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Re: Jerry Schueler presents the I-Not-I Monad

Jul 08, 2006 11:33 AM
by Truth Collins

Re: [theosophy_] Theosophy Virtual Lodge / being re-routed through
Skype for Mac and Linux + Windows also

This is to announce a last minute addition of Skypecasting of the
lecture for
those of you with Mac or Linux computers. Bellow is the link to the
web cast
through Skype:

If this doesn't work, then try going to the "on now" Skypecasts and
there was
only two pages when I checked.

best regards, Truth C.

--- In, Bill Meredith <meredith_bill@...>
> Theosophy Virtual Lodge
> Saturday, July 8th - 3 pm New York (EDST)
> *The I-Not-I Monad* by Jerry Schueler
> *Jerry Schueler* defines and describes his I-Not-I Monad and its
> relationship to H.P. Blavatsky's Planar Model. Jerry will then
> present two successful meditation techniques that use guided imagery
> to allow one to experience the I-Not-I Monad directly. This
> presentation will be informal, interactive, and experiential. Prior
> to the presentation, participants are asked to read Jerry's
> essay, "The I-Not-I Monad" which can be found at
>  Participants
> are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation.
> Gerald J. Schueler is a life long student of theosophy, buddhism, and
> magic and is the author of numerous books and articles on these
> subjects. Dr. Schueler has one Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies
> and another in Human Services, both from Capella University,
> Minneapolis, MN. He is a member of the Association for Transpersonal
> Psychology, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the American
> Counseling Association, and the National Registery of Neurofeedback
> Providers. He is listed in various Marquis' Who's Who (East,
> America, World, Science & Engineering, etc). Gerald and his wife,
> Betty, are retired and reside in Northern Virginia. To learn more
> about the Schuelers visit their website,
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> *How to attend the Theosophy Virtual Lodge*
>  >
>  > 1- Download for free paltalk at:
>  > 2 - On the right side of paltalk window click on Rooms
>  > 3 - Choose the Category Religion and Theology - Sub-Category
>  > Metaphysical - Room Theosophy Virtual Lodge
>   Please note that the lodge room may not be open except at scheduled
> presentation times.  If you can't find the room, please try back
during the
> presentation times listed above.
>  > 4 - Be sure to install a microphone in your computer so you can
>  > participate in the audio discussion, and also be sure to have your
>  > computer speakers on.
>  > That's all you need to do to join us.
>  >

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