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RE: Attacking and defending HPB

Jul 10, 2006 06:59 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

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Dear Friends:
Below you will find some suggestions to consider:
                                    ATTACKING AND DEFENDING HPB
To attack HPB is to attack the GURU to whom reverence is due because as our
GURU she opened the doors of universal facts and laws to us.  
As GURU she stands not as a person but as one of the whole SCHOOL OF MASTERS
Her writings show this close MAHATMIC UNITY.  Anyone who takes the trouble
to carefully peruse her ORIGINAL TEXTS  [Books and Articles ] is struck by
their logic and authority in so far as history is concerned. 
For the past 129 years both her devotees and critics have had the
opportunity of studying those writings and verifying them.
The life she lived is hers as a person she says and ceased in 1875 when she
assumed the responsibility for the promulgation of the THEOSOPHY of
antiquity --  which does not vary from first to last of her 
promulgation effort.
To fail in this "dharma" indicates a failure to study THEOSOPHY as a
philosophy and as history.
It is we who fail, not THEOSOPHY, not HPB the "Messenger" of the WISE . 
Try and discover the main propositions of THEOSOPHY - see if they can be
refuted.  May we have a succinct list ?
Review HPB's public life from 1975 till her death in that personality in
1891.  Itemize for us a list of her misdemeanors, falsehoods, frauds,
errors, please.
Let us do this clearly so we know what we are dealing with.
Separate from these such evidence or arguments as may have emerged,  Let us
do this in two columns: 
FOR  and  AGAINST.  ( Let us put the MAYBES in the "against" colum. )
this will give us all something to study, review and consider. IF WE WANT TO
 Thus we can all save time and effort.
Years ago many of us have done this, lets produce a definitive list.
Best wishes,
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From: Bill Meredith
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006 8:01 AM
One might construe an attack upon HPB as an attack upon the external 
organization she championed, however attacking or defending HPB is not 
the same as attacking or defending theosophy itself. 
HPB is not theosophy. 
To attack theosophy, one just as well plan an attack upon the 
universe itself. Theosophy is impervious to attack and so it needs no 
defense. It is the timeless wisdom inherent within each of us. It can 
be discovered within each of us and experienced without intermediary. 

HPB is but a single historical example of a human being who experienced 
her own inner divinity directly. Her example inspires us as does the 
example of many other noble souls from all walks of life. 

Sadly, It is our intellect that wishes to treat theosophy as something 
external and under attack. 
This "attack" requires an aggressive defense which gives the intellect a
reason to exist and the power to sustain itself as the seat of authority of
the ego-complex. Once the intellect is firmly seated it seeks to expand its
control from self to other selfs 
as well. This leads to the "who said what, when" bickering we so often 
see here on theos-talk. 
As a result of this "much ado about nothing," the intellect is magnified
while the intuition is ignored causing only further delay in the inevitable
development of the sixth and seventh senses.

The word theosophy and the name HPB could be stricken from the 
phenomenological world with little or no impact upon divine wisdom.

Many is the poet, philosopher, artist, visionary, and dreamer who has 
directly experienced the wisdom of the ages without the benefit of HPB 
or her modern lexicon. 
The important *theosophical movement* is internal as we move ourselves into
harmony with the rhythms of the ineffable wisdom that arises spontaneously
from the consciousness center of all being.

Attack or defend HPB all you wish. It is an intellectual exercise largely
unrelated to theosophy.

peace within,


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