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Re: Nazi Garbage

Jul 18, 2006 05:40 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Nazi Garbage
Carlos writes:
<I did not know that Nazi 
<propaganda was legal in the 
<internet.  I don't think Nazi 
<propaganda is allowed by 
<Brazilian law.
     It's not illegal here in 
the US, I don't think, unless 
they are calling for violence.  
I don't know about illegal, but 
it is DISPICABLE !!!  How anyone 
could go from Theosophy to 
Nazi-ism is beyond me.  I don't 
like seeing it, and it may 
cause legal complications in 
some countries where theos-talk 
is received. (But what about the 
Freedom of speech issues?)  And 
to make a hero of some nazi 
prison camp guard who stood by 
or participated in mass murders 
- well to do so is nuts.  One 
should commit some form of 
hari-kari to prevent it going 
on if nothing better.  Poor 
Frank has definitely gone over 
the edge,  just like Hedin did 
perhaps.  Talbot Mundy in Taves' 
recent biography - a former Hedin 
friend - remarked that he could 
not understand how Hedin fell for 
such crap.
         - jake j.

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