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Jul 20, 2006 05:37 PM
by Cass Silva

carlosaveline <> wrote:                                  Dear Friends, 
 Cass writes (see below) : 
 "Funny, I thought that Occultism taught that there is no such thing as past and future other than reflections or projections, that all there really is, is the Now."
 Well, Cass has just revealed her Krishnamurtian influence. She is erasing the law of karma. She is trying to cancel the past. This is Krishnamurti. This may be Liberal Catholic Church, but this illusiohn was fundamentally brought into the movement by Krishnamurti. Yet the law of causation, and of cause-and-effect, still rules life.
Cass: I must say Carlos your way of thinking is most academic.  I am not trying to cancel the past, simply, not wishing to live in it.   The reason we do not remember our past lives is because the karma we may have generated may cause us to devalue our present life and accumulate even more karma than the monad intended to accrue. If one lives in the past, one is regenerating new effects from old causes, this is simple rationale.

Since when did Krishnamurti become the enemy?
Time is an illusion, maya, there is no time in Pralaya, there is just BE_Ness.
Where is Time in the dreamstate?  Notably absent, however, it doesn't lessen the content of the dream. 

Carlos wrote: All Buddhism, and all Theosophy, is about the law of karma. And Karma Law teachings are present in every religion. 

Cass:  On the contrary both are about ending Karma. 

Carlos wrote: The Krishnamurtian thesis that past the has no meaning is very convenient at the political level for those who want to avoid facing past mistakes. Yet in the long run the policy of denial is not worthwhile. 

Cass:   Phooey, if all of humanity woke up tomorrow morning with amnesia, the world would have a chance to begin again in a spirit of brotherhood, instead of regenerating these unceasing wars and suffering on each other which are all generated by past issues.  Without realising it, I believe, you are causing more damage to the Cause of Theosophy than you appreciate.  By dredging up the past, you never allow the old scars to heal.  They  just keep festering and festering away, all for what isbelieved to be a "noble cause".
So Krishnamurti walked away from Theosophy, so what.  He, nevertheless, left the world with a new way of thinking about the Ego and its raisson dette.  Besant and Leadbeater screwed up, so what, they were mere humans who, in my opinion, were unable to rise above their own egos.


CassBest regards, Carlos.
 Data:Tue, 18 Jul 2006 20:19:26 -0700 (PDT)
 Assunto:Re: Theos-World PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE
 > Funny, I thought that Occultism taught that there is no such thing as past and future other than reflections or projections, that all there really is, is the Now.
 > If we keep looking back to the past we will act in the past. Surely it is better to let go of the old ideas? If we live in the Now, we can create a new future. If we live in the past all we do is recreate it.
 > Terrorism is merely the religious virus propagating and multiplying itself over and over causing cancers in our morality.
 > Cass
 > carlosaveline wrote: Friends,
 > Past, present and future form a continuum, as Occultism teaches us.
 > Last week-end I delivered a seminar on Deep Ecology and Sustainable Development in the Building of the Next Civilization, in Belo Horizonte, a State Capital one hour by plane from Bras�lia. In my several books already published, I have discussed pretty much the future, as well as the present of our civilization. Yet we do need to understand the past in order not to repeat the same old mistakes. I usually discuss central elements in the acumulated experience of the last 2,500 years. 
 > Speaking of the interaction between past and present: the WWII, for instance, has more than one aspect to be understood yet. Look at the Gaza Strip, at Lebanon, and at Israel, right now, July 18. Present moment challenges involving Neo-Nazism, Terrorism and War has a lot to do with Theosophy as Theosophy is about compassion and planetary citizenship, and it is a decisive factor to open a way out of these obstacles. 
 > Having at least respect for the Messengers helps the connection between Mankind and the sacred sources of inspiration. Slandering them does the opposite. 
 > Regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline 
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