I should "knock on wood.") One thing I'll
say is that there is nothing better than
getting free of the concern all together.

You ever notice what normally voluble
people are completely silent on issues such
as this?

- jake j.

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