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Mark & Carlos on a Physical analysis of the original Mahatma Letters

Jul 11, 2006 11:25 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Mark wrote:

"Why haven't all these logicians yet submitted the original Mahatma 
Letters to  a physical analysis? I read that in some of  the 
precipitated letters it appears that the  writing is WITHIN the 
paper, instead simply  upon. Surely with all our high-tech gagets  
there may be some very interesting physical  discoveries differing 
them from conventionally- written letters. This would or could 
solve  the question if they were Special letters  or not forever."

Carlos replied:

"I guess they do not do that for the same reason they do not talk 
about the absurdities made by A. Besant and C.W. Leadbeaterin the 
period 1894-1934." 

"As you know, not all researchers are independent from 'dominant 
political powers'.  Most of them are subservient. History has shown 

Mark, you have a good question here.  And Carlos I really don't see 
how your vague speculative reply is relevant at all to what Mark 

One has to remember that the originals of the Mahatma Letters now 
belong (at least to my understanding) to the British Library.

To do the testing that Mark is suggesting would have to be done with 
the APPROVAL of the British Library.

See what Vernon Harrison says about this subject in his book on the 

"Fortunately most of the Mahatma Letters are preserved in the 
British Library where they were deposited by Sinnett's executrix. 
They are available for study on request in the Department of 
Manuscripts (Additional MSS 45284, 45285, and 45286). THEY ARE 
PRIMARY EVIDENCE. There are, however, difficulties in the way of 
examining them in the British Library. The letters themselves are 
bound in three heavy and bulky volumes so that side-by-side 
comparison of different letters is often awkward or impossible. For 
valid reasons one is not allowed to use pen, pencil, or drawing 
instruments in the reading room. Photography is prohibited. Only the 
use of a hand lens is permitted. Even a midget pocket microscope of 
x30 magnification was viewed askance by the library attendants and 
had to be put away discreetly in my pocket."

"...Negotiations with the Trustees of the Letters to have these inks 
tested nondestructively by a university for their chemical 
composition led nowhere; and now that the papers have been 
strengthened by enclosure in archival tissue, further research on 
this problem may prove impossible."

Hope this helps.


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