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The Nephilim

Jul 07, 2006 06:44 PM
by Cass Silva

  I spent a few hours yesterday listening to Michael Tsarion on Atlantis and the origin of evil.  If anyone is interested in hearing the interview I am happy to post the link.
 I would like to throw the gauntlet down and ask you Gerry and others, if this corresponds to what HPB says about the Lunar Pitris?
 Tsarion says that Earth has been visited by many from other solar systems, but that there is a Galactic Code of conduct, which forbids any intervention into the planet's evolution.   50,000 years ago we were visited by the Annanaki who broke this galactic code of conduct.  He refers to the Annanaki as the Nephilim or the fallen angels of the bible.
 I am wondering if the Lunar Pitris that HPB talks about are in fact the Annanaki or Nephilim?
 The Nephilim attempted to breed with human females, but only monsters were produced.   The Nephilim were experts in DNA. They had the full grasp of the chromosome and genome.  Their motive was to create a race of hybrids that would serve.   They manipulated our DNA and it was this intervention that caused the phenomena of evil into our consciousness.  Our ancestors DNA were interfered with to dumb us down.  The “fall” refers to this. Tsarion also ties this into the Tree of Life-Genetics and 22 pathways, the number of chromosomes, etc in DNA.   He also suggests that Rothlyn Institute in Scotland has conducted many experiments with DNA  prior to Crick.
 The original Nephilim are not thought to be alive, it is their bloodline that has survived. Without realising it, the bloodline use puppets to control the world through secret societies, governments. A psychic dictatorship. 
 Apparently Alan Weishaupt on his deathbed passed the mantle of the "Keepers of the Great Secret" to Pakzini? and then on to Pike in America. However, it was spoken of as the mantle of The Knight of the Great Secret above 33 degree. Tsaurion refers to this as the Holy Grail of the Knights Templars.  Tsarion also quotes from the Popul Vuh and the Book of Enoch which states categorically (I believe) that "a race was created to serve".
 This DNA manipulation caused the duality within us by somehow shutting down are innate understanding of our true being and hence the reason for our slavery to the reality which they manufactured and says explains our exploitation by fear and our constant paranoi.
 On the upside he says that this hybridisation occured in Atlantis, but many souls were aware of this and moved to Lemuria.  The Lemurians tried to breed it out.  He says that the time is now ripe for these individuals to be exposed and that the truth will come out.  He sees many changes coming and says that 2007 and 2008 will begin the cleansing of the earths and our immune systems.
 While looking up how to spell Annanaki, call it synchronicity, I found the following long article written by an anonymous source.  The author's comments are subjective but the piece itself seems to affirm the above in real world terms.
 The below quotes were extracted from BN-Study Newsletter on Judas, but may also refer to this subject
  …the philosophy and the rationale of certain early Christian sects—called 
    heretical and viewed as the abomination of the times—will become more
    comprehensible. We may understand how it was that the sect of  SATANIANS 
    came to be degraded, and were anathematized without any hope of vindication 
    in a future day, since they kept their tenets secret. How, on the same principle,
    the CAINITES came to be degraded, and even the (Judas) ISCARIOTES ; the
    true character of the treacherous apostle having never been correctly presented 
    before the tribunal of Humanity. (SD II, 389)
  Who knows the possibilities of the future? An era of disenchantment
    and rebuilding will soon begin — nay, has already begun.   The 
    cycle has almost run its course; a new one is about to begin, and 
    the future pages of history may contain full evidence, and convey
    full proof that
         "If ancestry can be in aught believed,
         Descending spirits have conversed with man, 
         And told him secrets of the world unknown." 
                                                  (Isis Unveiled I 38, published 1877)
  The members of several esoteric schools - the seat of which
     is beyond the himalayas, and whose ramifications may be 
     found in China, Japan, India, Tibet, and even in Syria, besides 
     South America - claim to have in their possession the
     *sum total* of sacred and philosophical works in MSS. 
     [manuscripts] and type:  all the works, in fact, that have ever
     been written, in whatever language or characters, since the art
     of writing began; from the ideographic hieroglyphs down to the
     alphabet of Cadmus and the Devanagari. (Secret Doctrine 
     Vol I intro page xxiii).
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