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Re: Theos-World Re: Blavatsky Aryans vs Hitler Aryans

Jul 08, 2006 12:51 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Dear Jake,
that is misleading and false, although political 
theosophists, who march hand in hand with 
conspiracy masonry and co-masonry, on the way to 
the communistic, tyrannic, all equalizing world 
republic, may have a need for inventing pseudo 
arguments to suit their descent into kali yug.

The nationalsocialistic definition of races in 
general and the term (Hegel!) Aryan in particular 
is identical and not different as can easily seen 
by two of their major works: Hitler's "Mein Kampf" 
(My Struggle) and the book of the Baltic-German 
party philosopher Alfred Rosenberg "Der Mythus des 
20. Jahrhunderts" (were he rejects the teachings 
of Besant and Steiner, but not of Blavatsky).

That the Germans were actually the first Aryans in 
Europe, as Nationalsocialism postulated, is 
theosophical confirmed by Kenneth Morris of the 
Raja-Yoga-College in Point Loma, where he lectured 
on in in 1918-1919. See his article "The 
crest-wave of evolution", The Theosophical Path 
October 1919, S. 330:
"...[T]he Teutons ... were the first to leave 
Virginia: paddled their own canoes off to far-away 
Deutschland before ever the mild Hindoo set out 
for Hindustan, the Greek for Greece, or the 
Anglo-Saxon for Anglo-Saxony."

A buddhistic confirmation that the 
Nationalsocialistic definition of the Aryan race 
is correct, come from Abbot T'ai-ksii of the 
Ta-lin Szu lamasery in Kuling, China. The abbot 
wrote in a letter of Aug. 11th, 1937 "to the 
Leader of the German people, Mr. Adolf Hitler", 
that the Aryan race has recently developed far 
most and that the German people is regarded by 
him, compared with the people of China and of 
India, the most admirably branch of the old Aryan 
stock (you know perhaps that Chinese mythology 
says that China was founded by a blond, blue-eyed 
long nose Master from the West). This and other 
buddhistic sources which proof - in the negative 
sense of the authors - the congruity between 
Buddhism and Nationalsocialism Victor und Victoria 
Trimondi: Hitler, Buddha, Krischna, Wien 2002, S. 

That the buddhistic sources are not simply an 
invention as the left magic followers of the 
Frankfurt school and materialists and Marxists 
would say, is also confirmed by Johann August 
Egenolf, "Historie der Teutschen Sprache" (History 
of the Teutonic Language), Leipzig 1735, p. 
125-125, part IV, where he writes that the German 
god Odin together with his two sons Urus and Vikus 
ruled in Sachsen (saxony) and that an island near 
Finland is named after him as Odinsey, Homer's 
Odyssey. HPB confirms in her SD that Odin or Wotan 
or Votan or Vatan is one of the 35 primordial 
That makes sense if you know of Old High German 
(the true OHG, not that of the faked glossaries of 
the middle ages), because the first real Buddha of 
the Aryan 5th race is in one of his epithets named 
Buddha Sakyamuni. Well, Sakya is OHG for Sachsen 
(anglizised Saxony), while muni is OHG for mönch 
(anglizised monk), so in Aryan German the Buddha 
is nothing else as the Buddha monk from Saxony.

HPB confirms that the language of that nascent 
race was Sanskrit - sans and krit are OHG words, 
meaning Holy Schrift (skript, script). BTW, here 
you have a rationale, why Tony Maddock is right in 
his criticism of Boris de Zirkoff's edition of the 
SD, where he replaces disk with disc etc., 
although BdeZ wrote in a letter to Mary Linne of 
TS Unterlengenhardt that the German language can 
better express mystical and spritual terms that 
other languages. Or did he edit it therefore, for 
some unknown reason?

On pp. 119-121 Egelolf he shows that the high age 
of the Germans can be confirmed by the language 
key, as all the languages sprang from one source 
(HPB confirms this in SD) and that gothic, latin 
and greek have sprang from the old German 
language, which make the whole babylonic 

Heinrich Schliemann discovered the Aryan Svastika 
sign in Troj. Greek was peopled by old Prussians 
in ancient times as language confirms. Athens mean 
in old Prussian "the brothers", the same what 
"German" means in old celtic. Judge differs 
between the Western Aryans and the Eastern Aryans, 
so for Judge the Germans and the Indians are both 
Aryans. And the sign of the Aryans was and is the 

Jake, here you have the rationale why a certain 
people, which claim, against your quote below of 
HPB, to be the originators of civilization, was so 
fanatic to destroy the German cities in a bomb 
holocaust - in the hope that all books, documents 
which proof the old age of the Aryans will be 
destroyed forever and that they - the artificial 
Aryans - can hypnotize the masses with their 
invented history, which K.H. once named so well 
"license history".

Jake, with your argument, which shows to me no 
logic - otherwise you should explain it better - 
you felt into the Jewish trap.
HPB protested against fake Jewish history, when 
she writes:

"Hence, the main question at issue is to decide 
which-the Orientalist or the "Oriental"-is most 
likely to err. The "English F. T. S." has choice 
of two sources of information, two groups of 
teachers. One group is composed of Western 
historians with their suite of learned 
Ethnologists, Philologists, Anthropologists, 
Archæologists and Orientalists in general. The 
other consists of unknown Asiatics belonging to a 
race which, notwithstanding Mr. Max Müller's 
assertion "that the same blood was running in his 
veins [the English soldier's] and in the veins of 
the dark Bengalese"16-is generally regarded by 
many a cultured Western as "inferior." A handful 
of men-whose history, religion, language, origin 
and sciences, having been seized upon by the 
conqueror, are now disfigured and mutilated beyond 
recognition; and who having lived to see the 
Western scholar claim a monopoly beyond appeal or 
protest of deciding the correct meaning, 
chronological date, and historical value, of the 
monumental and palæographic relics of his 
motherland-can hardly hope to be listened to. It 
has little, if ever, entered the mind of the 
Western public that their scholars have, until 
very lately, worked in a narrow pathway obstructed 
with the ruins of an ecclesiastical, dogmatic 
Past; that they have been cramped on all sides by 
limitations of "revealed" events coming from God 
"with whom a thousand years are but as one day," 
and who have thus felt bound to cram millenniums 
into centuries and hundreds into units, giving at 
the utmost an age of 1,000 to what is 10,000 years 
old. All this to save the threatened authority of 
their religion and their own respectability and 
good name in cultured society. And even that, when 
free themselves from preconceptions, they have had 
to protect the honour of the Jewish divine 
chronology assailed by stubborn facts..."
- "Historical Difficulties - Why?" B:CW, vol. V, 
pp. 204-5

Artificial and license history, Jake. That is the 
topic that Nationalsocialists had in daily 
speecehs and articles on their agenda.

Is that worth a thought to the thinking part of 
theosophists? Theosophists should understand HPB's 
theosophy at least as well as Hitler did. 
Theosophists would improve morally and 
The misunderstanding and non-understanding of HPB 
is perhaps the main reason for the laughable 
intellectual, spiritual and moral standing of the 
whole Theosophical Moevements.
The early theosophists in Adyar and Boston where 
eager to protect the attacked nations India and 
USA from foreign rule and preserve the culture.

I have seen as yet no sign from the whole TM to 
help protect the culture of Germany, which is 
attacked from many sides to the disadvantage of 
the whole world as Hitler confidant and admirer 
and Purucker friend Sven Hedin and also Knut 
Hamsum and Savriti Devi said so well.

You will also consider the words of Talbot Mundy, 
from your edition "The Lama's law", p. 6 (!):
"Zionism is regarded as a danger... the accounts 
of butchery of the inhabitants, of intolerance, 
and of rushless destruction of cities." Mahatma 
Gandhi's critisms of the Jews have the same 
spiritual background (perhaps from Mundy?) HPB 
taught in London that the jewish conspiracy of 
Socialism will led to a bloodshet of millions 
(Theosophical Sifitings, vol. 6, Art. 
"Socialism") - nothing else said Rosenberg and 

As Karl Marx' Jewish question as also the 
questions of the Holo, the fake state of Israel 
and violent multicultural peoples pulp are of 
vital importance to the physical and spiritual 
survival of the Aryan race, I regard this as the 
litmus test for the TM and whether the corrupt 
theosophical organizations of today (where 
documents are being faked to mislead the world) 
have a right to survive or should be better 
closed. In the 1930'ies the TM was already so much 
descended down that de Purucker  said (in his 
"Conventions"?) that they nearly all follow the 
left hand path (that is exactly the Adyar TS, the 
Temple, ULT, Steiner, Vollrath & Hartmann 

So it would be most interesting to see primary 
sources - not rumours, hearsay, jewish slander - 
if, why and where Hitler and HPB differ 
spiritually, morally and intellectually. Until I 
get such convincing proofs I regard Hitler's deeds 
as "Theosophy made practical" under the worst 
possible circumstances and without time and men 

Germany will not agree to be murdered and keep 
silent thereby. If Germany wins her death 
struggle - with or without the help of the 
followers of "divine wisdom" - she will be the 
spiritual beacon light for true spirituality and 
practial wisdom - without cant, hypocrisy, 
cowadise, lies and all the other vices and 
misdeeds. The same for her spiritual sister Tibet 
(Hitler intimate Sven Hedin said that Tibet and 
Germany have an occult connection, the present 
14th Dalai Lama confirmed it on a Harvard lecture, 
where he reveiled a prophecy of the Saxon Buddha 
about the arrival of the SS men Peter Aufschnaiter 
and Heinrich Harrer in Tibet.)

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From: Mark Jaqua
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 5:50 PM
Subject: Theos-World Re: Blavatsky Aryans vs 
Hitler Aryans

Re: Blavatsky Aryans vs. Nazi Arayans

Blavatsky's use of the term "Aryan" is a 
completely different thing than the Nazi's use of 
it and they get mixed up, and Blavatsky gets flak 
and ignorant prejudice for it. Blavatsky uses it 
in terms of large cycles of human types, the Asian 
Indians being the first "Aryans," the Jews and 
Negroes also being "Aryans" in her system. She 
writes on the Jews:

"The Aryan Hindu belongs to the oldest races now 
on earth; the Semite Hebrew to the latest. One is 
nearly one million years old; the other is a small 
sub-race some 8,000 years old and no more." 
(Secret Doctrine, II, 470-71, Orig. Ed.)

- jake jaqua

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