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RE: Shiny Rock Coating May Hold Key To Martian Life

Jul 08, 2006 08:30 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

7/8/2006 7:58 AM

Dear Friends:

Considering what THEOSOPHY has to say about the multiple  evolution of the

We ought to consider some of the following:



" Quatrefages resorted unconsciously to our esoteric theory by saying
that it is rather the apes that can claim descent from man than vice versa.
As proven by Gratiolet with regard to the cavities of the brain of the
anthropoids, in which species that organ develops in an inverse ratio to
what would be the case were the corresponding organs in man really the
product of the development of the said organs in the apes--the size of the
human skull and its brains, as well as the cavities increase with the
individual development of man.  His intellect develops and strengthens with
age, while his facial bones and jaws diminish and straighten, thus being
more and more spiritualized:  whereas with the ape it is the reverse.  In
its youth the anthropoid is far more intelligent and good-natured, while
with age it becomes duller;  and, as its skull recedes and seems to diminish
as it grows, its facial bones and jaws develop, the brain being finally
crushed, and thrown entirely back, to make with every day more room for the
animal type.  The organ of thought--the brain--recedes and diminishes,
entirely conquered and replaced by that of the wild beast--the jaw
apparatus...“	SD II 683

"...Owing to the very type of his development man cannot descend from either
an ape or an ancestor common to both, but shows his origins from a type far
superior to himself..  And this is the "Heavenly man"--the Dhyan Chohans, or
the Pitris so-called...On the other hand, the pithecoids, the orang-outang.
the gorilla and the chimpanzee can,, descend from the animalized
Fourth human Root-Race, being the product of man, and an extinct species of
mammal--whose remote ancestors were themselves the products of Lemurian
bestiality--which lived in Miocene age.  The ancestry of this semi-human
monster is the sin of the "Mind-less" races of the middle
Third Race period."	SD II 682-683	
	(See SD II 242-4, 282-284)

	Also :  SD II 193, 522-3, 661-2, 682 fn on the brain capacity of ape
vs. man.  

	Ape has less than half of man's.		See  :  SD II 286 -
290  Origin of the Anthropoids



			NIRMANAKAYA – Are the Living, Invisible, Spirits of
the Sages

"...those Egos of great Adepts who have passed away, and are also known as
Nirmanakayas; ...for whom--since they are beyond illusion--there is no
Devachan, and who, having either voluntarily renounced it for the good of
mankind, or not yet reached Nirvana, remain invisible on earth...they are
re-born over and over again ... Who they are, "on earth"--every student of
Occult science knows..."		S D II 615

"When our great Buddha--the patron of all the adepts, the reformer and the
codifier of the occult system, reached first Nirvana on earth, he became a
Planetary Spirit, i.e.,--his spirit could at one and the same time rove the
interstellar spaces in full consciousness, and continue at will on Earth in
his original and individual body.  For the divine Self had so completely
disfranchised itself from matter that it could create at will an inner
substitute for itself, and leaving it in the human form for days, weeks,
sometimes years, affect in no wise by the change either the vital principle
or the physical mind of its body...that is the highest form of adeptship man
can hope for on our planet.  But it is as rare as the Buddhas themselves,
(44) the last Khobilghan who reached it being Sang-Ko-Pa of Kokonor (XIV
Century), the reformer of esoteric as well as of vulgar lamaism.  Many are
those who "break through the egg shell," few who, once out are able to
exercise their Nirira namastaka fully, when out of the body.  Conscious life
in Spirit is as difficult for some natures as swimming, is for some
bodies...The planetary Spirit of that kind (the Buddha like) can pass at
will into other bodies--of more or less etherealized matter, inhabiting
other regions of the Universe.  There are many other grades and orders, but
there is no separate and eternally constituted order of Planetary
	MAHAT. LET. 43-4

			(As Physical Forms and Trapped Egos)

"...the anthropoid apes (question) settled by the Master of Wisdom, who
say...they were produced by man himself.  In one of the early periods of the
globe the men of that time begot from large females of the animal kingdom
the anthropoids, and in anthropoid bodies were caught a number of Egos
destined one day to be men.  

The remainder of the descendants of the true anthropoid are the descendants
of these illegitimate children of men, and will die away gradually, their
Egos entering human bodies.  Those half-ape and half-human bodies could not
be ensouled by strictly "animal" Egos, and for that reason they are the "Delayed Race," the only one not included in the fiat of
nature that no more Egos from the lower kingdoms will come into the human
kingdom until the next [these delayed Egos] will emerge in
to the man stage later on, they will thus be rewarded for the long wait in
that degraded race...the mammalian types were produced in the 4th Round,
subsequent to the appearance of the human types.  

For this reason there was no barrier against fertility, because the
root-types of those mammals were not far enough removed to raise the natural
barrier.  The unnatural union in the 3rd Race, when man had not yet had the
light of Manas given to him, was not a crime against Nature, since no mind
being present save in the merest germ,  no responsibility could attach.  But
in the 4th Round, the light of Manas being present, the renewal of the act
by the new race was a crime, because it was done with a full knowledge of
the consequences and against the warning of conscience.  The karmic effect
of this, including as it does all races, has yet to be fully felt and
understood--at a much later day than now."  		Ocean  p. 129-130

"The very manlike Gibbon is still in the same low grade of development, as
it was when it co-existed with Man at the close of the Glacial Period.  It
has not apparently altered since the Pliocene times...The enormous mental
and structural gulf between a savage acquainted with fire and the mode of
kindling it, and a brutal anthropoid, is too much to Eocene
strata the anthropoid fossils are...conspicuous by their absence...Physical
man, we say, existed before the first bed of Cretaceous rocks was deposited.
In the early part of the Tertiary Age, the most brilliant civilization the
world has ever known flourished...The monsters bred in sin and shame by the
Atlantean giants, "blurred copies" of their bestial sires, and hence of
modern man (Huxley), now mislead and overwhelm with error the speculative
Anthropologist of European Science."  		SD II 678-9

	"DYING RACES"  (On the Physical Side of Form)

"The Australians and their like are the descendants of those, who instead of
vivifying the spark dropped in to them by the "Flames," extinguished it by
long generations of bestiality. 

(*)	This would account for the great difference and variation between
the intellectual capacities of races, nations, and individual men.  While
incarnating, and in other cases only informing the human vehicles evolved by
the first brainless (manasless) race, the incarnating Powers and Principles
had to make their choice between, and take into account, the past Karmas of
the Monads, between which and their bodies they had become the connecting
link.”	SD II 318

(**)	"Flames"	The Logos, being no personality but the universal
principle, is represented by all the divine Powers born of its  mind--the
pure Flames, or, as they are called in Occultism, the "Intellectual
Breaths"--those angels  who are said to have made themselves independent,
i.e., passed from the passive and quiescent, into the active state of
Self-Consciousness...Krishna [the Logos] truly says:-  "I am the same to all
beings...those who worship me (the 6th principle or the intellectual divine
Soul, Buddhi, made conscious by its union with the higher faculties of
Manas) are in me, and I in them."		SD  II 318fn

"...Australian savages...are not descended from the anthropoid apes, but
from human fathers and semi-human mothers...The real anthropoids...came far
later, in the closing times of Atlantis.  The orang-outang, the gorilla, the
chimpanzee and cynocephalus are the latest and purely physical evolutions
from lower anthropoid mammalians.  They have a spark of the purely human
essence in them;  man on the other hand, has not one drop of pithecoid (*)
blood in his veins."  		SD II 193

(*)	"...the primitive human form...has only decreased in size and
changed in texture...the paleolithic Neanderthal skull, the oldest we know
of, is of a large size, and no nearer to the capacity of the gorilla's
cranium than that of any now-living man...Voght himself showed that, while
the highest of the Apes, the gorilla, has a brain of only 30 to 51 cubic
inches, the brain of the lowest of the Australian aborigines amounts to
99.35 cubic inches.  The former is thus "not half the size of the brain of a
new-born babe," says Pfaff."		SD II 193fn	 (see S D  II
661-2, 682fn, 686-7)

"...some of the Australian tribes are the last remnants of the last
descendants of the Third Race..."Behold," writes a Master, "the relics of
the once great nation (Lemuria of the Third Race) in some of the flat-headed
aborigines of your Australia."  But they belong to the last remnants of the
Seventh Sub-race of the Third."	SD II 328	(see SD II 199fn, 286-290,
714, 779-80,  M L 151)

"The Australian, the Esquimaux, the Bushmen, the Veddahs, etc., are all side
shooting branchlets of the Branch which you call "cave-men"--the third race
(according to your Science the second) that evoluted on the globe.  They are
the remnants of the seventh ring cave men, remnants "that have ceased to
grow and are the arrested forms of life doomed to eventual decay in the
struggle for existence" in the words of your correspondent."	M L p. 120

"The human race is the only species which, however unequal in its races, can
breed together...which...proves specific unity.  How then can Occultism
insist that a portion of the Fourth Race humanity begot young ones from
females of another, only semi-human, if not quite animal, race, the hybrids
resulting from which union not only bred freely but produced the ancestors
of the modern anthropoid apes?  Esoteric science replies to this that it was
in the very beginning of physical man.  Since then, Nature has changed her
ways, and sterility is the only result of the crime of man's
bestiality...The Secret Doctrine teaches that the specific unity of mankind
is not without exceptions even now.  For there are, or rather still were a
few years ago descendants of these half-animal tribes or races, both of
remote Lemurian and Lemuro-Atlantean origin.  The world knows them as
Tasmanians (now extinct), Australians, Andaman Islanders, etc."   	 S D
II 195-6

(*)	Of such semi-animal creatures, the sole remnants known to Ethnology
were the Tasmanians, a portion of the Australians and a mountain tribe in
China, the men and women of which are entirely covered with hair.  They were
the last descendants in a direct line of the semi-animal latter-day
Lemurians referred to.  There are, however, considerable numbers of the
mixed Lemuro-Atlantean peoples produced by various crossings with such
semi-human stocks--e.g., the wild men of Borneo, the Veddhas of
Ceylon...most of the remaining Australians, Bushmen, Negritos, Andaman
Islanders, etc. "	(see SD II 286-7, 725, 780)		SD II

"Of the third [Race], the only pure and direct descendants are, as said
above, a portion of the fallen and degenerated Australians, whose far
distant ancestors belonged to a division of the seventh Sub-race of the
Third,  The rest are of mixed Lemuro-Atlantean descent. They have since then
entirely changed in stature and intellectual capacities."	SD II 199fn 

"The Malays and Papuans are a mixed-stock, resulting from the intermarriages
of the low Atlantean sub-races with the Seventh sub-race of the Third
Root-Race.  Like the Hottentots, they are of indirect Lemuro-Atlantean
descent.  It is a most suggestive fact...that the lowest races of men are
now rapidly dying out;  a phenomenon largely due to an extraordinary
sterility setting in among the women, from that time when they were first
approached by the Europeans.  A process of decimation is taking (780) place
all over the globe, among those races, whose "time is up"--among just those
stocks...which the esoteric philosophy regards as the senile representatives
of lost archaic nations...Why does this (Karmic) sterility attack and root
out certain races at their "appointed hour?"  The answer...The tide wave of
incarnating Egos has rolled past them [ Redskins, Eskimos, Papuans,
Australians, Polynesians, etc., etc.] to harvest experience in more
developed and less senile stocks."		SD II 779-780


"In the Eocene age--even in its "very first part," the great cycle of the
fourth Race men, the Atlanteans--had already reached its highest point, and
the great continent, the father of nearly all the present continents--showed
the first symptoms of sinking--a process that occupied it down to 11,446
[9,564 B.C. in 1882] years ago,  when its last island, that, translating its
vernacular name, we may call with propriety Posedonis--went down with a
crash...Lemuria can no more be confounded with the Atlantic Continent than
Europe with America.  Both sunk and were drowned with their high
civilization and "Gods," yet between the two catastrophes, a short period of
about 700,000 years elapsed..."
	 [see SD II 714] 	M L 151

3rd Round period

"Occultism says:  "The astral prototypes of the mineral, vegetable and
animal kingdoms up to man have taken...(300 million years) to evolve,
re-forming out of the cast-off materials of the preceding Round, which,
though very dense and physical in their own cycle, are relatively ethereal
as compared with the materiality of our present middle Round.  At the
expiration of these 300 million years, Nature, on the way to the physical
and material, down the arc of descent, begins with mankind and works
downwards, hardening or materializing forms as it proceeds.  Thus the
fossils found in strata, to which an antiquity, not of eighteen, but of many
hundreds of millions of years, must be ascribed, belong in reality to forms
of the preceding Round, which, while living, were far more ethereal than
physical, as we know the physical.  That we perceive and disinter them as
tangible forms, is due to the process of materialization or crystallization
referred to, which took place subsequently, at the beginning of the Fourth
Round, and reached its maximum after the appearance of man, proceeding
parallel with his physical evolution.  this alone illustrates the fact that
the degree of materiality of the Earth changes pari passu with that of its
inhabitants.  And thus man now finds, as tangible fossils, what were once
the (to his present senses) ethereal forms of the lower kingdoms."  
 	S D II 68fn


"At the coming of the Pralaya no human, animal, or even vegetable entity
will be alive to see it, but there will be the earth or globes with their
mineral kingdoms;  and all these planets will be physically disintegrated in
the pralayas, yet not destroyed;  for they have their places in the sequence
of evolution and their "privations" coming again out of the subjective, they
will find the exact point from which they have to move on around the chain
(68) of "manifested forms." This, as we know, is repeated endlessly
throughout Eternity.  Each man of us has gone through this ceaseless round,
and will repeat it for ever and ever.  The deviation of one's course , and
his rate of progress from Nirvana to Nirvana is governed by causes which he
himself creates out of the exigencies in which he hinds himself entangled."
M L 67-8




"There is a word that means the One Life in form...Monad.  When we use this
Greek word--"invisible Life"--we are able to see in our minds more deeply
behind forms, and realize that the Real of every form--the life-giving
essence--is invisible.  "Monad" is one of the many names that means "The One
Life," as it dwells in various forms--itself changeless, but, ever changing
forms.  It is the spirit, the soul in everything, whether of an atom, of an
animal, or of a man.

When the universe wakes up it means that all the Monads of all degrees
emerge from the inactivity of sleep, and gradually find their places in the
new universe.  Just as the germ in the egg grows into a chick, so the Great
Seed--the Monad--becomes a host of Monads.  Every Monad is a point--a center
of life--a soul--a being--a self-moving unit.  And this is why no two beings
are just alike:  because each one has its own path of life--its own journey
from its own center--that Center which is everywhere the same One Life, with
its power to become, to act, to grow, to move ever onward from simplest
forms to form of man.  From that point on, evolution is to be expressed in

Let us picture in our minds the great Ocean of Life, or Wisdom, each drop of
it a Monad...The mineral kingdom is a still place in the Ocean of Life,
through which passes the monadic essence very slowly.  Here the monads
globing together have not awakened to Knowledge of the Ocean--each Monad,
independently.  Yet without that kingdom, not one of the other kingdoms
could be.  As rocks and minerals wear away, the monadic essence is released
into the vegetable kingdom.  Have we not seen the lichen growing on the
rocks ?  But, there is always the mineral kingdom.  So, though the monadic
essence works its marvels in the vegetable kingdom, that life essence moves
on to the animal and the human, still the vegetable kingdom remains.  Up and
on life moves, following the pattern of forms that were made in the
universes before this one--into forms of the animal kingdom, and at last
into the form of man.  There is only one form of Man.  There are many
different kinds of shapes, sizes and colors, but, they are all humans. 

In the human kingdom, the monadic essence separates into individual drops.
Here a form is built on its own astral pattern, made up of the mineral
life-essence, the vegetable life-essence, and the life-essence once in
animal form.  Thus, the Monadic essence now takes the human pattern:  here
is a form with brain of another kind than the animal's;  here are living
bones different in function from bones (or mountain chains) of Earth;  here
is an "animal" that walks erect on two feet.  

	This human form had another pattern than animals had !  But even so,
this form is not the Man.  We know that, because We are not our bodies, but
the Being--the Monad--that dwells in these bodies.

The human form, which every atom strives to reach, is an evolution from
below of the best the "below" can do.  And here would be an evolutionary
"stop," if to build visible and perfect forms were the only object of this
growing universe.  

Even though in the mineral kingdom there was the "breath" principle (prana)
and the "pattern" principle (the astral), the vegetable kingdom had more
awake in it, besides those two.  The natural impulse to grow, the attraction
to the sun--each plant in its own way--meant the coming of a wider life, of
greater intelligence, and variety.  In the animal kingdom came greater
freedom and more specialized modes of intelligence than in the kingdoms
below--like the struggle to get food, and the fierce desire to protect their
young.  (This "animal" principle is called kama).

So, in the highest--the human form--were all these "principles."  With the
better brain, "man's" kama became even a kind of reason.  But this was not
the responsible man that is today.  This was only a "four-principle" human
being, and, at that time, not even yet a man of flesh, such as we wear
today.  We have to learn now what was that new element--that new
"principle"--that made man as we know him now--the Man of seven principles.
For the Real Man is a God who must learn here to do and be as a god-like

Reviewing the past again, when all the Monads, Lives, or Souls wake up
again.  It was the shining Lives of Spirit that woke up the not-yet-shining
lives.  It was like the wakening just because someone came quietly into the
room.  We felt someone there, even though we were not awake.  Just so, the
seeds that wait to sprout in the earth till the sun's rays warm them do not
know that without the sun, they would still be sleeping.  The Lives of
Spirit were like the sun--their influence woke the memory of the lives of
matter, which began to stir and move on, according to the plan and the
various patterns made in the previous world.  

The Shining Lives, or the Monads fully awake--Self-conscious in the last
Great Day--waited till the lesser lives of form and matter, had done all
that they could do.  They could build the human form, but they could not
give themselves the light of mind.  Then, in their spiritual bodies--bodies
of Light, the shining Lives came down the Ladder of Being to meet this
highest form so evolved--the human form--and enter it.  

They, the shining Lives, lighted it with their Light--their Fire.  

There is fire in the earth, "solid" fire;  fire in the vegetable kingdom,
which we have called Prana;  fire in the animal and human kingdoms, which we
have called Kama--the highest of the "below."  So, the higher Flames or
Fires--the Manas Fires--united, or fused, with the Kama fire, and there was

Thus came Man to be a seven-fold fire--a Man of Mind.  And this is why, ever
since, has been in every human being a struggle between his Shining side and
his shadow side.  And this is why, when one makes up his mind for good and
all to stay on the shining side, he is said to be upon the Path--the path of

With seven-fold Man, evolution really began in earnest.  For Man's use of
them was needed to impel the lesser lives in the lower kingdoms to higher
perfections.  Man's need of warmth brought knowledge of physical fire;
man's need of nourishment brought fruits and grains;  man's need of shelter
and of journeying brought boats and dwellings.  Man learned to use the
elements--the unorganized kingdoms of "lives," or elementals--of fire, air,
water, earth.  

But in all this, even, men with minds had to have teachers and helpers, just
as he does today with all his new knowledge and many inventions!  Mankind
needs more of the Manas light and of the Heart light, now, before they too,
can become real teachers and helpers of the world of lesser lives.  Only
when their greatest desire is to help Humanity and the rest of the World of
lesser lives will the light of the Gods be theirs."	
	from:  “The Eternal Verities,”   pp. 186-192



“We are approaching the time when the pendulum of evolution will direct its
swing decidedly upwards, bringing Humanity back on a parallel line with the
primitive third Root-Race in Spirituality. During its childhood, mankind was
composed wholly of that Angelic Host, who were the indwelling Spirits that
animated the monstrous and gigantic tabernacles of clay of the Fourth Race -
built by (as they are now also) and composed of countless myriads of lives.”
Secret Doctrine Vol I page 225.

“The Celestial Hierarchy of the present Manvantara will find itself
transferred in the next cycle of life into higher, superior worlds, and will
make room for a new hierarchy, composed of the elect ones of our mankind.”
	Secret Doctrine Vol I page 221. 

“Evolution, in it [occultism], proceeds on quite other lines; the physical,
according to esoteric teaching, evolving gradually from the spiritual,
mental, and psychic. This inner soul of the physical cell - this "spiritual
plasm" that dominates the germinal plasm - is the key that must open one day
the gates of the terra incognita of the Biologist, now called the dark
mystery of Embryology”		Secret Doctrine Vol I page 219.

“That germ will become the spiritual potency in the physical cell that
guides the development of the embryo, and which is the cause of the
hereditary transmission of faculties and all the inherent     qualities in
man. The Darwinian theory, however, of the transmission of acquired
faculties is neither taught nor accepted in Occultism:
	-Secret Doctrine Vol I page 219.

"Nature," the physical evolutionary Power, could never evolve intelligence
unaided - she can only create "senseless forms," as will be seen in our
"ANTHROPOGENESIS." The "Lunar Monads" cannot progress, for they have not yet
had sufficient touch with the forms created by "Nature" to allow of their
accumulating experiences through its means. It is the Manasa-Dhyanis who
fill up the gap, and they represent the evolutionary power of Intelligence
and Mind, the link between "Spirit" and "Matter" - in this Round.”
	Secret Doctrine Vol I page 181.


“But at this point - and on this Fourth Round in which the human stage will
be fully developed - the quot; Door" into the human kingdom closes; and
henceforward the number "human" Monads, i.e., Monads in the human stage of
development, is complete. For the Monads which had not reached the human
stage by this point will, owing to the evolution of humanity itself, find
themselves so far behind that they will reach the human stage only at the
close of the seventh and last Round. They will, therefore, not be men on
this chain, but will form the humanity of a future Manvantara and be
rewarded by becoming "Men" on a higher chain altogether, thus receiving
their Karmic compensation.”		Secret Doctrine Vol I page 173.

“In reference to the Monads, the reader is asked to bear in mind that
Eastern philosophy rejects the Western theological dogma of a newly-created
soul for every baby born, as being as unphilosophical as it is impossible in
the economy of Nature. There must be a limited number of Monads evolving and
growing more and more perfect through their assimilation of many successive
personalities, in every new Manvantara. This is absolutely necessary in view
of the doctrines of Rebirth, Karma, and the gradual return of the human
Monad to its source - absolute Deity. Thus, although the hosts of more or
less progressed Monads are almost incalculable, they are still finite, as is
everything in this Universe of differentiation and finiteness.”
	Secret Doctrine Vol I page 171. 


Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Odin [] 

The conditions that were necessary for the earliest race of mankind,
however, require no elements, whether simple or compound .  That which was
stated at the beginning is maintained.  The spiritual ethereal Entity which
lived in Spaces unknown to Earth, before the first sidereal "jelly-speck"
evolved in the ocean of crude Cosmic Matter,—billions and trillions of years
before our globular speck in infinity, called Earth, came into being and
generated the Moneron in its drops, called Oceans—needed no "elements." . .
And if the three kingdoms of Nature were so different in pre-diluvian ages,
why should not man have been composed of materials and combinations of atoms
now entirely unknown to physical science?   The plants and animals now
known, in almost numberless varieties and species, have all developed
according to scientific hypotheses, from primitive and far fewer organic
forms.   Why should not the same have occurred in the case of man, the
elements, and the rest?"		[SD 2:160]

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