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Re: Theos-World July Presentation Schedule -- Theosophy Virtual Lodge (Bill)

Jul 06, 2006 09:49 PM
by leonmaurer

So, I guess -- since Paltalk has a discriminatory program only for Microsoft 
Windows users   (which is not very theosophical) -- us die hard Mac OS X Power 
PC users will just have to wait for your audio replays. :-) 


In a message dated 7/6/06 10:15:37 PM, writes:

> Hello Cass,
> Paltalk is an instant messaging program similar to AIM, ICQ, etc.  In
> and of itself, it should not "cause all sorts of problems" with your
> windows operating system.  I don't know about other operating
> systems.    As I am typing this,  45,430 subscribers are using paltalk
> in 3,924 different rooms.  These numbers are typical everyday, so  I
> hope you will be able to resolve your computer issues  and join us
> on-line for the live audio presentations.
> We don't presently have any plans to transcribe the presentations.  We
> do record them and are in the process of working out how to upload and
> store the recorded audio files  to a website where they can be
> downloaded and played using standard audio software.  We will announce
> the address for this website once everything is in order.
> --Bill

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