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Re: Withdrawn Hodgson Report

Jul 08, 2006 09:13 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Withdrawn Hodgson Report
      Yes, Daniel, Price, et. al. are right 
on the SPR having no group opinion on the 
Hodgson Report, that it was just another 
paper published, as with Harrison's.  But 
one can say these battles are all fought 
in the "court of public opinion," and if 
the Theosophists and others hadn't arrayed 
such impressive amount of information 
disproving Hodgson't shoddy conclusions 
and research, then the "court of public 
opinion" would not have swayed or changed, 
and papers such as Harrison's would never 
have been published.  Really unpopular papers 
seldon get published.  'And thus it is a 
relative victory in the "court of public 
opinion" because the truth got a hearing 
and acknowledgment also.
        - jake jaqua

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