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Jul 07, 2006 01:29 PM
by carlosaveline


Perhaps some theos-talkers do not understand yet the immense Theosophical value of Democracy --  as a learning process along the way to Universal Brotherhood.  

Below, we have the personal WWII testimony of Jacques Mahnich, a French Theosophist who wrote to me yesterday after reading our postings on the Second World War. He authorized me to bring his texts here.  

Further below, more from his views.  Jacques used to belong to Theos-talk until recently. 

Best regards,    Carlos Cardoso Aveline  

De:"Jacques Mahnich"



Data:Thu, 6 Jul 2006 15:13:59 -0700 (PDT)


> Carlos,
> I just mean, based on the book I was refering to, and based on my own experience, that there is a hidden dark side in human being which, in specific circumstances, can revealed itself. That is what Daniel Goldhagen. I just think, we need to be realistic,even if it hurts our feelings, to avoid being hurt for good. In this book, it is clearly demonstrated thru historical documents that normal human being (not zealous nazis) took a big part in the execution of nazi plans, even volunteered sometime. I felt it very disturbing, but it is facts.
> I fully share your view in term of fundamental understanding of what nazism was (and probably still is).

 Now about your last question :
 I was born in 1951, so in the aftermath of WWII in France. My late father-in-law was captured as a soldier in 1940 and spent 3 years in concentration camps , including one of the worst death camp in bielorussia, and miraculeously was rescued (fortunately for my wife and our 4children and 3 grand-childen).
 It tooks almost 40 years for him before he agrees to tell his story during these years.
 That has formatted my view of nazism.
 Then I lived for 3 years in West Germany in the 70's as part of occupation forces, and I was dispatched to an "Electronic Bataillon" to "listen" to the East germany, which gave me opportunities to live among germans, from south to north of the country.
 I discovered people not very different from us, we had friends of our age (23 years old) and , apart from some old people who wer still very vindicative against french people (3 wars in 60 years).
 Since then, I am working in aeronautics, and I often deal with germans, either AIrliners of Airframers, and there are not much of a difference to be noted.
 My conclusion, at this stage, is that, what really make a difference, are the conditions in which people find themselves. Look at Yougoslavia war,and many other, where people living together for generation suddenly killed and raped their neighbours...
 Hope it answer your question;
carlosaveline <> wrote:
 Do you mean I was too optimistic in those lines?
 I may have been -- I know things are not easy. 
 Sometimes I express the inner reality of Nazi self-defeating efforts as if it were outer... then people think I am not realistic enough.  I am just dismantling their hypnotic action. Evil is often hypnotic, if you know what I mean. 
 Can you explain your view as to Germany nowadays? 
 Regards,  Carlos. 




 Data:Thu, 06 Jul 2006 21:24:48 -0000


Dear Carlos, 
Before reaching such a conclusion, you may want to read "Hitler's willing executioners" by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen - 1997 - Vintage Books, a Division of Random House, Inc. 
It is quite perturbating, but worth considering as an illustration of 
a face of human nature.
--- In, "carlosaveline" 

Hopefully, German people now does not identify itself with mass murderers like Adolf Hitler. The WW II was not useless after all.  (....) 

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