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Re: Deceptive Publishing

Jul 14, 2006 06:33 AM
by Mark Jaqua

   I mispoke.  Not "make available" 
if it isn't, because why should HPB 
students do contrary publicity work, 
but point to where it has been treated 
previously, or by "scholars".  Why 
help the crooks, like the Coloumbs or 
Solovioff out in their crimes - which 
is exactly what the heck they are, 
and reasonably proven so.  Its helping 
crooks out by endlessly publicizing 
them, albeit, a person can learn about 
what methods are used.
  <Re: Caldwell on "Deceptive Publishing"
<    Points noted.  I wonder, however, 
<how much "air time" much of the false 
<material deserves.  An example comes to 
<mind, of in the 60's after Bobby Kennedy 
<got shot and Sirhan Sirhan asked for the 
<SD in jail.  The following national press 
<had HPB being the author of a book titled 
<"The Manual for Revolutionaries" - Totally, 
<totally, made up horse manure, as no such 
<book even existed.  (Bakunin published a 
<similar book, however.)  Should this incident 
<be published about and publicized ad 
<infinitum, and constantly referred to - or 
<just debunked efficiently, and then let go 
<for what it was?  Make it available somewhere 
<for interested parties, mention key points 
<and dissembling,but don't mix it all in with 
<the genuine material, so all but the most 
<serious reader is confused and can't 
<easily tell the one from the other.
              - jake j.

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