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No Support to Nazi Mass-Killers

Jul 10, 2006 09:12 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Mark,

A great testimony of yours, below.

I myself have a resasonable experience with German people, including my family. My experience is enough to say that the German people went far beyond the old Nazi illusions or hatred to Jews.  

Can you tell us when exactly was published this text by Angus Carter, in FOHAT? 

Best regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline


Data:Sun, 9 Jul 2006 16:11:38 -0700 (PDT)

Assunto:[Spam] Theos-World Re: Blavatsky vs. Nazi Aryans

> Re: Blavatsky Aryans vs Hitler Aryans
> I attached below my (Angus Carter) "Who 
> Are Blavatsky's Aryans" from Fohat.
> I'm flabbergasted by Frank's long article 
> in theos-talk Digest 2561. I won't include 
> it at the end of the article, because I 
> personally get irritated at all the wasted 
> space of reposts - but I recommend reading 
> it to get a picture of this type of viewpoint, 
> and also for many astute but decidedly TWISTED 
> angle on things. I had no idea! A real, honest 
> to gods Nazi! I also am not capable along that 
> line of his special research to do philosophic 
> battle, although don't doubt I could pick some 
> of it apart.
> I'm about 90% German myself, grandmother 
> was even a "Hahn", of the millions. There are 
> high cultures and low cultures Within each 
> minor race. I think you are twisting HPB and 
> even "Morris" to support yourself. I generally 
> like Jews, the ones I've met. The impression I 
> got from HPB and personal conclusions that they 
> are a sub-race of high abilities, but decidedly 
> materialistic, even bringing their esotericism 
> down to physical symbolism. 
> No single race is especially important except 
> temporarily, and certainly not the Germans. I 
> think a new sub-race is being formed here in the 
> US over thousands of years, but a mixture of all 
> the races. About 90% of the persons in the area 
> I live are German, and I have never, never, ever 
> heard a "high" esoteric-sounding Idea from any of 
> them in 40 year part of my life I've lived hear. 
> All pigs, steers, money, and getting the crops 
> in and fundamental religion.
> Poor Sven Hedin, he must have gotten 
> hypnotized somehow. His "My Life as an 
> Explorer" is the best adventure book I've 
> ever read.
> Hitler was a Demon-puppet, a basically 
> coarse and stupid person, perhaps used as a 
> mediumistic tool for all the negative forces 
> involved in our Maya - a Mamo-mediator.
> I think you should decide if you wish to 
> regard HPB as a higher source or your ideas of 
> Racial predominance. I'll re-read your article,
> but don't wish to argue about it, as it is 
> just too far out for me and makes me a little 
> sick. (By the way - in nearby Toledo, there 
> was a riot caused by a Neo-Nazi march last fall, 
> rocks smashing police cars, and an ambulance, 
> over-truned cars,
> - jake jaqua
> -------------
> Who Are Blavatsky's Aryans?
> - Angus Carter
> The term "Aryan" in popular 
> usage is almost universally connected 
> with the secondary and perverse meaning 
> tagged on it to refer to Caucasians and 
> ideas of racial supremacy, as in its usage 
> in Hitler's Germany and today in various 
> cult pseudo-philosophies. While Blavatsky 
> may have been one of the first popularizers 
> of this term, what the term Aryan meant in 
> her philosophy is unknown except among 
> Theosophists and a small number or bibliophiles. 
> Recently in the right-wing New American Magazine, 
> just in example, she is again given the "rap" for 
> being the motivator behind racial-superiority 
> philosophies. [1] For being the founder of a 
> Society that promulgated the Brotherhood of 
> humanity irrespective of differences of race, 
> creed or gender - this is surely a bad rap, 
> and more specifically shown so in her 
> writings. [2]
> While Blavatsky occasionally uses 
> Aryan in the narrow and popular sense of 
> "white European," she uses the term Aryan 
> primarily and in the largest sense to refer 
> to a basic racial stock that originated some 
> one million years ago, and includes a large 
> portion and all colors of humanity. It is 
> the youngest or newest of the primary or 
> "root-races," but not necessarily superior 
> to earlier and older race-stocks. The 
> Fifth or Aryan root-race in its present 
> state is generally superior in physical 
> intellectuality, but inferior in its level 
> of innate spirituality to some earlier races, 
> such as the American Indians, Chinese, or 
> Tibetans. If we were to falsely equate 
> youngest or newest race with superior, 
> those of the Nazi period would be at complete 
> odds with Blavatsky in reference to the 
> Jewish people, as she says that they are 
> members of and the very youngest in the 
> Aryan race. “The Aryan Hindu belongs to 
> the oldest races now on earth; the Semite 
> Hebrew to the latest. One is nearly one 
> million years old; the other is a small 
> sub-race some 8,000 years old and no more.” [3] 
> In calling the “Aryan Hindu” the “oldest now 
> on earth” she is referring to Fifth-Race people, 
> as Fourth and Third Race peoples have earlier 
> beginnings.
> In reference to "white-supremacy" 
> bigotry, those who think their doctrine 
> somehow originates with Blavatsky would be 
> also surprised to know that she infers at 
> least a large portion of the Black humanity 
> as Aryans. “The Aryan races, for instance, 
> now varying from dark brown, almost black, 
> red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy 
> colour, are yet all of one and the same stock 
> - the Fifth Root-Race..." [4] Blavatsky 
> makes no direct statement that I can find 
> that Negroes are in her Aryan or Fifth-Root 
> Race, but the great elucidator of her teachings 
> G. de Purucker held that Afro-Americans are 
> generally a very young race and therefore 
> Aryan or Fifth Root-Race (and thus in the 
> "newer is better" philosophy, would be 
> regarded as superior to Caucasians, or 
> perhaps another micro-step in Nature's 
> long complicated process of evolving new types. [5] ) 
> As in all races, Afro-Americans 
> can be seen in Theosophical teachings 
> to be divided. Some are a branch of 
> Aryan descent, some of Fourth-Race Atlantean 
> (as Africa was held to be a refuge from 
> sinking Atlantis.) The Black Australian 
> Aborigines, actually a separate race in 
> themselves, are held to be of even earlier 
> origin, or Lemurian Third-Race. And to 
> this has to be added Afro-Americans' large 
> part in the predicted creation of a new race 
> in America, the world's melting pot. Races 
> are not substantial and concrete entities in 
> long time periods, they come and go and become 
> something different.
> In Theosophical doctrines, racial 
> color is not solely or simply an innate 
> characteristic but to a degree also subject 
> to geography over long periods of time. Many 
> negroes are lighter than, for instance, than 
> "Aryan" Hindus. Additionally, all Caucasians 
> are not Theosophically classified as Aryan or 
> Fifth Race - the Basques of Spain, for instance, 
> which Blavatsky calls Atlantean descendants or 
> Fourth Race. [6] 
> Blavatsky writes: "The unity of the 
> human species... in the sense of their essential 
> and original homogeneity and their origin from 
> one and the same source... all originated in the 
> same way and from the same ancestors.... 
> differentiated, because belonging to seven planes 
> which differed in degree though not in kind. That 
> original physical difference was but little more 
> accentuated by that of geographical and climatic 
> conditions..." [7] Blavatsky even indicates that 
> the first Western Europeans and European Caucasian's 
> ancestors were Blacks from Asia. "...we the 
> 'superior' white races have to accept among other 
> unpleasant things the disagreeable truth that our 
> ancestors were as black and far blacker, perchance, 
> than any of those we now look upon as the races to 
> us inferior, for - they were the ASIATIC ETHIOPIANS! 
> ...Such are the facts drawn from the recent achievements 
> of philology and ethnology." [8] One has to take in 
> consideration here Blavatsky's 19th century European 
> audience who were of one mind on their own 
> all-encompassing superiority. In a genuine 
> scheme of values a Siberian shaman may be far 
> the spiritual superior to an American driving a 
> "beamer" and toting a cell-phone, although the 
> former may only bathe once a season and live 
> in a deerskin hut. The American Aryan's 
> superiority is in his coarse mid-race 
> development in materialism, an inferior 
> development within a genuine and Theosophical 
> value-system to that of spirituality. A Spiritual 
> value system is one in which one’s life 
> satisfactions and progress are gotten through 
> contact with the inner self. A materialistic 
> value system seeks fulfilment primarily in the 
> outer world, outer achievements and physical 
> acquirements. Different races incline naturally 
> to one pole or the other. 
> Theosophical Doctrines hold 
> that man is vastly older than is held by present 
> anthropology. The "Rounds," "Root-Races," and 
> "Globes" no doubt cause confusion in many, but 
> basically the scheme is descriptive of Mankind's 
> evolution through various cycles and according 
> to law and predictable pattern. It is not a 
> direct evolution of the more lowly to the more 
> advanced, but passes through immense periods of 
> time and is full of ebb and flow, or progress 
> and relative degeneration within a much larger 
> scheme. The Theosophical idea of Evolution is 
> that it is a Spiritual process as well as just 
> a physical one as in the Darwinian scheme. We 
> are souls or monads undergoing a long evolutionary 
> pilgrimage and embodying in progressively 
> developing and changing vehicles or physical 
> races. The Theosophical teaching is that we 
> have been self-conscious or actively embodying 
> our mind-principle or manas for some 18 million 
> years. A multitude of civilizations - probably 
> many equal to our own - have risen and fallen 
> in this time.
> One might consider this an absurd 
> assertion and ask for evidence of these 
> ancient advanced former civilizations - 
> perhaps of millions of years ago. Upon 
> consideration, however, one might ask just 
> what evidence our present civilization would 
> leave a geologically-short hundred thousand 
> years from now, or a few million. We would 
> leave almost nothing. Concrete will disintegrate 
> in a few thousand at best, steel in a few hundred. 
> If cremation was universally and normally practiced 
> in former times, as Blavatsky asserts, then we have 
> a minimum of skeletons to find - and few humans are 
> left by their peers to fossilize in mud banks. Glass 
> may survive for great lengths of time, but perhaps 
> it may be a discovery unique to us (and probably 
> regarded as modern wherever found...). Considering 
> the rising and falling of land masses, possible axis 
> shifts, and that only a small area of the planet is 
> truly of advanced civilization at any particular 
> time - evidence of former very ancient civilizations 
> may be extremely scarce, and likely to be 
> catalogued as anomalous if ever discovered. 
> The more advanced a society, the more impermanent 
> its productions, it seems. Stone age cultures 
> always co-exist with advanced ones - as they do 
> now (and as Blavatsky remarks somewhere) - and 
> future ages may classify our age such when they 
> fail to find our lounge chairs and TVs, but do 
> find stone axes in Borneo. 
> According to the Theosophical scheme, 
> the first two human races of eons ago were 
> unself-conscious and not active in the aspect 
> of Mind that makes humanity different from the 
> animals. In the latter part of the Third or 
> Lemurian Root-Race, our latent self-reflective 
> mental abilities were awaken by the Manasaputras, 
> or the beings, formerly human, ahead of us in 
> evolution. This event is symbolized in many 
> of the world's myths and religious literatures, 
> a part of our subconscious or archetypal knowledge. 
> (One might recall the power of the scene in 2001: 
> A Space Odyssey where the cave-men under the 
> influence of the extra-terrestrial black obelisk 
> first get the idea of using a tool.) 
> So at least a portion of humanity has 
> been as modern humanity in capacity since this 
> event about 18 million years ago in the Third 
> or Lemurian Race. The Lemurian raced gradually 
> disappeared and melted into the Fourth or 
> Atlantean Root-Race, portions of which still 
> are the largest mass of humanity, the Chinese, 
> Tibetans and many others. (Lemurian and 
> Atlantean are just names of convenience.) 
> New Root-Races first begin in about the mid-point 
> of the previous Root-Race and our own Fifth 
> Root-Race first began appearing as distinctly 
> separate about a million years ago according 
> to Blavatsky. Each Root-Race is sub-divided 
> further and goes through the development of 
> sub-races through time. Kenneth Morris in 
> his The Crest-Wave of Evolution gives a good 
> overview of the figures and divisions: 
> "You all know the teaching of The 
> Secret Doctrine about the Root-Races of 
> Humanity, of which this present one, 
> generally called the Aryan, is the fifth; 
> and how each is divided into seven sub-races; 
> each sub-race into seven family-races; and 
> each family-race into innumerable nations 
> and tribes. According to that work, this 
> Fifth Root-Race has existed a million years. 
> The period of a sub-race is said to be about 
> 210,000 years; and that of a family-race, 
> about 30,000. So then, four sub-races would 
> have occupied the first 840,000 years of the 
> Fifth Race's history; and our present fifth 
> sub-race would have been in being during the 
> last 160,000 years; in which time five 
> family-races would have flourished and passed; 
> and this present sixth family-race would be 
> about ten millenniums old." [9]
> It ought to be stated again 
> that just because a race is younger or in 
> more recent development on the wave of evolution, 
> it does not mean it is "superior" in any 
> particular aspect. At the beginning and 
> end of any race the spiritual qualities 
> predominate, while in the middle periods 
> of a race's development the physical and 
> practical intellectual faculties predominate. 
> Relatively speaking, different periods of 
> race development are superior in different 
> faculties. A Fourth Root-Race, seventh 
> subrace would be superior in spiritual 
> inclination to our most "advanced" Fifth 
> Root-Race, fifth sub-racer, who himself is 
> more likely to be "superior" in physical 
> and baser intellectual abilities (in other 
> words - a materialist.)
> So "Who is an Aryan?" In the 
> Americas - virtually everyone is an Aryan 
> in Blavatsky's classification, with the 
> exception of the Native Indians, our spiritual 
> superiors as originating in the spiritual 
> cycles of a former Root-Race.
> - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
> [1] “The Nazi interest in Aryan supremacy 
> was a direct outgrowth of the inclusion of 
> that doctrine in Blavatsky’s and Besant’s 
> occult theology.” - From “New Age Roots” 
> by Steve Bonta in “New American Magazine,” 
> March 1, 1999 
> [2] Writing in the 19th century, Blavatsky's 
> almost exclusive effort was in esoteric philosophy, 
> but she exhibited her abhorrence of racial 
> inequalities, hypocrisy and bigotry in several 
> places. In reference to supposed terrible 
> Russian prisons: "...the hapless and ever-kicked 
> Negroes of the United States, the Red Indians 
> dying of exposure and starvation in their 
> frozen wilderness, and even some Chinamen 
> who seek hospitality on the Pacific coast, 
> may yet to come to envy the lot of the 
> 'political prisoners of Siberia'...." 
> (Blavatsky Collected Writings, XII, p. 281) 
> In sarcasm of supposed "Christian Brotherhood" 
> she writes: "Look at the brotherly feeling 
> shown by American Christians to the Red 
> Indian and the Negroe, whose citizenship 
> is the farce of the age." (Ibid., Vol. 
> XIII, p. 188) On slavery she wrote 
> that "...slavery is proved to have been 
> the cause of the natural decay of every 
> country; and even proud Rome fell because 
> 'the majority in the ancient world were 
> slaves'..." (Ibid., VII, p. 21)
> [3] Secret Doctrine, II, 470-71
> [4] Secret Doctrine, II, 249
> [5] "...the Negro... instead of being 
> a degenerate of once mighty sires, is 
> 'primitive' as meaning a human stock 
> still in its infancy.... [in the 
> future] the Negroe will no longer be 
> a Negroe, for he will have mixed with 
> many and different racial strains..." 
> The Esoteric Tradition, I, p. 404. 
> In Studies in Occult Philosophy 
> (pp. 44-45) Purucker states that blacks 
> (generally and not individually...) are 
> behind whites in physical and intellectual 
> development (but not Capacity), but they 
> are not behind whites in Spirituality (if 
> not superior?) The Theosophical teaching 
> is that a new race is gradually being born 
> in America, chiefly, and in the future none 
> of our present races will exist in America 
> as such.
> [6] Secret Doctrine II, p. 792
> [7] Secret Doctrine, II, p. 607
> [8] Blavatsky Collected Writings, 
> Vol. XIII, p. 331
> [9] "The Crest-Wave of Evolution," Chapter 7, 
> Theosophical Path, October, 1919, pp. 332-3
> -----------
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