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Re: Gratitude as a Venial Sin

Jul 15, 2006 06:16 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Gratitude as a venial sin 
   Bill says it doesn't much matter 
if Theosophy and HPB existed or not, 
and gratitude is not so important, the 
"ancient wisdom" exists irregardless.
   Well, the thing is, one cannot find 
inner values, or his content-less "ancient 
wisdom" of mysticism, unless he has 
concepts for what is involved beforehand.  
If one was born in a mud-hut in miedeval 
Europe, the best "ancient wisdom" one 
would be likely to find, is some variety 
of discovering "jesus in his heart", or 
the catholic equivalent.  You need the 
concepts as well as the inner sense. If 
you don't get them from HPB, you'd better 
hope there is some other genuine advanced 
religious system around.
<Gratitude is not what compels us from 
<within the SELF.  Compassion is.>
     My bet is a lack of gratitude results 
next time around loosing whatever one 
doesn't have gratitude for.
            - jake j.

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