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Re: Theos-World Let us suppose the SPR actually withdrew its charges about what??

Jul 07, 2006 08:39 PM
by Mauri

 Daniel wrote <<If you are at all interested in determining the validity or
not of the Hodgson Report, read and study it FOR YOURSELF
and also read and compare it with the various critiques by
Harrison, Carrithers, Vania, Hastings, Besant, Kingsland, etc. and
well as some of the material written by defenders of the Hodgson 

I think "reading and study" (what others say/write) and "thinking for oneself" can and should be two very different things, especially in reference to something like Theosophical studies.  The way I tend to see it, Theosophy is ideally/basically all about thinking for oneself, to the extent that what others think/write (including HPB, Masters, Gods, Goddesses or whoever) is essentially beside the point.  In other words, I don't see how anybody except oneself can think for oneself, basically.   Not that there's a shortage of opinions out there about how one should specifically define "thinking for oneself" (so I wouldn't want to even try to define it for anybody except myself).


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