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Re: Blavatsky's Aryans

Jul 12, 2006 05:12 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Blavatsky's Aryans

<Carlose writes:  Can you tell us when 
exactly was published this text by 
Angus Carter, in FOHAT? ["Who are 
Blavatsky's Aryans?] 

   It was in Fohat the Summer, 2000 
issue, Vol. IV, No. 2.

   I made a mistake on what issue of 
Theos-talk Digest Frank's tirade was in. 
It was issue 2601.

    Among many good things Bill M. writes:

<The word theosophy and the name HPB 
could be stricken from the phenomenological 
world with little or no impact upon 
divine wisdom.>

    If one is just talking about substitute 
names, that is true but not for the actual 
person and system.  I suspect all spiritual 
wisdom may ultimately stem and be inspired 
from the same source, and all the direct and 
indirect connections of modern spiritual 
movements with that 19th century effort would 
be phenomenal, innerly and outerly.  An 
interesting movie might be - like that Jimmy 
Stewart Christmas movie - of what the world 
would be like if the Theosophical movement 
never happened.

            - jake j.
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