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Re: Theos-World to Cass (was HITLER, WWII, HPB AND GARIBALDI)

Jul 18, 2006 08:29 AM
by adelasie

Dear Cass,

Your post caught my eye. You express something that occurrs to me 
often. In this cycle we have been given, at great personal cost to 
some very fine individuals, a chance to understand more about who we 
are and why we are here than humanity has ever been given before. We 
have developed the internet as a means of communication that has 
never been equalled, as far as we know, for its power to reach around 
the world, and we use this extraordinary opportunity to carp and 
cavil about petty and meaningless details, even indulging in endless 
speculation about the validity and authenticity of the messenger who 
brought the information. It seems like the very worst sort of 
squandering of energy, a thing warned against in all occult teaching.

One can only assume that those who use this venue in such a way 
simply choose to align themselves with the group that tries to 
destroy any efforts toward progress and unity essayed by humanity. 
It's just the inevitable polarity of forces. Any progress toward the 
consciousness of the Unity of all life generates its opposite force. 
And everyone who goes along with their efforts at sabotage is simply 
subscribing to the old saw, "Better the familiar darkness than the 
unfamiliar Light." 

All this is not really cause for concern, however. The forces of 
darkness cannot prevail. The can delay and obscure, but they only 
serve the purpose of helping the individual to come to a realization 
of the truth, that it is the Light, the realm of Love and Compassion, 
of Altruism and Devotion, that is real, and that all else is dust and 

It behooves any who see past these continual efforts to throw mud on 
the finest offerings of humanity to redouble our efforts to live 
according to our highest ideals, to put the ancient teaching into 
practice in our daily lives, to generate centers of light for the 
benefit of those around us. We have fine examples in the lives of 
such luminaries as HPB, WQJ, and others, who devoted their life 
energy to the work given them from within. We really can make a 
difference. There are no little things. We never know when some 
trivial action of our own, unnoticed in the daily train of events, 
will be the one that will change the course of history. And those 
forces of darkness that make so much noise and confusion? they simply 
cease to have any power over us.



On 17 Jul 2006 at 19:59, Cass Silva wrote:

> So what Carlos, the whole world is about to explode, people are
> loosing their lives and you want to dwell on something that is no
> longer important. Living in the past prevents people from seeing
> what's in the present. Cass


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