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new member

Jul 11, 2006 10:08 AM
by Rodolfo Don

Dear fellow members:

I was asked to introduce myself to the list and that is what I am going to do. My name is Rodolfo Don and my friends usually address me as Rudy. I first got involved with Theosophy in this life-time in 1967 in Los Angeles at the Besant lodge in Hollywood and the Espaņa lodge. That was a long time ago, but at least that is how it all started.

When I re-joined Theos-Talk now I rushed and sent an e-mail to the list about something that made me rejoin in the first place. The subject was "Attacking and defending HPB." This is actually the first time as I recall that I touch this subject even though I have witnessed, and continue to witness, numerous difficult-to-understand- attacks to "the Old Lady." I thought that this was the right time to give my 2-cents worth. But this is just my introduction to the List.

I expect to contribute something positive to the List.


Rodolfo Don

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