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"According to Daniel Caldwell's theory, Besant SD was 'authentic'."????

Jul 19, 2006 08:17 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos, you write:

"According to Daniel Caldwell's theory, Besant SD was 'authentic'."

Did I say that?

I simply stated what anyone who takes the time can
determine for themselves.

I repeat BELOW what I wrote previously and as far as 
I can see you simply ignore these important facts.

HPB's COLLECTED WRITINGS Vol. 14 heavily dependent
on Besant's 3rd Volume (1897) of the SD

In the 1897 edition of Volume III of THE SECRET DOCTRINE,
there are (excluding H.P.B.'s esoteric papers at
the back of this volume), 52 sections (or chapters)
covering 432 pages of text.

40 of these sections or chapters of the SD Vol. III were SIMPLY
transferred by Mr. de Zirkoff into HPB's COLLECTED WRITINGS (most of
them into Vol. XIV).

It should be clearly stated here that the ONLY EXISTING copies of
these 40 sections are the printed version found in Besant's SD Vol. 

Mr. de Zirkoff had NO OTHER versions of these 40 sections to rely on
or work with.

Furthermore, these 40 sections constitute more than 300 pages of the
text of SD III.

For the remaining 12 sections of SD III which have corresponding
text in the EARLIER Wurzburg manuscript, Mr. de Zirkoff and his team
compared the two sets of text, [the SDIII version with the Wurzburg 
MSS] etc. and then decided what to publish in the COLLECTED WRITINGS.


Mr. de Zirkoff transferred into the COLLECTED WRITINGS volumes (most
of it into Volume XIV) these hundreds of pages of text DIRECTLY FROM
Annie Besant's Vol. III.

In other words, COLLECTED WRITINGS, Vol. 14 is heavily DEPENDENT on
Annie Besant's 3rd Volume.

Daniel H. Caldwell
Blavatsky Study Center

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