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Re: Theos-World Please Sign petition for last living WW II POW

Jul 16, 2006 10:03 PM
by leonmaurer

The petition letter sent under this subject line is pure Nazi propaganda and 
contains outright lies. 

All SS members who were accused and found guilty of concentration camp and 
other atrocities against innocent civilians during WW2 pleaded not guilty on the 
grounds that they were only "following orders."   This is no excuse in cases 
of "genocide" or murder of civilians at any time, under any legal jurisdiction 
or moral-ethical laws of man or Nature.   In most civilized country's 
military organizations, acting under the Geneva convention's rules of war, it is 
considered honorable for a soldier to disobey an order that violates commonly 
accepted principles of morality or justice.   In the SS, the blood oath of 
membership indicated the member's choice to abrogate his conscience and subject it to 
the will of his Nazi leaders. Thus, becoming an accomplice to all their 
immoral and unlawful orders and acts of genocide, including retaliatory murders of 
innocent civilian hostages.

The German writer of this e-mail, as an apparent Nazi sympathizer, if not a 
member of their Bund of racial purists and hate mongers, is as guilty of those 
atrocities as are the SS members convicted of war crimes they continue to 
defend -- each of whom took the blood oath of that occult organization and 
committed or were party to the atrocities, and or murders of innocent people they 
were legally found guilty of and punished for in accordance with international 
and criminal law.   Unfortunately, more escaped than were punished -- since many 
SS officers used their wartime loot to buy their way to South America and 
infiltrate into the United States along with the Nazi scientists immigrated under 
"Project Paperclip".

Propaganda letters such as this petition appeal and other hate mail and 
unfounded accusatory conspiracy theories from this or other subscribers, do not 
belong in a theosophical discussion group, and should not be allowed to be 
forwarded by this forum to its members.   Nevertheless, should they not be blocked, 
I recommend they be immediately trashed by the receivers, or if opened and 
read, taken with a skeptical grain of salt.

Note that the SS were a cult organization that practiced a form of black 
magic taught to them by their psychotic leader, Heinrich Himmler -- who was the 
architect of Hitler's "final solution" for the elimination of all supposedly 
inferior races not considered as "Aryans" (according to the Nazi definition -- 
which radically differs from that of Theosophy).   This included ALL Jews and 
other supposedly "useless" or "inferior people" of non "Aryan" racial stock, and 
even political enemies of the Nazis -- who were used as slave labor and 
mistreated and slaughtered in Nazi concentration camps overseen by the 
Schutzstaffel (Hitler's personal elite Guard Unit).


In a message dated 7/16/06 10:40:38 AM, writes:

> Madame Blavatsky held the motives of a true
> soldier in high regards.
> She dressed herself as a soldier when fighting for
> Italy's unity against the Illuminati.
> Read, spread and sign the petition of an engaged
> truth seeker, a young Finn, for WW II's last
> prisoner of war, the 93-year old high-minded
> SS-officer Mr Erich Priebke, who did nothing else
> than to protect Europe and his homeland Germany
> and to preserve her unity against the Illuminati.
> The shortuct SS stands for Schutzstaffel, which is
> protective squadron, in its exoteric expression,
> but is esoterically Schwarze Sonne - Black Sun or
> spiritual, laya center.
> The SS was the esoteric
> counter organisation of the Nazaraios or nazars
> against the Illuminati and launched a new esoteric
> religion - which rejected a personal God and
> included the twin doctrine of karma and
> reincarnation - in favour of the old exoteric
> ones.
> Please sign the petition and send it to your local
> Italian embassy.

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