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Jul 08, 2006 08:51 AM
by carlosaveline


This very title is the best the enemies of Theosophy can do: "Genius, Fraud, or Phenomenon?: The Unsolved Case of H.P. Blavatsky" (see below). 

These guys can only keep repeating the old and proven lies, ignoring all evidences that HPB was an honest woman, making believe they do not know that they are slandering through doubting. 

The best evidence of HPB's innocence is "The Secret Doctrine" and her other writings in the late 1880s.

The slanderers illuded many in 1884-1886, in the period BEFORE her most important works. 

After that, it is enough to read THEOSOPHICAL BOOKS BY HPB to see that the whore and liar they created out of their own mind/contents is itself an entire FRAUD.

True scholars have Ethics. But look at the evidences of Algeo's UNETHICAL editorial dealings, for instance. Evidences include testimonies by P. Johnson, G. Tillett., etc. 

So, since "scholars" like Algeo and his friends do not have a single evidence of what they circulate, all that they can do is to publicize the DOUBT. 

To call HPB "an unsolved case" is what Algeo and others need, in order to prevent thousands Adyar TS members from rediscovering HPB and finally getting rid of Leadbeater. 

This planted "doubt" about HPB's decency and honesty also serves the VATICAN, of course, since it prevents thicker slices of the PUBLIC to discover THeosophy and HPB and hence help humanity in its next steps. 

If Theosophy would be discovered by a wider public, the world situation would improve -- this is clear.

Caldwell/Algeo Mission, possibly unconscious, has been to help prevent it. 
I sincerely hope such a "mission" aborts sooner than later. It would be a good news for humanity. 

The only "unsolved case" in this is: 

"Who, or what, is really behind such a curtain of lies? And what about bribes, or fund-raising?" 

Some of the corporate interests involved I have already traced. But there must be more. 

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline


Data:Sat, 08 Jul 2006 01:31:27 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Concerning V. Harrison's Report on HPB

> Just an hour ago, I received in the mail
> the latest issue of THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY:
> the April 2006 issue.
> This issue contains an article titled:
> "Genius, Fraud, or Phenomenon?:
> The Unsolved Case of H.P. Blavatsky"
> by Kerri Barry.
> In the "Editor's Comments" Section of the
> journal, Dr. James Santucci devotes 3 pages
> of commentary about the article.
> He writes in part:
> "Although Mr. Harrison's conclusions have been accepted 
> without question by many Theosophists, Kerri Barry
> [in the above titled article]...raises the issue of
> Mr. Harrison's own methodology...."
> In the course of his remarks, Dr. Santucci comments:
> "Nonetheless, the question of forgery [concerning
> the Mahatma Letters] cannot be discounted."
> Dr. Santucci concludes his remarks with:
> "I therefore caution the reader regarding Mr.
> Harrison's work: it only increases additional
> doubt regarding the veracity of the Mahatma Letters."
> Does the word "it" refer to "Mr. Harrison's work"??
> I assume so.
> From a cursory reading of the article by Kerri Barry,
> it appears that one of the main
> points of the article is that the Mahatma Letters
> may have been written by Blavatsky while she was in
> "an altered state." 
> There is much more to the article and my cursory 
> reading summary does not do justice to the article.
> Interested readers may want to try to obtain a copy from
> Dr. Santucci.
> His website is at:
> Daniel

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