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Theos-World Re: Gratitude as a Venial Sin

Jul 18, 2006 07:37 AM
by Bill Meredith

Re: Gratitude as a venial sin

Bill says it doesn't much matter
if Theosophy and HPB existed or not,
and gratitude is not so important, the
"ancient wisdom" exists irregardless.

Hello Jake,

As I see it, theosophy is timeless. The 19th century theosophical work by HPB and others was a timeful event. It was a significant theosophical event in the world of time, whose authors I have both respect and gratitude for. Many self-identified theosophists appear book-bound and time-stuck to me. My inner sense of theosophy sees it as the illuminating awareness gained through direct experience of the higher self, expressed outwardly as "right action" motivated by the direct experience of divine wisdom. Today's right actions are creating significant 21st century theosophical events. We may miss the opportunity to add our energy to these unfolding events if we are too deeply attached to the events of the 19th century. This is how I see it. In your own words, what would be your definition of theosophy and how do you see it in manifestation today?
Well, the thing is, one cannot find
inner values, or his content-less "ancient
wisdom" of mysticism, unless he has
concepts for what is involved beforehand.
If one was born in a mud-hut in miedeval
Europe, the best "ancient wisdom" one
would be likely to find, is some variety
of discovering "jesus in his heart", or
the catholic equivalent. You need the
concepts as well as the inner sense. If
you don't get them from HPB, you'd better
hope there is some other genuine advanced
religious system around.

This is one perspective. Others are available. To expand upon this perspective, one might try to meditate upon a point beyond the origins of the first "concepts" which came "beforehand." This meditation may reveal the "genuine" nature of the "inner sense" and its relationship with outer concepts.

<Gratitude is not what compels us from
<within the SELF. Compassion is.>

My bet is a lack of gratitude results
next time around loosing whatever one
doesn't have gratitude for.

You may be right. This could explain some people's apparent lack of experience with the "inner sense" of theosophy this time around here in century 21.

peace on earth,


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