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Real "silent editing" of HPB's VOICE OF THE SILENCE by Theosophy Company

Jul 18, 2006 07:26 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos continues to state that the Adyar TS
has done a great deal of "silent editing" but
here is a prime example of "silent editing"
done by the Theosophy Company:

"Theosophy Company's 1987 edition of THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE"

Hundreds of "silent" edits have been done to this TC edition
and there is NO editorial note alerting readers, ULT students,
inquirers, and truth seekers of this editing.

It is sad that Carlos continues to ignore this
obvious example.  If Carlos can point out that Adyar Theosophical 
publishers have done this, then would it not be honest and fair
of Carlos to ADMIT that the Theosophy Company has also done this?



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