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Re: Scientifically testing the MLs

Jul 12, 2006 10:08 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Thanks to Daniel for the following 
information on physically testing the 
Mahatma Letters.  Maybe some other 
organizations with letters would be 
more amenable.  I think it would be
worth doing even if it meant some 
<See what Vernon Harrison says about 
this subject in his book on the subject:
"Fortunately most of the Mahatma 
Letters are preserved in the 
British Library where they were 
deposited by Sinnett's executrix. 
They are available for study on 
request in the Department of 
Manuscripts (Additional MSS 45284, 
45285, and 45286). THEY ARE 
however, difficulties in the way of 
examining them in the British Library. 
The letters themselves are bound in 
three heavy and bulky volumes so that 
side-by-side comparison of different 
letters is often awkward or impossible. 
For valid reasons one is not allowed to 
use pen, pencil, or drawing instruments 
in the reading room. Photography is prohibited. 
Only the use of a hand lens is permitted. 
Even a midget pocket microscope of x30 
magnification was viewed askance by the 
library attendants and had to be put away discreetly in my pocket."
"...Negotiations with the Trustees of 
the Letters to have these inks tested 
nondestructively by a university for 
their chemical composition led nowhere; 
and now that the papers have been 
strengthened by enclosure in archival 
tissue, further research on this problem 
may prove impossible.">

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