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Re: Theos-World Carlos on: "LACK OF DECISION"

Jul 06, 2006 05:28 PM
by Cass Silva

You are being tarred and feathered Daniel because you have presented evidence which is slanderous to HPB.  In a true democracy, people should examine the evidence and arrive, as you say, at their own conclusion.  Isn't this the pinwheel of free thought in a democracy?

I read what Carl Sagan had to say about Velikovsky and came up with the conclusion that Carl Sagan was an entreprenaural scientist and had no qualms about disparaging others while taking some of their ideas and naming them as his own.   Still in America, Sagan is regarded as a Prophet of Science, whereas Velikovsky is regarded as a Fraud.  Not my opinion, but each to their own.


danielhcaldwell <> wrote:                                  Carlos,
 You write:
 I fail to see your point.
 You should get to a conclusion as to HPB.  
 If you think she was a fraud, you should have the moral courage to 
 say so publically.  And you should consider the possibility of 
 dedicating your efforts to something  more authentic and worthwhile 
 than her Theosophy. 
 Why loose time with fraudulent people and their writings? 
 On the other hand, if you have the necessary courage to conclude --  
 based on the available evidence -- that HPB was indeed  a decent and 
 honest woman, then you should stop circulating these shameful 
 slanders against her. 
 I want readers to make up THEIR OWN MINDS concerning
 what the Coulombs/Hodgson say. 
 It looks like both you and I have made up our own minds and it looks 
 like we both agree as to the "truthfulness/falsity" of what the 
 Coulombs say.
 In my book, I warn the reader about the Coulomb material but
 how can they make up their own minds if they do not read at least
 some of the material?
 Since I quoted in my book defenders and supporters of HPB writing
 about these Coulomb/Hodgson charges and even making comments
 about some of the charges, doesn't it make sense to quote at
 least some of the Coulomb/Hodgson material so the reader can
 see what some of the charges were, the context, etc.??
 You seem SO AFRAID to let readers read for themselves, think
 for themselves, and come to their own conclusions...!!!
 If some of the readers of my book come to the conclusion that
 what the Coulombs and Hodgson say is true, then so be it.
 I certainly would DISagree with them on that point and if they
 contacted me I would try to show them why that conclusion is wrong,
 at least in my opinion.
 But these readers have A RIGHT to read the material, think about it
 and come to whatever conclusion they do REGARDLESS of what you or I
 may think about it.
 And I know a number of persons who have read the Coulomb book and
 the Hodgson report in their entirety and believe that Mme. Blavatsky
 was a fraud.
 I don't agree with their conclusions and I have from time to time
 tried to discuss with them why I think they are wrong, but these
 people ARE ENTITLED to their own opinions and conclusions regardless
 of what I may think or what you believe is true.
 It is too bad that you seem compelled to see me as the enemy but
 that is apparently your perception and you are entitled to it.
 But I hope that at least some of the readers on this forum will see
 through the smoke screen of what your write. If not, too bad
 because I cannot do other people's thinking for them. I have enough
 of a problem trying to do my own thinking!!!

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