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Re: Theos-World The Nephilim

Jul 07, 2006 07:20 PM
by leonmaurer

Interesting that the name Anakin (a name derived from Annanaki) Skywalker in 
Star Wars was a good Jedi Knight (i.e. Master Adept) who later turned bad and 
became Darth Vader.

In a message dated 7/7/06 9:44:43 PM, writes:

>   I spent a few hours yesterday listening to Michael Tsarion on Atlantis 
> and the origin of evil.  If anyone is interested in hearing the interview I am 
> happy to post the link.
> I would like to throw the gauntlet down and ask you Gerry and others, if 
> this corresponds to what HPB says about the Lunar Pitris?
> Tsarion says that Earth has been visited by many from other solar systems, 
> but that there is a Galactic Code of conduct, which forbids any intervention 
> into the planet's evolution.   50,000 years ago we were visited by the 
> Annanaki who broke this galactic code of conduct.  He refers to the Annanaki as the 
> Nephilim or the fallen angels of the bible.
> I am wondering if the Lunar Pitris that HPB talks about are in fact the 
> Annanaki or Nephilim?
> The Nephilim attempted to breed with human females, but only monsters were 
> produced.   The Nephilim were experts in DNA. They had the full grasp of the 
> chromosome and genome.  Their motive was to create a race of hybrids that 
> would serve.   They manipulated our DNA and it was this intervention that caused 
> the phenomena of evil into our consciousness.  Our ancestors DNA were 
> interfered with to dumb us down.  The “fall” refers to this. Tsarion also ties this 
> into the Tree of Life-Genetics and 22 pathways, the number of chromosomes, 
> etc in DNA.   He also suggests that Rothlyn Institute in Scotland has 
> conducted many experiments with DNA  prior to Crick.
> The original Nephilim are not thought to be alive, it is their bloodline 
> that has survived. Without realising it, the bloodline use puppets to control 
> the world through secret societies, governments. A psychic dictatorship.
> Apparently Alan Weishaupt on his deathbed passed the mantle of the "Keepers 
> of the Great Secret" to Pakzini? and then on to Pike in America. However, it 
> was spoken of as the mantle of The Knight of the Great Secret above 33 
> degree. Tsaurion refers to this as the Holy Grail of the Knights Templars.  Tsarion 
> also quotes from the Popul Vuh and the Book of Enoch which states 
> categorically (I believe) that "a race was created to serve".
> This DNA manipulation caused the duality within us by somehow shutting down 
> are innate understanding of our true being and hence the reason for our 
> slavery to the reality which they manufactured and says explains our exploitation 
> by fear and our constant paranoi.
> On the upside he says that this hybridisation occured in Atlantis, but many 
> souls were aware of this and moved to Lemuria.  The Lemurians tried to breed 
> it out.  He says that the time is now ripe for these individuals to be 
> exposed and that the truth will come out.  He sees many changes coming and says 
> that 2007 and 2008 will begin the cleansing of the earths and our immune 
> systems.
> While looking up how to spell Annanaki, call it synchronicity, I found the 
> following long article written by an anonymous source.  The author's comments 
> are subjective but the piece itself seems to affirm the above in real world 
> terms.
> The below quotes were extracted from BN-Study Newsletter on Judas, but may 
> also refer to this subject
>   …the philosophy and the rationale of certain early Christian sects—called
>     heretical and viewed as the abomination of the times—will become more
>     comprehensible. We may understand how it was that the sect of  SATANIANS
>     came to be degraded, and were anathematized without any hope of 
> vindication
>     in a future day, since they kept their tenets secret. How, on the same 
> principle,
>     the CAINITES came to be degraded, and even the (Judas) ISCARIOTES ; the
>     true character of the treacherous apostle having never been correctly 
> presented
>     before the tribunal of Humanity. (SD II, 389)
>   Who knows the possibilities of the future? An era of disenchantment
>     and rebuilding will soon begin — nay, has already begun.   The
>     cycle has almost run its course; a new one is about to begin, and
>     the future pages of history may contain full evidence, and convey
>     full proof that
>          "If ancestry can be in aught believed,
>          Descending spirits have conversed with man,
>          And told him secrets of the world unknown."
>                                                   (Isis Unveiled I 38, 
> published 1877)
>   The members of several esoteric schools - the seat of which
>      is beyond the himalayas, and whose ramifications may be
>      found in China, Japan, India, Tibet, and even in Syria, besides
>      South America - claim to have in their possession the
>      *sum total* of sacred and philosophical works in MSS.
>      [manuscripts] and type:  all the works, in fact, that have ever
>      been written, in whatever language or characters, since the art
>      of writing began; from the ideographic hieroglyphs down to the
>      alphabet of Cadmus and the Devanagari. (Secret Doctrine
>      Vol I intro page xxiii).

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