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Jul 07, 2006 08:13 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Alegeo Plagiarism
       Well the below comments by Gregory Tillet 
in Theos-Talk Digest 2593 are very interesting 
and Important.  Here I was giving credit to Algeo 
for some admirable research and comments, and 
actually he is just directly using Cooper's own 
writing - under his own name as Editor.  WOW!  
Well, this is LOW!  Why? - because no doubt he 
couldn't LEGALLY use Cooper's writing, so he did 
it ILLEGALLY, or unethically, without crediting Cooper.
My! My! My!  How much of this is Cooper's and 
how much Algeo?? 
Tillet writes:
<The claim that Johnís research was not 
<included in the Algeo volume is Ė let me  
<use plain language Ė a blatant, scandalous 
<and bare-faced lie. I have beside me  as I write 
<(i) the Algeo volume, (ii) Johnís PhD thesis 
<on the Blavatsky letters  and (iii) a copy 
<of the manuscript sent by John to the TPH before 
<his death. If  I compare them I find sentence after 
<sentence reproduced but for a word or two.  Does 
<anyone seriously believe that, between the time of 
<Johnís death and the  publication of the Algeo volume, 
<the complete text was re-researched and  created anew?

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