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Jul 08, 2006 08:32 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

7/8/2006 7:35 AM

Dear Friends

Additional to a post made on EVOLUTION, may I offer this for consideration?



"Every life-cycle on Globe D (our Earth) is composed of seven root-races.
they commence with the Ethereal and end with the spiritual on the double
line of physical and moral evolution--from the beginning of this terrestrial
round to its close."		S D  I  160

"...every "Round" brings about a new development and even an entire change
in the mental, psychic, spiritual and physical constitution of man, all
these principles evoluting on an ever ascending scale."  	S D  I  162

"...the middle of the Fourth this which the human
stage will be fully developed--the "Door" into the human kingdom closes;
and henceforward the number of "human" Monads, i.e., Monads in the human
stage of development, is complete..."	S D  I  173, (see S D   I  200)

"...Humanity develops fully only in the Fourth--our present Round...Like a
grub which becomes chrysalis and butterfly, Man, or rather that which
becomes man, passes through all the forms and kingdoms during the first
Round and through all the human shapes during the two following
the commencement of the is the first form that appears thereon,
being preceded only by the mineral and vegetable kingdoms--even the latter
having to develop and continue its further evolution through man. [Skandhas
?]...Humanity, like the globe on which it lives , will be ever tending to
reassume its primeval form, that of a Dhyan-Chohanic Host.  Man tends to
become a God and then--God, like every other atom in the Universe."
SD I 159


"Eastern wisdom teaches that spirit has to pass through the ordeal of
incarnation and life, and be baptized with matter before it can reach
experience and knowledge.  After which it only receives the baptism of soul,
or self-consciousness, and may return to its original condition of a god,
plus experience, ending with omniscience.  In other words, it can return to
the original state of the homogeneity of primordial essence only through the
addition of the fruitage of Karma, which alone is able to create an absolute
conscious deity, removed but one degree from the absolute All."	HPB Art I

"Eternal is that which has neither beginning not end;  but the "Emanations"
or AEons, although having lived as absorbed in the divine essence from the
eternity, when once individually emanated, must be said to have a beginning.
They may be therefore endless in this spiritual life, never eternal.  These
endless transformations of the one First Cause, all of which were gradually
transformed by the popular fancy into distinct gods, spirits, angels, and
demons, were so little considered immortal, that all were assigned a limited
existence.  And this belief, common to all the people of antiquity,...most
triumphantly evidences the monotheism of the ancient religious systems.
After a cycle...another universe will gradually emerge from the pralaya
(dissolution), and men on earth will be enabled to comprehend Swayambhuva as
he is.  Alone this primal cause will exist forever, in all his glory,
filling the infinite space."  		 Isis II 219 

[On p. 182, HPB Art., II, HPB speaks of the Universal Deity.  She calls it
also the Thought Divine, and the Universal Vital Principle.  With this as a
starting point she offers these ideas:

Absolute Life, and the Life principle are entitative during manvantara.
They are represented in the S D  Vol. I p 120 top by the "Two Ones" and
symbolically by the point in the circle.

Universal Life includes all that lives, and the atoms - this is one of the
oldest esoteric truths.]

"In the shoreless ocean of space radiates the central, spiritual, and
Invisible sun.  The universe is his body, spirit and soul;  and after this
ideal model are framed all things.  These three emanations are the three
lives, the three degrees of the gnostic Pleroma, the three "Kabalistic
Faces," for the Ancient of the ancient, the body of the aged, the great
En-Soph, "has a form and then he has no form."  The invisible "assumed a
form when he called this universe into existence," says the Sohar, the Book
of Splendor.  

The first light is His soul, the Infinite, Boundless, and Immortal breath;
under the efflux of which the universe heaves it mighty bosom, infusing
intelligent life throughout creation.  

The second emanation condenses cometary matter and produces forms within the
cosmic circle;  sets the countless worlds floating in the electric space,
and infuses the unintelligent, blind life-principle into every form.  

The third, produces the whole universe of physical matter;  and as it keeps
gradually receding from the Central Divine Light its brightness wanes and it
becomes Darkness and the Bad--pure matter, the "gross purgations of the
celestial fire" of the Hermetists.	[ see diagrams Isis II 264-5 ]

When the Central Invisible (the Lord Ferho--Isis II 290 ) saw the efforts of
the divine Scintilla, unwilling to be dragged lower down into the
degradation of matter, to liberate itself, he permitted it to shoot out from
itself a monad, over which, attached to it as by the finest thread, the
Divine Scintilla (the soul) had to watch during its ceaseless peregrinations
from one form to another.  Thus the monad was shot down into the first form
of matter and became encased in stone...destined to creep on higher until
its physical form became once more the Adam of dust, shaped in the image of
the Adam Kadmon...At the birth of the future man, the monad, radiating with
all the glory of its immortal parent which watches it from the seventh
sphere, becomes senseless. [see Timaeus.]  It loses all recollection of the
past, and returns to consciousness but gradually, when the instinct of
childhood gives way to reason and intelligence.  After the separation
between the life-principle (astral spirit) and the body takes place, the
liberated soul--Monad, exultingly rejoins the mother and father spirit, the
radiant Augoeides, and the two, merged into one, forever form, with a glory
proportioned to the spiritual purity of the past earth life, the Adam who
has completed the circle of necessity, and is freed from the last vestige of
his physical encasement.  Henceforth, growing more and more radiant at each
step of his upward progress, he mounts the shining path that ends at the
point from which he started around the Grand Cycle."	Isis I 302-3


"...our present continents, have--like "Lemuria" and "Atlantis"--been
several times already, submerged and had the time to reappear again, and
bear their new groups of mankind and civilizations; and that, at the first
great geological upheaval, at the next cataclysm--in the series of
periodical cataclysms that occur from the beginning to the end of the
Round,--our already autopsized continents will go down, and the Lemurias and
Atlantises come up again.  Think of the future geologists of the 6th and 7th
races.  Imagine them digging deep in the bowels of what was Ceylon or Simla,
and finding implements...every object of the civilized portions of humanity
that inhabited those regions having been pulverized to dust by the great
masses of traveling glaciers,--during the next glacial period--imagine him
finding only such rude implements as now found among those savage tribes
[Veddhas and Paharis];  and forthwith declaring that during that [Simla]
period primitive man climbed and slept on the trees...hence jumping to the
conclusion that in the year 1882 A.D., mankind was composed of "man-like
animals," black-faced and whiskered, "with prominent prognathous and large
pointed canine teeth..."	M L 151-2

"Our 4th Round Humanity has its one grand cycle, and so have her races and
sub-races.  The "curious rush" is due to the double effect of the
former--the beginning of its downward course;--and of the latter (the small
cycle of your "sub-race") running on to its belong to the 5th
Race, yet you are but a Western sub-race.  Notwithstanding your efforts,
what you call civilization is confined only to the latter and its off-shoots
in America.  Radiating around, its deceptive light may seem to throw its
rays on a greater distance than it does on reality.--There is no "rush" in
China, and of Japan you make but a caricature...What do you know of America,
for instance, before the invasion of that country by the Spaniards?  Less
than 2 centuries prior to the arrival of Cortez there was as great a "rush"
towards progress among the sub-races of Peru and Mexico as there is now in
Europe and the U.S.A.  Their sub-race ended in nearly total annihilation
through causes generated by itself;  so will yours at the end of its
cycle...We may speak of the "stagnant condition" into which, following the
law of development, growth, maturity and decline every race and sub-race
falls into during its transition period.  It is the latter condition your
Universal History is acquainted with, while it remains superbly ignorant of
the condition even India was in, some 10 centuries back.  Your sub-races are
now running towards the apex of their respective cycles, and that History
goes no further back than the periods of decline of a few other sub-races
belonging most of them to the preceding 4th Race...a few, miserable dozens
of centuries...Beyond--all is darkness for it, nothing but hypotheses."	M L

"At each Round there are less and less animals--the latter evoluting into
higher forms.  During the first Round it is they that were the "kings of
creation."  During the 7th men will have become Gods and
animals--intelligent beings.  Draw your inference.  Beginning with the
second round, already evolution proceeds on quite a different plan.
Everything is evolved and has but to proceed on its cyclic journey and get
perfected.  It is only the first Round that man becomes from a human being
on Globe B, a mineral, a plant an animal on Planet C.  The method changes
entirely from the second Round..."
	M L 177-8


"Taking now this globe...its government and evolution proceed under Manu or
man, and from this is the term Manvantara or "between two Manus."  The
course of evolution is divided into 4 Yugas...The present age for the West
and India is Kali Yuga (the black age), especially in respect to moral and
spiritual development...Kali--is very rapid, its motion being accelerated
precisely like certain astronomical periods known to-day in regard to the
Moon...The first 5,000 years of Kali Yuga will end between the years 1897
and 1898.  This Yuga began about 3,102 years before the Christian era, at
the time of Krishna's death [18th of February] the present time we are
in a cycle of transition, when, as a transition period should indicate,
everything in philosophy, religion and society is changing." 	Ocean p.


"Occultism tells us that every atom, like the monad of Leibnitz, is a little
universe in itself;  and that every organ and cell in the human body is
endowed with a brain of its own, with memory, therefore, experience and
discriminative powers.  The idea of Universal Life composed of individual
atomic lives is one of the oldest teachings of esoteric philosophy, and the
very modern hypothesis of modern science, that of crystalline life, is the
first ray from the ancient luminary of knowledge that has reached our
scholars...Science divides matter into organic and inorganic bodies, only
because it rejects the idea of absolute life and a life-principle as an
entity;  otherwise it would be the first to see that absolute life cannot
produce even a geometrical point, or an atom inorganic in its a
Life-Principle is, and must remain for the intellects of our civilized races
for ever a mystery on physical lines..."
	HPB Articles II 180

	SPIRITUAL MAN	(Atma-Buddhi-Manas -- the Ego)

"Nature," the physical evolutionary Power, could never evolve intelligence
unaided--she can only create "senseless forms,"...The "Lunar Monads" cannot
progress, for they have not yet had sufficient touch with the forms created
by "Nature" to allow of their accumulating experiences through its means.
It is the Manasa-Dhyanis who fill the gap, and they represent the
evolutionary power of Intelligence or Mind, the link between "Spirit" and
"Matter"--in this Round."		 SD I 181-182

"...the Fourth has no sister Globe on the same plane as itself, and it thus
forms the fulcrum of the "balance" represented by the whole chain.  It is
the sphere of final evolutionary adjustments, the world of Karmic scales,
the Hall of Justice, where the balance is struck which determines the future
course of the Monad during the remainder of its incarnations in this cycle.
And therefore it is, that, after this central turning-point has been passed
in the Great Cycle,--i.e., after the middle point of the Fourth Race in the
Fourth Round on our Globe--no more Monads can enter the human kingdom.  The
door is closed for this Cycle and the balance struck."	S D   I  182	(see
Diagram on S D  I p. 200 )			

"...the Monad had passed through, journeyed and been imprisoned in, every
transitional form throughout every kingdom of nature during the three
preceding Rounds.  But the monad which becomes human is not the Man.  In
this Round--with the exception of the highest mammals after man, the
anthropoids destined to die out in this our race, when their monads will be
liberated and pass into the astral human forms (or the highest elementals)
of the Sixth (*) and the Seventh Races, and then into lowest human forms in
the fifth Round--no units of either of the kingdoms are animated any longer
by monads destined to become human in their next stage, but only by the
lower Elementals of their respective realms. (**)

(*)	Nature never repeats herself, therefore the anthropoids of our day
have not existed at any time since the middle of the Miocene period;  when,
like all cross breeds, they began to show a tendency, more and more marked
as time went on, to return to the type of their first parent, the black and
yellow gigantic Lemuro-Atlanteans.  To search for the "Missing-Link" is
useless..."		SD I 84fn

(**)	"These "Elementals" will become human Monads, in their turn, only at
the next great planetary Manvantara."  	S D I 184fn

"...The Host of Dhyanis, whose turn it was to incarnate as the Egos of the
immortal, but, on this plane, senseless monads--that some "obeyed" (the law
of evolution) immediately when the men of the 3rd Race became
physiologically and physically ready, i.e., when they had separated into
sexes.  These were those early conscious Beings who, now adding conscious
knowledge and will to their inherent Divine purity, created by Kriyasakti
the semi-Divine man, who became the seed on earth for future adepts.  

Those, on the other hand, who, jealous of their intellectual freedom
(unfettered as it then was by the bonds of matter), said:--"We can
choose...we have wisdom,"...and incarnated far later--these had their first
Karmic punishment prepared for them.  They got bodies (physiologically)
inferior to their astral models, because their chhayas had belonged to
progenitors of an inferior degree in the 7 classes.  

As to those "Sons of Wisdom" who had "deferred" their incarnation till the
4th Race, which was already tainted (physiologically) with sin and impurity,
they produced a terrible cause, the Karmic result of which weighs on them to
this day...the bodies they had to inform had become defiled through their
own procrastination...This was the "Fall of the angels," because of their
rebellion against Karmic Law.  The "fall of man" was no fall, for he was
irresponsible..."	S D II 228  

"...commentaries on the Puranas in general, and in the Book of
Dzyan--especially...[imply ] a spiritual and divine nature of man
independent of his physical body in this illusionary world, in which the
false personality and its cerebral basis alone is known to orthodox

" was on Earth in this Round from the beginning.

"Having passed through all the kingdoms of nature in the previous three
Rounds, *  his physical frame--one adapted to the thermal conditions of
those early periods--was ready to receive the divine Pilgrim at the dawn of
human life, i.e., 18,000,000 years ago.  

It is only at the mid-point of the 3rd Root Race that man was endowed with
Manas. Once united, the two and then the three made one;  for though the
lower animals, from the amoeba to man, received their monads, in which all
the higher qualities are potential, all have to remain dormant till each
reaches its human form before which stage manas (mind) has no development in
them. **  In the animals every principle is paralyzed, and in a fetus-like
state save the second (vital) and the third ( the astral), and the rudiments
of the fourth (Kama, which is desire, instinct) whose intensity and
development varies and changes with the species...this theory...will finally
lead to the recognition of a Universal Deity in nature, ever-present and as
ever invisible, and unknowable, and of intra-Cosmic gods, who all were men."

	S D    II   154-5

(*) 	"Follow the law of analogy"--the Masters teach.  Atma-Buddhi is dual
and Manas is triple;  inasmuch as the former has two aspects and the latter
three, i.e., as a principle per se, which gravitates, in its higher aspect
to Atma-Buddhi, and follows, in its lower nature, Kama, the seat of
terrestrial and animal desires and passions.  Now compare the evolution of
the Races, the First and the Second of which are of the nature of
Atma-Buddhi, their passive Spiritual progeny, and the Third Root-Race shows
three distinct divisions or aspects physiologically and psychically;  the
earliest, sinless;  the middle portions awakening to intelligence;  and the
third and last decidedly animal:  i.e., Manas succumbs to the temptations of
Kama."		SD II 254-5fn

(**)	"Men are made complete only during their third, toward the fourth
cycle (race).  They are made "gods" for good and evil, and responsible only
when the two arcs meet (after the 3 1/2 rounds towards the fifth Race).
They are made so by the Nirmanakaya (spiritual or astral remains) of the
Rudra-Kumaras, "cursed to be reborn on earth again;  meaning--doomed in
their natural turn to reincarnation in the higher ascending arc of the
terrestrial cycle."	SD II 254-255fn

"...the Monads have passed through all these forms of being up to man, on
every planet [globe], in the Three preceding Rounds..."	SD II 256

" is of course an absurdity to talk of the "development" of a Monad, or
to say that it becomes "Man."...a Monad cannot either progress or develop,
or even be affected by the changes of states it passes through.  It is not
of this world or plane, and may be compared only to an indestructible star
of divine light and fire, thrown down on to our Earth as a plank of
salvation for the personalities in which it indwells.  It is for the latter
to cling to it;  and thus partaking of its divine nature, obtain
immortality.  Left to itself the Monad will cling to no one;  but, like the
"plank," will be drifted away to another incarnation by the unresting
current of evolution."	SD I 174-5 fn

"...the cycle of Seven Rounds in their work of the gradual formation of man
through every kingdom of Nature, are repeated on a microscopic scale in the
first seven months of gestation of a future human being...As the seven
months' old unborn baby, though quite ready, yet needs two months more in
which to acquire strength and consolidate;  so man, having perfected his
evolution during seven Rounds, remains two periods more in the womb of
mother-Nature before his is born, or rather reborn a Dhyani, still more
perfect than he was before he launched forth as a Monad on the newly built
chain of there are also physical links between many classes, so
there are precise domains wherein the astral merges into physical
evolution."	SD II 257

	LIGHTING UP OF MANAS 	( The Human Mind )

"...divine man dwelt in his animal--though externally human --form;  and, if
there was instinct in him, no self-consciousness came to enlighten the
darkness of the latent 5th principle [Manas].  When moved by the law of
Evolution, the Lords of Wisdom infused into him the spark of consciousness,
the first feeling it awoke to life and activity was a sense of solidarity,
of one-ness with his spiritual creators.  As the child's first feeling is
for its mother and nurse, so the first aspirations of the awakening
consciousness in primitive man were for those whose element he felt within
himself, and who yet were outside, and independent of him.  DEVOTION arose
out of that feeling, and became the first and foremost motor in his nature;
for it is the only one which is natural in our heart, which is innate in us,
and which we find alike in human babe and the young of the animal.  This
feeling of irrepressible, instinctive aspiration in primitive man ...(211)
It lives undeniably, and has settled in all its ineradicable strength and
power in the Asiatic Aryan heart from the 3rd Race direct through it first
"mind-born" sons,--the fruits of Kriyasakti.  As time rolled on the holy
caste of Initiates produced but rarely, and from age to age, such perfect
creatures:  beings apart, inwardly, though the same as those who produced
them, outwardly...the 3rd primitive race...was called into being, a ready
and perfect vehicle for the incarnating denizens of higher spheres, who took
forthwith their abodes in these forms born of Spiritual WILL and the natural
divine power in man.  Its physical frame alone was of time and of life, as
it drew its intelligence direct from above.  It was the living tree of
divine wisdom;  and may therefore be likened to the Mundane Tree of the
Norse Legend, which cannot wither and die until the last battle of life
shall be fought, and while its roots are gnawed all the time by the dragon
Niddhogg;  for even so, the first and holy son of Kriyasakti had his body
gnawed by the tooth of time, but the roots of his inner being remained for
ever undecaying and strong, because they grew and expanded in heaven not on
earth.  He was the first of the FIRST, and he was the seed of all the
others.  There were other "Sons of Kriyasakti" produced by a second
spiritual effort, but the first one has remained to this day the Seed of
divine Knowledge, the One and the Supreme among the terrestrial "Sons of
Wisdom."  	SD I 210-211


"Our knowledge begins with differentiation, and all manifested objects,
beings, or powers are only differentiations of the Great Unknown...The first
differentiation--speaking metaphysically as to time--is Spirit, with which
appears Matter and Mind.  Akasa [term used in place of AEther...tenuous
state of matter] is produced from Matter and Spirit, Will is the force of
Spirit in action, and Life is a resultant of the action of Akasa, moved by
Spirit, upon Matter...the real Matter is always invisible...Primordial
Matter...Mulaprakriti...[we see or perceive only the phenomena of
matter]...Mind is the intelligent part of the Cosmos, that in which
the plan of the Cosmos is fixed or contained...brought over from a prior
period of limit can be set to its evolutionary
possibilities in perfectness...Because there never was a beginning to the
periodical manifestations of the Absolute, there never will be any end..."
Ocean 15-16

"If the Hindu philosophy teaches the presence of a degree of soul in a the
lowest forms of vegetable life, and even in every atom in space, how is it
possible that it should deny the same immortal principle to man ?  And if it
once admit the immortal spirit of man, how can it logically deny the
existence of the parent source--I will not say the first, but the Eternal
Cause."		Isis II 263

"...the Tanaim, the sole expounders of the hidden meaning contained in the more than any other philosophers had they believed either in
spontaneous, limited, or ex nihilo creations...They believed in the eternity
and the indestructibility of matter, and hence in many prior creations and
destructions of worlds, before our own...Moreover, they believed, again like
the Swabhavikas, now termed Atheists, that every thing proceeds (is created)
from its own nature and that once that the first impulse is given by that
Creative Force inherent in the "Self created substance," or Sephira,
everything evolves out of it in the scale of infinite creation.  "The
indivisible point which has no limit, and cannot be comprehended (for it is
absolute), expanded from within, and formed a brightness which served as a
garment (a veil) to the indivisible points...Thus, everything originated
through a constant upheaving agitation, and thus finally the world
originated." --Sohar."		Isis II 220


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