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Correspondence With Adyar

Jul 13, 2006 01:12 PM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

I recently received a letter from Adyar on William Judge and sent another one. I will bring them here soon. 

In April 13th, 2006, I wrote an open letter to Ms. Radha Burnier, international president of the Adyar Society.  I suggested the idea that Adyar TS could re-examine the Judge Case and either show proofs that Mr. Judge was guilty of forging messages from the Mahatmas or declare him innocent of any charges. 

I mentioned the SPR/HPB (1885-1986)  example and said it could be followed. Historian Leslie Price wrote an article giving support to the idea. 
In May, Ms. Radha Burnier wrote her answer to me.  I sent  her another letter by June 21st. I am giving some time to make sure Ms. Radha gets my air mail letter before I bring the texts here.

William Judge was one of the three main founders of the modern Theosophical Movement.  

Judge and his students have played a central role in preserving the original theosophical teachings  to future generations, and in preserving its living spirit, too.    

Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline 



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