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Theosophy Virtual Lodge / Skypecast testing today

Jul 23, 2006 05:49 AM
by t collins

Dear friends,
 As you may know from the previously published  schedule, there is a meeting 10:00am EST (New York, etc...) this  morning on Esoteric Psychology by Professor Corrington - see .  I have created a Skypecast for those  without Windows operating systems and forward the meeting. 
  If the above link doesn't work, then go to the main skypecast page and  search or click on "now on" and you should be able to find it.
  Again, alas for the late notice, as I have just gotten more testing done, but next week I will be able to give earlier notice.
    I apologize for the difficulties with the conferencing method  last meeting.  For unknown reasons, the service did not allow me  to join the conference until the last minute when someone else joined  because of my invitation (and yes, I had two computers and user names  that I was using to try to join the conference with)
  best regards, Truth C.

"The task is arduous but every effort brings strength and joy," Raghavan N. Iyer

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