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RE: Dallas: Here are the two examples of "silent" or "invisible" editing

Jul 19, 2006 05:37 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

7/19/2006 5:30 PM


            RE: Dallas:  Here are the two examples of "silent" or
"invisible" editing


Thank you Daniel:


See below:









Dallas on the "silent editing" [ INVISIBLE EDITING ]
of HPB's Writings.

BELOW is a quote from Dallas from several years ago.

My question: 

Do these observations by Dallas apply
equally well to both the "silent editing" done in the
Theosophy Company's edition of HPB's VOICE OF THE SILENCE
and also to Boris de Zirkoff's editing of THE SECRET DOCTRINE
and HPB's other Collect Writings??

Here are Dallas' words:


Those who insist on using the ORIGINAL WRITINGS from which to
study and grow in understanding are, in my esteem, not being
dogmatic, they are merely being careful.

For their understanding they can (in case of The SECRET
DOCTRINE ) recall that the Mahatmas gave Dr. Hubbe-Schleiden a
signed certificate ( reprinted by Mr. Judge in PATH Magazine,
Vol. 8, p. 1-3 ) This certificate stated that The SECRET
DOCTRINE was the produced under their triple authorship.

Personally, I have a great pity for those who have made
alterations and invisible editing in such an important work. I
include all who may have done this in my mind. On the opposite
hand: I feel gratitude for those who have offered "corrections
needed in the ORIGINAL" and that they think will be helpful to
students, but who have been careful to IDENTIFY and FOOTNOTE
their changes so that the said student has a choice.

By what amounts to "concealing" those changes made in the
ORIGINAL (yet using the Original Title) and thus tacitly
attributing those new and interposed changes to the Author - who
has had no chance to agree to them -- they may have blurred or
obscured some meanings. Just how important those altered
meanings and changes are, need not be a subject for restudy if
one deals with the ORIGINALS to begin with.
quoted from:


*                                  2


You say that I am "attacking" de Zirkoff or
the Theosophy Company for "silent editing".

But it was Walter A. Carrithers, Jr. who many
years ago first informed me about this "silent editing"
in BOTH the Theosophy Company's edition of the Voice
as well as Mr. de Zirkoff's practice of editing
all of HPB's writings in the Collected Writings

So was Mr. Carrithers "attacking" them too?

In the next few years we may publish some of
Walter's essays illustrating all of this.

And over the years I have received many letters and
emails from ULT students objecting to Boris' "silent
editing" of HPB's writings.

Therefore very FUNNY is your "take" on all of this!!

I am simply stating facts.

The "silent editing" can be confirmed by any reader
or student who takes the time and effort to DO the comparisions.

Ignore the above or use some kind of distraction
but the facts remain the same.

There is no belief or statement [even by Carlos
Aveline!!!!!] higher than the truth or facts.



On Theos-Talk, Tony Maddock, a longtime student
of Blavatsky's writings and a trustee of the
Mahatma Letter Trust, gave examples of the 
MANY examples of silent editing done by Boris de
Zirkoff in the new Adyar Edition of the SD:

Here are two of the examples:









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I am sorry that you are not well.

I hope you get better soon.

I have posted at least once if not
several times the detailed examples
of "silent" or as you have called
them "invisible" editing.

But I repeat them again for you:


"Theosophy Company's 1987 edition of THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE"
http://www.theos- <>


"Reprint of A Modern Panarion by the Theosophy Company"
http://blavatskyarc <>



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