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Re: Withdrawn Hodgson Report

Jul 07, 2006 08:16 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Withdrawn Hodgson Report
   Was the Hodgson Report "withdrawn" by the SPR?  Well, it wasn't 
withdrawn officially, but after publishing the Harrison treatment - which 
made the original Hodgson Report look like rubbish, in reference to the 
handwriting analysis at least - It was withdrawn "de facto" if not "de 
jure."  If the SPR want to look like serious researchers, what else can 
they do after such comprehensive treatments as Carrither's "Obituary: 
The Hodgson Report," or Endersby's "Hall of Magic Mirrors"? Big Karma!  
It WAS withdrawn, unofficially, at least, which is how most things are 
done in life.
<He [Carlos] says that the SPR:
  <"...withdrew its charges against HPB in 1986...."
  <No, this is simply plain wrong...not true. [Daniel]

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