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Re: Theos-World Tantra & Theosophy Virtual Lodge

Jul 23, 2006 04:46 PM
by Cass Silva

Looking forward to the audio reading Bill.

Bill Meredith <> wrote:                                  Thank you for the free publicity for Theosophy Virtual Lodge.  Sex sells!
 Tantra and Theosophy Virtual Lodge
 I think HPB would up-chuck if she
 saw the probable orientation of This
 week's Theosophical Virtual Lodge
 presentation by Robert Corrington.
 <The focus will be on the correlation
 between psychosexuality and the
 etheric and astral bodies.>
 Are you saying that there is no correlation between psychosexuality and 
 the etheric or astral bodies?  I attended the lecture and in my opinion, 
 Professor Corrington presented a thoughtful, well-balanced, perspective. 
 Unlike you, Mark, he did not presume to judge the theosophical value of 
 a whole presentation based only on a single sentence.
 Corrington, it says, also has a book
 coming out on Wilhelm Reich. Reichians
 believed that the only genuine human
 fulfilment and psychological cure comes
 through the sex orgasm, a perfect one
 resulting in unconsciousness.
 Corrington's book is already published.  I would say that to judge the 
 theosophical value of Corrington's book, based solely on the subject of 
 the book is childish.  For all you know, Corrington's book might be a 
 challenge to those Reichian ideas you find so appalling and 
 untheosophical.  Your tendency toward judging others and their works 
 from so little evidence only show your impotence for any meaningful 
 discussion of the human condition.  Clearly, you continue to suckle your 
 only theosophical sustenance from the teat of Madame Blavatsky.
 This is the polar opposite of
 Blavatsky Theosophy. Below is pasted
 an article by Legros on the issue with
 quotes from Blavatsky and GdeP. I put
 it here as it isn't a likely publication
 for any current theosophical publication.
 Blavatsky would have enjoyed the presentation.  Yes, she would have 
 asked Corrington some hard questions, but, unlike you Mark, she would 
 have done it in a straightforward and honorable way right there at the 
 public meeting AFTER she heard what he said. 
 To my way of thinking, the issue of humanity's repressed sexual energy 
 is an appropriate area for theosophical inquiry.  The article you 
 provided, which refers to "The Problem of Sex"  presents but one 
 perspective (that sex is a problem the solution to which is repression 
 of sexual desire).  Other perspectives are available.  One that I find 
 particularly interesting is presented by J.J. Van der Leeuw, a noted 
 theosophist, in his book, THE FIRE OF CREATION.  Van der Leeuw's view is 
 that sexual energy is sacred and our divine duty is to transmute, not 
 repress, that energy.   This is human-divine alchemy.  I would be happy 
 to discuss sex and theosophy with you if you are up to it. 
 As to "bta" s comments that the lecture was "something so blatantly 
 opposite to HPB's teachings," and "is too bad because it gives newcomers 
 a wrong impression on what TS is all about," I would reply that her 
 perspective is sorely narrow and appears to be based almost entirely on 
 your (Mark's) lack of information thus reinforcing the ignorance of both 
 of you.  Theosophy Virtual Lodge will, with Professor Corrington's 
 permission, post the audio-recording of his lecture to the internet, 
 where those who believe that it is important to go to the original 
 source and to withhold preemptive judgments can actually hear and decide 
 for themselves.  That is theosophy at its finest, my friend --  not the 
 overly protective religious dogma that you and a few others spew forth 
 on theos-talk like it was your own personal orgasm.  That you want to 
 protect "newcomers" from getting the wrong ideas about HPB only  
 indicates how afraid you are of being wrong and ultimately how little 
 faith you have in your brothers and sisters to seek out and experience 
 the truth for themselves --just as you did. 
 Personally, I have no desire to be a part of any  organization that puts 
 theosophy in a box and spoon feeds it to the membership.

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