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Jul 20, 2006 07:05 AM
by Rodolfo Don

You're right Dallas, I read it in the U.L.T. declaration. I looked  
for it in the S.D. and the Key.

Thank you and best wishes.



On Jul 20, 2006, at 6:15 AM, W.Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

> 7/20/2006 5:57 AM
> Rudy
> You read it in the DECLARATION OF THE U L T
> Study it very carefully as it helps all.
> Love and best wishes,
> Dal
> ---------------------
> The policy of this Lodge is independent devotion to the cause of  
> Theosophy,
> without professing attachment to any Theosophical organization. It  
> is loyal
> to the great Founders of the Theosophical Movement, but does not  
> concern
> itself with dissensions or differences of individual opinion.
> The work it has on hand and the end it keeps in view are too  
> absorbing and
> too lofty to leave it the time or inclination to take part in side  
> issues.
> That work and that end is the dissemination of the Fundamental  
> Principles of
> the Philosophy of Theosophy, and the exemplification in practice of  
> those
> principles, through a truer realization of the SELF; a profounder  
> conviction
> of Universal Brotherhood.
> It holds that the unassailable basis for union among Theosophists,  
> wherever
> and however situated, is "similarity of aim, purpose and teaching,"  
> and
> therefore has neither Constitution, By-Laws nor Officers, the sole  
> bond
> between its Associates being that basis. And it aims to disseminate  
> this
> idea among Theosophists in the furtherance of Unity.
> It regards as Theosophists all who are engaged in the true service of
> Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, condition or
> organization, and
> It welcomes to its Association all those who are in accord with its  
> declared
> purposes and who desire to fit themselves, by study and otherwise,  
> to be the
> better able to help and teach others.
> "The true Theosophist belongs to no cult or sect, yet belongs to  
> each and
> all."
> -----------------------------------------------
> The following is the form signed by Associates of the United Lodge of
> Theosophists:
> Being in sympathy with the purposes of this Lodge, as set forth in its
> "Declaration," I hereby record my desire to be enrolled as an  
> Associate, it
> being understood that such association calls for no obligation on  
> my part,
> other than that which 1, myself, determine.
> ========================================
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Rodolfo Don
> Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006
> To:
> I read someplace very recently that theosophists belong to no
> particular religion, but to all.
> In my opinion I can be a Christian,
> a Jewish, a Hindu, a Buddhist...without any problem. That doesn't
> mean that I accept any dogmas, but I interpret every symbol my own
> way. For example Christ is not a historical individual, but it is our
> Sixth principle. The Holy Grail is not a historical relic, but it is
> the Self. And so on...
> There is room in Theosophy for every honest and fraternal belief from
> any religion, and so, any person who professes that belief.
> After all, we are supposed to believe in Universal Brotherhood.
> Amused by the discussion,
> Rodolfo Don
> ==============================================
> On Jul 19, 2006, Cass Silva wrote:
> Now you are suggesting that HPB was a Liberal Catholic! It was her
> words I quoted, not mine. I am starting to think that you are
> perhaps a fundamentalist theosophist, as you take what you want
> from the teaching and abandon what doesn't fit your personal point
> of view.
> For the record, I get the innuendo, group me as a liberal catholic
> and you have the moral justification for tearing me and everyone
> else who opposes your opinion, to the rank of heretic.
> Cass
> ==========================================
> carlosaveline wrote:
> Friends,
> I guess Liberal Catholic people find it difficult to understand the
> WW II. I wonder why. Perhaps they see "God" in Hitler, as the Pope
> Pius XII seemed to do.
> Carlos.
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