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RE: Your BN Study Post

Jul 22, 2006 05:05 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

7/22/2006 5:02 PM


Dear David and Friends:







                                    Esoteric Psychology



This is a strange title, so it ought to be considered in an exploratory
method and the best way I know is to bring together statements made and
definitions already made available.  No doubt some will be recognized as 


Neither the reign of the "esoteric," nor that of "psychology" are well
defined.   Both are under investigation, hence there are a vast number of
partially agreed on, and yet conflicting views.


Let us see if we can assemble some help.






                                    OCCULTISM  --   ESOTERICISM 



"It is on the doctrine of the illusive nature of matter, and the infinite
divisibility of the atom, 

that the whole science of  occultism is built."      S D  I  520


"It is the Spiritual evolution of the inner, immortal man that forms the
fundamental tenet in the Occult Sciences."                 SD   I  634







The "esoteric" is ever enveloped in the "EXOTERIC." 


Let us give a quick survey to some of the important points made in THEOSOPHY

(as I see them to be) .


1          It declares the freedom of the Individual to think and act on
their own will.


2          It derives this concept because of the "Universality of the
"BENESS" apparently to our 

ordinary consciousness of forms and things located in the physical
environment that we daily familiar with.


In a word,  ALL the MANY SPIRITUAL MONADS in manifestation together, are
logically included in the ONE  ["ONE SPIRIT"  --   whether MANIFESTED or
UNMANIFESTED.] All were "re-born (created ?) " at the same moment.  [S D   I


            "EXTRACTS FROM A PRIVATE COMMENTARY,  hitherto secret:

(xvii.) "The Initial Existence in the first twilight of the Maha-Manwantara
(after the MAHA-PRALAYA that follows every age of Brahma) is a CONSCIOUS
SPIRITUAL QUALITY. In the manifested WORLDS (solar systems) it is, in its
OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVITY, like the film from a Divine Breath to the gaze of
the entranced seer. It spreads as it issues from LAYA  throughout infinity
as a colourless spiritual fluid. It is on the SEVENTH PLANE, and in its
SEVENTH STATE in our planetary world.  

(xviii.) "It is Substance to OUR spiritual sight. It cannot be called so by
men in their WAKING STATE; therefore they have named it in their ignorance

(xix.) "It exists everywhere and forms the first UPADHI (foundation) on
which our World (solar system) is built. Outside the latter it is to be
found in its pristine purity only between (the solar systems or) the Stars
of the Universe, the worlds already formed or forming; those in LAYA resting
meanwhile in its bosom. As its substance is of a different kind from that
known on earth, the inhabitants of the latter, seeing THROUGH IT, believe in
their illusion and ignorance that it is empty space. 

            "There is not one finger's breath (ANGULA) of void Space in the
whole Boundless (Universe)......... "   S D   I  289


Hence, " universal brotherhood"  is assumed to be a fact.  


The differences that are found to identify monads individually or in
classes, in planes, stages of ability to perceive and individual character
are said to be attributed to the operation of their innate "free-will." This
uniqueness or close similarity is deemed to be the prerogative of each
imperishable "Jiva" or living Monad.  


In physical science the "atom" is deemed to be a nexus of electro magnetic
forces. Its tremendous cohesive power is deemed to be the result of the
close proximity of the poles of attraction named by us "positive," and


Their individuality (and all their distinct qualities)  is held to be
defined by the nature of those forces in continuous operation - hence it is
taught that the "atom" is the only known theorized "perpetual motion"
machine in existence.  Yet atoms of many qualities and associations, are to
found everywhere.  This condition is defined in an ancient verse: 


3          The "GOD-PRINCIPLE" is an impersonal, and timeless POWER.  It

eternally to maintain and sustain LAW [ Karma ] .  Evidence of this POWER is

the fact that the Universe is impersonally, and entirely, law-regulated.

[of this we have historical evidence (S D   I  267), as those which are to
be found 

 -- as far back as we can trace -- in the principal points of moral,
ethical, physical and religious



4          In HPB's presentation of THEOSOPHY [or rather re-presentation]

takes advantage of the past and the present in both her books ISIS UNVEILED

(1877) and SECRET DOCTRINE (1888) -- establishing evidence from history --

to provide a logical consequential view of a reasonable and successful

future for all human thinking beings -- the PERFECTION of their already

present, as well as of their potential capacities and qualities. [ In terms

of LAW, we might say that "virtue" represents in all cases, the highest

continuous exercise of will-decisions during the process of successive lives

-- reincarnations  -- that culminate in individual WISDOM. ]


5          As a consequence of these basic and fundamental concepts, modern

speculations on the subjects of time, cycles of evolution, the many

relationships of "spirit" and "matter," the interactive results of

interpenetrative spheres of energy and power are laid out and explained.


6          This is already anticipated when subjects, such as "esotericism,"

the "Heart-Doctrine," or "occultism," are investigated.  Articles, texts,

and books such as:  "PRACTICAL OCCULTISM" or "RAJA-YOGA"  The KEY TO

THEOSOPHY, The VOICE OF THE SILENCE, and others were then produced to show

us how a pursuit of life in virtue could result in the individual sharing



            This leads to the concept of:



                        DUAL EGOS IN MAN  [ S D   II 167 ]


                      MONADIC - SPIRITUAL PROGRESS




It appears to be an occult rule (I believe) that in the area which is
commonly referred to as "spiritual progress," everyone endowed with
intelligence (a mental faculty) is "on his own."  


This cannot be avoided as all progress is self-generated and in continuity
it has to be self-sustained.  The general rule (as I see it) of Nature's law
(Karma) demands we each take responsibility for what we

think, say and do. No escapes -- and no hiding places exist !  We need to
view Nature (our environment) as a totally sensitive and reactive condition
-- and every being or component therein is a fellow immortal on their own
level and place in the whole.  


Simply put:  we are all immortals and we are engaged in a universal learning
program that visualizes each "life" as a "day in School." We cannot escape
our environment, nor can we escape the fact we are immortals.  


The educational program (like it or not) is an eternal one, and involves
every being in the whole Earth as well as the Universe surrounding it.  And
to make it even more extraordinary -- the universe has no known limits and
many dimensions.  Hence we have an enormous curriculum to work through and



As time is not a factor in eternity, we have also that capacity to employ,
as we eventually learn everything.  Karma (action and reaction) and duty
(dharma) cease at that stage and level to be mysteries, but are rather, the
evident stages of all progress. Past, present and future are then seen to

meld into each other, and the progress of every Monad is perceived to be
just and orderly. 


We all collaborate under Nature's great law of Karma, but we have to acquire
the individual self-perception and introspection that leads us to understand
the vast and intricate work of the program that each MONAD has always had
before it, and, which continues forward for all without any interruption. 


Man (Mind) is said to be a "Monad" that has reached the level of responsible
self-consciousness and has been given (by his "Elder Brothers" the "gift" of
the MIND. (S D  II  69, 92, 79-80, 254-5, 272, 660) 


Joining any organization, or demanding (and receiving) the attention of a
"Master," (a "professor")   grants no special opportunity -- we still have
to work on our own lower self.  When our lower self - the brain-mind   --
acquires sufficient proficiency in matters of moral discrimination, the
possibility of intercourse with such a "master-professor" becomes possible.


Associations with any of the band of the "WISE"  and gurus provide some
support and give perhaps a bi-focal vision on our own psychic problems.  It
is the old story of the Higher and the Lower Self  -- and heir
representatives as our dual mind -- both are IN US.  The "Path" we are all
able to choose, and advance on, is identical -- It is lower-self-reform. 


But we need to take as a basis to start, the central immovable idea of the
IMMORTAL MONAD - ever engaged on a pilgrimage --  to be true -- or else the
whole purpose of the fundamental concepts, the doctrines, the history of
evolution, and the logic of THEOSOPHY are of no value. 


If our modern science conceives the "atom" to be an immortal, eternal
energic particle, then why not the mind as the tool on this plane and in
this sensitive physical body of ours, as an "atom" that has (on its
pilgrimage "it has reached") acquired the faculty of total vision and
perception on all planes and levels?  


I would say that: No one who is not self-readied (morally purified and made
unselfish and virtuous in

all respects) can be given a "gift" of wisdom. If that were done, it would
be a violation of universal law.  And that "wisdom" is universal and
securely locked away in the innermost recesses of our spiritual, divine


In other words, we, as aspirants (or would-be "chelas") are the keys that
unlock the wisdom that is already within us -- securely locked away in the
"principles" we call Atma, Buddhi and Manas. It is therefore the highest and
purest aspect of our intelligence and consciousness (residing in the Higher
Mind - or BUDDHI-MANAS) that serves as a bridge or link between the INTERIOR
SPIRIT and the physical body with its sensitive brain-mind.  


It is said in Theosophical esotericism that ATMA (Spirit - our HIGHER SELF)
is a "ray" of the all-pervasive UNIVERSAL ONE SELF.  Buddhi is the
accumulated experience (and consequent "discriminative wisdom") we, as an
immortal Monad, have acquired over aeons of living life after life. And,
Manas (the Higher Mind) is the intelligent, self-conscious link between
every other monad in the whole universe and ourselves, as an independent
Unit. This "Higher Mind" does not reside in the brain but overshadows its
most refined parts.  THEOSOPHY teaches there are TWO EGOS in every human.  [
see S D   II  167]


Our lower "principles" are composed of vast hosts of such "other monads" -
all progressing on their own  "Eternal Pilgrimage." They continually come
and go in terms of proximity to the "Unit Monad" that is "US," or "WE."  And
with them, comes our own Karma from our own past -- as l our continued
responsibility for earlier living choices. These are then called generally,
the "skandhas," and they are, in effect, the "unfinished business" of our
continuing lives. 


We have as a "Buddhi-manasic" mind  (The "Idealist"), to work to bring the
"Kama-manasic" (The "doubter" with isolating self-interests) section of our
own mind, up to that high motivational level, where it is incapable of
choosing evil or vice. (At least that is how I see it.)  


In other words it has to be shown logically that selfish, self-interested,
and therefore evil choices, ultimately bring to it more pain and suffering.
Once it grasps the value of self-discipline as the only rule in Nature, and,
sees that it is a reliever of this eternal sea of suffering and turmoil, it
will begin to improve itself - but always it needs supervision -- it has
been found that Intuition (the "voice" of Buddhi-Manas) sharpens and warns
ever more strongly as it is used for self-improvement. We might say that
this whole living program is covered by the idea of "Universal Brotherhood."


But yet, each has to work to verify these observations and work on


Yes, the writings of the Mahatmas, of HPB, and of Judge and Crosbie provide
guide lines, instruction and support to all those wiling to study, and test
and adopt those aspects of information that lead to their own


Those who are satisfied with their own present condition will have little
incentive to change.  We have to discover that which drives us to
improvement. But, do we want to improve?


Looking into the SECRET DOCTRINE we find HPB opening an important concept to

consideration:  she says: --


We have in each of us two (2) Egos:  the Higher and the Lower.  And yet, we

function as though there was only ONE CENTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS that operates

in us.  


It is important to realize first of all, that the "REAL PERCEIVER within" is

aware of several planes or "principal non-objective divisions of his own



Broadly we can say that (1) there is the EMOTIONAL nature, which may be seen

as our desires, our aversions, and our 'likes and dislikes.'   Then, (2)

there is that area of our being that is wise, because it has learned the

Laws that operate everywhere are harmless to it and can be trusted; and it

chooses to live and work in harmony with those Laws.


These make for two divisions of the MIND.  Theosophy in employing the

doctrine of the "Seven Principles,"  states that on one side is BUDDHI

(Wisdom), and on the other side of the Mind is the Kamic principle of

EMOTION, passions and desires.  This is usually called the "Personality" --

it is the "mask" we wear for this incarnation.


 When our Mind allies itself with Wisdom it is called the Higher Mind or

Buddhi-Manas. This Higher Mind is part of the Spiritual Individual and does

not alter from incarnation to incarnation. 


When the Mind allies itself with our EMOTIONAL, passional and desire nature

(Kama) it is called the Lower Mind or Kama-Manas.  This changes each

incarnation.  As a "principle" it does not reincarnate.  Under Karma it is

recreated each incarnation to suit the converging lines that are to be met

and dealt with then.



                        PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY OF THE MIND 


A psychological study of the mind shows that it is further subdivided into

several working areas.  They can be named correct cognition, misconception,

fancy, sleep (or unconsciousness), and memory.  [ See PATANJALI :

YOGA-SUTRAS  -- Book  I ]


The real perceptive faculty is to be seen directed by the "I" --  INNER

PERCEIVER through the use of the will.  It employs concentration, selection

and attention.  To achieve these and use them, a firm position [ "I am I -

the Immortal Individual"] has to be assumed.  


Dispassion (overcoming the distractions of the EMOTIONS of the

desire-principle - Lower Manas) is to be used. Dispassion can lead to a

perception of the "Soul" as all-present.  It leads to our use of

Buddhi-Manas when we need to.


Meditation is the faculty of concentration and attention used to investigate

and discover the meaning and relationship of a selected subject to Nature,

and to ourselves.  It may be broadly divided into argument and contrast of

data, deliberation, ecstasy mediation  (or 'beatitude')  and EGOISM (or a

knowledge of all the powers and range of the Soul's energies).  In this case

the MOTIONS of the Mind are subdued and controlled.  We, the REAL INDIVIDUAL

-- as a SPIRITUAL AND ETERNAL SELF -- do the controlling using the superior

power of the SPIRITUAL WILL.



                                    SOUL  --  MIND


The Soul is another word used for the Mind.  Man IS a MIND-SOUL. 


The perceptive faculty is the power of the Higher Mind ( and of the

employment of the will).  this becomes usable when it is detached from the

distractions of the sense impressions, the EMOTIONAL nature, and any aspects

of memory or fancy that might divert it from its chosen goal:  to know and

understand a TRUTH.  This has also been called the "Higher-Mind."




                        PERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS  --  MIND


The Lower Mind [Personal consciousness] is that aspect which is enveloped in

desires, distractions, amusement, fancy, and has a general lack of continued



It is called the "Lower-Mind, or Lower Manas."  


In the case of the average man and woman, this is the predominant

intelligence that we speak of as "my Self."  Its chief instrument to contact

the body, is the brain.  The brain records the sense impressions, and

monitors the innumerable operations that relate to actions and the support

and the health of the physical body.  It also, when impelled by either

wisdom, or, desire and EMOTION, the organ that energizes the physical body

for the expression of volition through the medium of feelings, thoughts and



In this manner, Theosophical psychology divides man's nature into two

cooperative yet, at times, seemingly antagonistic portions.  It also teaches

in its doctrines that man's nature can be divided into seven chief

"principles" or divisions that may work independently of each other, and yet

are all required to effect a complete living at any one time.



                        INDIVIDUALITY OF THE MONAD


There are three "higher principles" : 


1.  Atma - a "ray" of the UNIVERSAL ONE SPIRIT focused in each of us - the

source of our CONSCIOUSNESS.  


2.  Wisdom acquired over billions of years of experience - called "Buddhi" -
a bridge between SPIRIT and the embodied personality - the mask we wear in
each "life."  [ Note:  these two are said to be the "divine duad," or
Spirit-&-Divine-Matter," each different from the other in function, yet,
eternally conjoined. And,  


3.  Mind - or Manas -- a "principle" which is linked closely to Buddhi and

which is the active experiencer, the thinker, feeler, willer, inquirer,

imaginer and rememberer. 


A link between these three (sometimes called the "Triple-Monad"), and the

"personality" [or the four-fold "mask"] is formed by a "ray" of Manas thrown

as a "bridge" on to the receptive surface of the physical brain, which acts

in turn as a "bridge" for the  highest aspect of the "personality" of each

life.  This 'highest aspect' of the personality  is called the Kamic

principle - its characteristics are chiefly desire, passion and wants and

needs - all directed to the selfish and sole benefit of the life, work,

responsibilities and pleasures of the present "personality." 





The second division of mans "principles" is called the "Personality," [or

the "mask" (persona) of the Spiritual Individuality].  It is constituted of:


1.         Kama - desire & passions,  and EMOTIONS,


2.         Of the vitality or Life-principle called sometimes personal

electricity or "animal" magnetism (Prana);  


3.         The model body or electro-magnetic framework on which all the

molecules and atoms of the  


4.         Physical body, (the 4th principle).


Mind (Manas) being the link (bridge) between the two natures of man, is said
to be

3-fold [details may be read in KEY TO THEOSOPHY, pp. 173-176].  It is also

called "Soul."  



            In THEOSOPHICAL PSYCHOLOGY, the "soul" is triune.  



1.         There is the "Spiritual Soul" when Manas is linked to Buddhi

and discrimination) - as during meditation on high ethical themes and when

one actively seeks to do good to others.  Then, 


2.         there is the "Human Soul" - or Manas (the mind) per se - as when

does work with mathematics, or engineering, or studies to increase one's



3.         Finally, there is the "Animal Soul" - which is the Mind allied to

Kama (passions, EMOTIONS  and desires).  In this lower relationship it

allows itself to be used to assist the desires (Kama) to frame methods of

attaining selfish goals and ambitions.  It is, when in that condition

totally immoral or rather, a-moral.



                        A SINGLE JUST AND FAIR LAW RULES ALL


To give a quick over-view:  Every "form of matter" from the 'life-atom' on

up to the greatest UNIVERSE we can conceive of (in time and space) runs

under the LAW OF KARMA - the WHOLE as well as all the parts.  Karma has also

been called the "LAWS OF NATURE," and the Law of "cause and effect.  It

operates on the ethical plane of the creative faculties of the human mind

and marks and responds to 'motive.'  Its basis is what is called, in short:



THE ONE SPIRIT pervades all SPACE without any exceptions.  [ There is no

remote hell or limbo into which a refuse of dust, or "rejected" souls, etc.,

that can be swept away and 'forgotten' or 'isolated.'  Such an isolation

would be illogical and impossible in an eternal and limitless Universe. ]


THE ONE SPIRIT in its periodical "manifestations" under KARMA which is a

part of it, sends out, or rather, emanates an aspect of Itself - Manifested

SPIRIT.  Simultaneously there is a 'condensation' of the 'opposite

contrasting 'pole' of Primordial Matter, these are each in themselves the

ultimate divisions of "matter" or "substance." They have been named MONADS,

or what we could term the universally divided, yet, all-present units of



These are as permanent, immortal and eternal as is the manifested Universe.

Our SELF, Ego, and all the "matter" of which our six "vehicles" (or

principles) are formed, consists of such MONADS, each at its own level and

stage of intelligent development.  


Each cooperates under the universal and impersonal LAW of Karma, with all

the others.  There is a vast field of living, responsive, magneto-electric

substance that serves to effect the intelligent and living connection which

is at all times present between every MONAD and all the rest.  It has been

called "Jiva."  In any "personality" it is named "Prana," (breath),  or that

aspect of Jiva which is needed for that personality to live as a ray of its

consciousness in a sheath of gross matter.


What is being developed or evolved by an Ego in earth-life?  Is it not the

"perception of Self" - of various degrees of consciousness which show up as

innate qualities and properties in each MONAD?  


If this is taken as a probable, then the whole UNIVERSE may be considered as

a vast SCHOOL in which every level and kind of experience is to be found.

And, the rate of progress and individual advancement is chosen by those

immortal MONADS from time to time as well as all the time.  


At first they can be seen to emerge from the general and apparent "chaos" of

the "Monadic Essence."  Then there is a gradual individualization and a

passing through the various stages of progressive intelligent development in

all the divisions of Nature - akasic, astral, elemental, metals, vegetable,

animal until the human-stage is reached.  


In other words each MONAD as it advances in experience becomes responsible

for an increasing numbers of other MONADS (of lesser experience), who ally

themselves to it through attraction or repulsion and are its "attendants"

(skandhas or 'aggregates') for a longer or shorter period of time.  If we

extend in thought this process, we can understand why it is said that we

are, in truth, Universal beings (as eternal and indestructible MONADS)

because we embrace the farthermost boundaries of infinitude - the UNIVERSE.

We are a 'center,'  -- a center of THOUGHT -- but, the effects of our

thinking move and stir all other beings -- we can say that our

'circumference' is unlimited.


In the man-form each individual Monad undergoes the experience of the

"LIGHTING UP OF MANAS."  By this process it becomes a "self-conscious" unit.

It acquires the power to see and in a self-reflective way, it can consider

itself. This is a "gift" bestowed on it by Higher and More advanced Humans

who have already passed through our stage and have "graduated" from it, so

to say.  They are known in various ways as the "Fathers," the Prophets, the

Buddhas, the Seers, the Wise, the Dhyanis, the Mahatmas, the Masters of

Wisdom, Adepts, etc.


Simultaneously, a well-advanced MONAD - one which has reached full

SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS earlier, takes over the chore of assisting and guiding

(by suggestion and not by any compulsion) the self-devised development of

the "newly" aware and self-conscious Monad.  It takes up residence along

with the MONAD that is developing through its own decisions - assisting when

referred to (as the Intuition or the Voice of Conscience). 


The "LIGHTING UP OF MANAS" is an event that occurs in the Manvantaric cycle

for a certain class of MONADS as they "graduate" from the "animal

consciousness class" into the "human-consciousness class."  Such a change is

said to have occurred a little over 18 million years ago. We as humans, are

all in this particular class, living, interacting and working together.  It

is a change in the type of consciousness and level of responsibility.  One

might say we are now in the process of mastering our EMOTIONS and developing

the power of THINKING about universal and eternal matters -- and as how we

can put them to work in our daily lives.  The Monad, which is our true

SELVES, is aware of the presence of the vast brotherhood of self-conscious

Egos who are its personal family, parents, elders, siblings, children,

compatriots, etc.  And it is only natural that we meet those again from life

to life in analogous relationships.


REINCARNATION is the process (under karma) whereby the learning process of

this immortal MONADIC pupil is perpetuated and held to its individual line.

Each personal 'life' is like a 'day' at School.


The ultimate "Goal" we can think of, for ourselves as an EGO-MONAD, is to

become a "universally-conscious MONAD."  That is the condition of an Adept,

a Rishi, or, a Mahatma [great-soul].  The one thing we have as a barrier is

the PERSONAL vitality and ego-centered Kamic EMOTIONS, or the

desire-principle which gives us our present waking-life sense of personality

when we incarnate into a physical body.  



                        KAMA -- EMOTIONS


The desire-principle, active in us, is selfish and focused on its likes and

dislikes.  A concept that the 'lower-mind' in humanity does not like, is the

fact and idea that it is subordinate (as intelligence) to the inner Monitor

(or Tutor) the HIGHER SELF [Atma-Buddhi].  This ADVANCED MONADIC EGO is an

aspect of the ONE UNIVERSAL SELF that pervades the Universe.  It even

penetrates our sense of selfishness and desire for secrecy and isolation.

We cannot "escape" from it.  But we can learn to understand and appreciate

it, and thereby form a path that can lead us to a condition similar to its

present wise state.  We, to, can become WISE.  It is for the purpose of ever

holding out this potential "goal" that the Higher Self sacrifices its

freedom and liberty - so that we may also eventually achieve a parity with

it. This is the "great sacrifice" and it is done out of compassion and a

recognition of the universal brotherhood of all in Nature. [ see S D  I  207

-210 ]





The personal, EMOTIONAL and selfish self is the "Lower Manas." And one of

its characteristics is the well-known desire to see if it can break the Laws

of the Universe and the World without having to pay the price of suffering.

And in such attempts we can recognize the developing of a false sense of

independence.  It is termed false, because it is short-sighted and does not

fully address the question:  "After you have achieved your desire and goal,

what will you do next?" In every case, if we examine ourselves, we will see

that at the back of our consciousness as a "personal being" is a firm and

ineradicable knowledge that the Laws of Nature --KARMA-are immutable - the

same for everyone and no one can escape the scope of their action.  We

always get what we desire.  So let us desire HIGH and TRUE.  Why suffer



This is a brief exposition as there are many arguments pro and con that can

be used to review the accuracy of such a concept


That UNITY OF THE ONE SPIRIT forms a great symphonic harmony during those

periods when there is manifestation - the "music of the spheres."  The

influence of the small and the great intermingle and each is important to

all the others.  


If we are inter-responsible then the Law Of Karma resolves itself into the

reasonable treatment of others, the giving to others that which we expect to

receive from them - the "Golden Rule."


The duality of Manas which is explained by HPB in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY, p.

173-76, SD II 167.  There are many references to this in Theosophical

literature, as for instance in  SD II 79-80 87 94 186 233 241 246 294 342

109-110 273-5 ;  and SD I 267 210 416-7 574 105 130 (the 2 ONES) 295fn, also

HPB articles in THEOSOPHIST Vol. 5, pp. 246 (to be found in the ULT Edn. Of

HPB Articles III p. 265 and Blavatsky Collected Works  Vol 6, pp 248-9  ISIS



In this last mentioned article HPB states on the authority of the SECRET

DOCTRINE that no MONAD ever totally looses its identity during the great

time intervals of Pralaya, between any two periods of manifestation.  This

great and universal "sleep" ends and all MONADS emerge back on to the stage

of manifestation and individual progress at the stage and in conditions

similar to those when the went "to sleep." 


We are in truth, the "eternal pilgrims," and existence is the eternal



I hope this might be found useful,







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