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Re: The Theory of Everything

Jul 20, 2006 08:53 PM
by leonmaurer

> I don't think Kaku is postulating anything about consciousness.   The only 
> thing these string theorists know about the parallel or metaphysical 
> dimensions is what they interpret from their mathematics -- which has no terms to 
> describe consciousness (awareness, will, emotion, etc.).   
> Since theosophical metaphysics and ABC theory sees consciousness as a 
> universal function of the zero-point of Absolute space itself, and since all 
> zero-points at the centers (or origen) of any field, in whatever parallel 
> dimension, are in that same absolute space -- and, thus, entangled with it and each 
> other -- only such metaphysical theories can show us how and why we can be 
> aware in each of those dimensions.   
> However, I don't think we can be aware in all of them at the same time -- 
> since our mind can hold only one thought or idea at any moment of time.   And 
> we would need our mind to picture or interpret the phenomena of each different 
> dimension that we become aware of through our every day focus on this 
> physical world, our nightly forays in the dream worlds, and our meditative 
> concentration in the higher spiritual dimensions.   Refer to the Voice of the Silence 
> and Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms to understand why this must be so.
> I think it will be a long time before string physics or any other aspect of 
> material science will be able to say anything fundamental about these states 
> of consciousness -- other than through second hand observations (brain 
> imaging) of the "neural correlates" of consciousness, or the pragmatic observations 
> of the cognitive psychologists… None of which comes even close to explaining 
> how consciousness really works, and why consciousness (through its awareness 
> and will coupled with mind) is the fundamental cause of physical matter -- 
> as they see it.   
> As far as I have determined, it's a metaphysical fact that both will and 
> desire coupled with awareness, is the fundamental rootless root of all 
> phenomenal manifestation -- starting at the Big Bang and prior to all formation of the 
> fundamental strings of primal force or mass/energy beginning on the highest 
> plane or dimension of spiritual consciousness.  
> The fact that scientists cannot see or measure these occult fields on the 
> higher or inner dimensions is no proof of their non-existence.   However, some 
> of the string field theory's mathematics that infer their existence is quite 
> persuading enough to make such study an integral part of academic physics 
> courses in many universities throughout the world.  
> So, maybe the proofs of its metaphysics and, thus, opening the door for 
> arriving at a real understanding of consciousness as well as brain-mind binding 
> -- not to mention a proof of theosophical metaphysics (and ABC) -- will come 
> sooner than we expect.
> Best wishes,
> Leon
> In a message dated 7/20/06 8:12:10 PM, writes:
> Is Kaku then postulating that there are parallel dimensions, but should we 
> arrive there, it would be without consciousness/or self consciousness.   That 
> the Zero-point centre   (our consciousness) becomes aware that we are here 
> and there at the same time?   Parallel dimensional consciousness?
> Cass
> wrote:                                   
> Almost... Yes, string field theory, linking both quantum and relativity
> physics, when finally proven valid, will in turn prove both the ABC theory 
> and the
> theosophical metaphysics it is based on -- which takes superstring theory 
> one
> step deeper and links the string fields and their membranes with phenomenal
> consciousness (awareness, will) as a function of the zero-point center of
> every field down to the spinergy Force (angular momentum) of the Absolute
> zero-point itself... omething absolutely essential in order to unify all 
> fields and
> explain gravity -- that is not yet explained by any currently accepted
> scientific theory of physics.
> Leon
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> In a message dated 7/19/06 1:20:53 AM, writes:
> > Science catching up to metaphysics
> > Cass
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