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Dallas Writes: "Has he [Daniel] any explanation?"

Jul 21, 2006 07:09 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

"No arguments -- Like a scratched or broken record, Daniel 
repeats ad infinitum and it is distracting. Also diverting 
and certainly time-wasting."

"For whom is this designed? Is it scholarship, librarianship, or --- 
I'll let someone else characterize it."

"If Eldon desires Theos-Talk to do this kind of thing, he is 
welcome, but for me it is a time-waster. It is plain that Dan. 
is moved by some strange animus. He alone knows what aspect 
of his nature is empowering this. Has he any explanation?"

The current "discussion" started with Carlos making one of
his pronouncements about "silent editing" and then making
such statements as the following:

"It was the Theosophy Co. which first re-published
the original Secret Doctrine in 1925, thus starting
the tendency to keep to original editions and to abandon
the 'silently edited' and 'adapted' editions promoted
by Adyar. Later on, by finally adopting the authentic
edition of the 'Secret Doctrine' prepared by Boris de
Zirkoff, the very Adyar TS abandoned the fancy and
illegitimate edition of the SD published by GRS Mead
and Annie Besant in 1897."

I am afraid that this statement by Carlos gives rise to
all sorts of "misimpressions" even to what we might call
"misleading mayavic ideations."

I have tried to illustrate some of this with chapter and

Hopefully later today, I will be able to find the time to
carefully go over the MAIN ISSUES that I see in what both
Carlos has written and your additional comments.

More later.


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