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Re: [Mind and Brain] Your opinion?

Jul 08, 2006 10:33 PM
by leonmaurer

Hi Dr. d and Chevy,

I don't think any theory of "consciousness" can be complete unless it 
definitively explains the 'qualia' (not the contents but the experience) of 
consciousness, along with the actual mechanisms that transform the disparate images of 
perception, subsequently consolidated in the brain's overall em field, into a 
holistic unity that is perceived by an apparent zero-point center of 
awareness.   These "images" being the only 'contents of consciousness' there are.

Therefore, the 'bps' theory might be better called a theory of cognition. Or, 
as you say, a "theory of brain processing."   

In lieu of a better explanation, I still subscribe to the concept that 
consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc.) is an a priori function of the 
ubiquitous absolute zero-point itself (that cannot be explained scientifically)...   
And, the "contents of consciousness" (thoughts, sensory images, dreams, 
imaginations, memories, etc.) are carried by the higher order hyperspace fields that 
hierarchically, in fractal descent, underlie the electromagnetic brain fields 
that carry the consolidated (i.e., holographic) images of its processing 
through each sensory channel on the neuralogical level.   

These brain field images are transformed through the higher order (mind, 
memory, etc.) fields by inductive resonance process... To where, at the highest 
order hyperspace field closest to the zero-point, they are reconstructed (as 
virtual holographic images) and detectable by a near infinitely high order 
coherent energy ray willfully projected and reflected back to the zero-point center 
of perception that is particular to each sensory channel's input source.   If 
individual consciousness is then considered as being centered in a homunculus 
-- since all zero-points are entangled with each other by their own nature of 
being metrically dimensionless -- it would eliminate the possibility of 
refutation by the argument of 'infinite regress" or "reductio ad absurdum."

This model would account for not only the non locality of consciousness, but 
also all psychic, dream, and body positional control phenomena linked directly 
to our awareness, will, thoughts, imaginations, emotions, autonomic memories, 
instinctive and habitually trained responses, kinesthetic body image, etc.   
(The last being constructed and holographically imaged in another resonant 
field of the brain's frontal lobe kinesthetic cortex linked directly to the 
brains rear lobe visual cortex generated field.)   Thus, essentially implying that 
the brain and all its mechanisms of consciousness are entirely holographic as 
well as analog computational in nature. (Not, of course, ruling out any 
quantum theory explaining the brain's neurological processes themselves.) I also see 
the model as being entirely consistent with superstring/M-brane and 
holographic paradigm theories.

What do you think of this holistic approach to consciousness study, and how 
do you think it could integrate with the 'bps' model or any other QM or QFT 
model that might be appropriate in explaining the brain processing of the 
intermediate, lower order 'em' consciousness field holograms, prior to or 
simultaneously with their linkages to the higher order fields of mind and memory and, 
ultimately, awareness and will? 


Leon Maurer


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