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Concerning V. Harrison's Report on HPB

Jul 07, 2006 06:31 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Just an hour ago, I received in the mail
the latest issue of THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY:
the April 2006 issue.

This issue contains an article titled:

"Genius, Fraud, or Phenomenon?:
The Unsolved Case of H.P. Blavatsky"
by Kerri Barry.

In the "Editor's Comments" Section of the
journal, Dr. James Santucci devotes 3 pages
of commentary about the article.

He writes in part:

"Although Mr. Harrison's conclusions have been accepted 
without question by many Theosophists, Kerri Barry
[in the above titled article]...raises the issue of
Mr. Harrison's own methodology...."

In the course of his remarks, Dr. Santucci comments:

"Nonetheless, the question of forgery [concerning
the Mahatma Letters] cannot be discounted."

Dr. Santucci concludes his remarks with:

"I therefore caution the reader regarding Mr.
Harrison's work:  it only increases additional
doubt regarding the veracity of the Mahatma Letters."

Does the word "it" refer to "Mr. Harrison's work"??
I assume so.

>From a cursory reading of the article by Kerri Barry,
it appears that one of the main
points of the article is that the Mahatma Letters
may have been written by Blavatsky while she was in
"an altered state."  

There is much more to the article and my cursory 
reading summary does not do justice to the article.

Interested readers may want to try to obtain a copy from
Dr. Santucci.

His website is at:


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