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Carlos: "Let's see what Patrick Deveney does...."

Jul 06, 2006 07:01 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You wrote:

"Let's see what Patrick Deveney does in the second 
volume of HPB Letters. He may improve things."

Are you suggesting that he will push for the REMOVAL
of "letters whose authenticity is doubtful."????

I have the impression that he fully agrees with what 
John Cooper once wrote:

"...All letters written by H.P.B. will be included.
These will INCLUDE letters whose authenticity is doubtful,
...." caps added.

But whether Mr. Deveny "improves" things or not, I'm sure 
Jerome Wheeler and others of similar ways of "thinking" (including 
you!)will not be at all happy with a Volume 2 that includes "letters 
whose authenticity is doubtful"!!

Maybe you should suggest to Mr. Wheeler that another fund should be 
started NOW to collect money for another edition of Volume 2 that 
will remove the "doubtful" letters!


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